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Poll: Lovely Complex Episode 7 Discussion

Jul 17, 2014 8:55 PM

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Otani wasn't dense, its just he didn't believe that someone taller than him can actually fall him. He believes that he is unfit to be liked by taller girls, therefore he didn't believe he was liked by Koizumi.

The episode starts off: a little too melodramatic. crying PUDDLES of TEARS. Sheeesh*
I didn't tear up at all, when I normally do when an anime presents a sad situation well.
But... the Dramatic irony persists. This wonderful utilization is dramatic irony at its best. "...I know why you're angry. Sorry. I did something terrible to you. The guy you like found out you were with me on your birthday and he got the wrong idea right?" Haha ^^ FAILLLL
Bet he still thinks its her "time of the month" xD
Oh yea about that Cheese meter I rated the past episodes, this show became less cheesy which is good. I didn't want to facepalm anymore and had a rather good time. My opinion of Shoujo anime changed. Melodramatic > Super cheesy
hehe "she's pretty worn out"hehe lol hehe lol
It was a better than most: Episode score 4.5
Jul 30, 2014 2:54 AM

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OK, he FINALLY managed to realize what was going on...
Now what? I'm really beyond curious what will happen in the next 17 episodes! :D
Nov 14, 2014 10:28 PM
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such a sad episode :( risa did look really beautiful most of the time this one though :)
Nov 15, 2014 2:49 AM

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Well took hin long enough...
Nov 18, 2014 11:22 AM

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Otani's density is deeper than a black hole - in normal circumstances. But what Risa has said about him not even thinking a slight probability that she liked her might be plausible. But still... -_-
Feb 5, 2015 11:28 AM

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this is a new level of density
Apr 5, 2015 1:30 PM

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xMusicMohawk said:
In all my anime history I've seen only 2 characters that are this dense...Yamamoto and Otani

I'm crying. But lbr Yamamoto is on another level of dense.
Apr 5, 2015 11:37 PM
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Luffy from one piece isn't even that stupid...

Okay I like this anime and him not realizing she liked him was cool at first but this went on for too long. It was a bit frustrating to watch. No one is that stupid. She said it directly in so many ways on so many different occasions.
Aug 31, 2015 9:42 AM

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He was given hints,
He was confessed to,
His friends directly told him who Risa liked,

Still denied. Can't even make a crack on the thick head of his.

This guy..
Sep 5, 2015 7:07 AM
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When the friends yelled "You're the one Risa likes!" I could feel that moment of horror Risa had in my heart, haha. Otani is TOO dense. I know they wanted it to be funny but this is going over the top! I do get how it can be hard to try and approach a long time friend about your feelings though.

Risa~~ we're all with you!
Oct 5, 2015 9:31 AM
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This guy, man.....this guy.
Dec 16, 2015 2:09 PM

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PF said:
Otani had some right to be dense about it. Take their relationship with each other and then for her to suddenly drop that she likes him? He's gonna think of everyone except himself because he found the idea to be the least likely option, even if all arrows pointed at him. Hell, maybe he might have thought it but quickly tossed it aside as being absurd. As for it not being to happen, actually, been there and done what Otani has done. My current love had showed some signs of interest and I had tossed it aside thinking it impossible for that person to think of me in that light, especially not being the type they would normally like(just like Otani is far from a type that Risa would like). It took some much "IT'S YOU DUMMY!!" for me to realize.

And Risa playing the ghost amused me to no end. Much better played out in the anime than it was the manga.


JusticeSoulTuna said:
Tbh, nobody's really thinking about how he feels about it. Everyone's just saying he's 'dense' and he's an idiot, but put yourself in his shoes. He's always had a complex about how short he is, and not too long ago they were trying to help each other find someone else. They're always taunting each other but they have each other's backs. So if suddenly everyone in their friendship group says that she likes someone, yet they won't tell him, it's not obvious at all. Her confession was ok sure, but as she even realized, he doesn't consider her to be possible. How would you though? They were always at loggerheads, yet friends trying to help each other find somebody. So no, it's not obvious. Consider how the guy feels in the situation; if you were him, it'd piss you off how everybody's leaving you out of everything and calling you an idiot. For a girl who claims to like him, she's making him feel like crap and acting very, weird and distant to him, only making it worse imo. And like others have said, he just never considered himself a possibility. And how could he? He never imagined she'd like him of all people, and they've constantly joked about it in the past, and whenever other people said they're dating, they'd both deny it. People are biased by the third person outsider perspective, who knows all of the events and Risa's developed feelings. But put yourself in his shoes; to him, they're still the same comedy duo as before. How's he supposed to magically know that she's fallen for him, especially if she's just angry all the goddamn time. If she'd just been straightforward and actually properly explained her feelings then of course he'd get it. It's the typical anime cliche where people either aren't straightforward nor do they explain what they mean.

Alas, this is shoujo anime, so this sorta drama will happen for a while. It's all fair enough. Still pisses me off though

Honestly, I know most of the people who talked about this anime did so years ago, and no one's around to read this, but let me tell you something. Being the guy in the situation hurts too. You have no idea how it feels to go your whole life, not knowing how someone feels cause all they do is send mixed signals and act weird. I get it, this is anime, this is shoujo anime even, and we're in the perspective of Risa and we're meant to feel bad for her. But that's the problem; did anyone stop to consider what he's thinking? Or have we forgotten the previous episodes? Ohtani got tricked by a trap and had a run in with his previous girlfriend, but he's still trying to help Risa find a boyfriend. Now all of a sudden, everyone's acting weird and Risa's angry all the time? Ya have any idea how isolating and unfair that is? She confessed, but he took it as a heat of the moment way of saying 'wow, you're awesome for giving me these presents', not 'i've fallen in love with you randomly even though you'd never think that'. Please. Even with the 'hints'; he pointed out that there's several guys who are shorter than her and idiots in the basketball team. Don't give me that crap about 'hints' when the easy solution is to SPELL IT OUT. Oh but he's so 'dense', who gives a crap. A guy will never know until you're honest. If you think it's ok to leave him in the dark and get pissy cause he doesn't get it, then you're just being selfish and thinking about how you feel. Honestly, whenever shoujo anime does this, it really pisses me off. SO many things could be solved by just being honest and upfront. No 'hints', no friends keeping shit from you, not sideways confessions and mind games. Jeez

Real talk, the lack of common sense is what's the problem here. I love how nobody's blaming Risa for not confessing in the beginning, or how no one's talking about how easily she could've clarified how she felt. She could've said to him some really easy words such as 'No, I mean that I really like you, we've been friends and joked about each other, but i've come to like you, despite our height difference, and I wanna be with you'. Not 'waaaah, why doesn't he get it, I'm just gonna cry and hit him and be angry at him instead of explain it'. Fuck's sake. it's so goddamn simple. If you ask me, the one who's 'dense' is the girl that doesn't realize that explaining shit in conversations makes sense. It's always the guy who's wrong huh? It's always him not being sensititve enough. In alot of these situations, people always back up the girl character without realizing that it takes effort and understanding from BOTH sides for a relationship to be possible, not for a guy to become psychic and just get it from the beginning. Like "oh, you called me a midget, and get pissy at me, and deny we're in a relationship but you like me all of a sudden? MAKES SENSE" Seriously people...logic, it aint hard


i know everyone was pissed at his "density" but if you want him, TELL HIM. she doesn't deserve him if she doesn't say it right out. i completely see it in your way. if you can't say it, SHUT UP i don't want to hear about how stupid he is, how clueless and whatnot he is. IF YOU CAN'T SAY IT, THAT IS YOUR OWN FAULT AND NO-ONE ELSES so shut up and SIT DOWN if you have no guts. sick and tired of these stupid characters and the hiding of the feelings. you hide them and then you're mad no-one knows what you're hiding? lol you realize that YOU'RE the idiotic one, right?

not saying that he gets off free, but to not see it in his way at all? no. i started off rom coms like ronari no kaibutsu kun, which is LEGENDS different than this type of road, and if you like someone, you confess to them or you don't. that story actually shows the gain and loss of such things. REAL LIFE. so for her to go though all this hiding and getting angry, i really see this pain she's going through as self destruction. it's her own fault.

why want him as a BF anyway? he's just fine as a friend. the only added thing you do to a BF/GF is the kissing part but that's pretty much it. you can't say "We get to go out" because friends do that, and they also spend time alone, do things together, etc. i really don't see the huge difference, especially as something to repeatedly cry over.
wonderful episode.

i liked the end of the episode. the music was just right and i loved the part when otani finally realized by putting the clues together. once you put the clues together, it was so obvious and i even felt a little stupid, as if i were him.

what's gonna happen in episode 8?!? :o
Apr 26, 2016 9:27 PM

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To summarize this episode, Ootani finally realized her feelings, thats all.

May 14, 2016 10:30 PM

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Well that finally worked
Jun 2, 2016 7:31 AM

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If I got one wish, I think I'll wish that I won't get denser than Ootani xD
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Jul 19, 2016 1:50 PM

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Can't believe he's so stupid, jeez... I feel bad for Risa. Really appreciate all the funny parts otherwise I will have cried.

I'm curious to know what will Otani do now.
Jul 26, 2016 10:40 AM

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LOL Otani is as dense as mercury. I'm glad Risa was able to convey her feelings though
Feb 9, 2017 3:42 PM

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WATCH HIM SAY SOME DUMB SHIT AGAIN LIKE "Who is this 俺 (ore) guy, huh?"
Jun 8, 2017 2:47 PM

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...this episode's otani was Godzilla Facepalm Inducing.
Dec 25, 2018 4:46 PM

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I think they made Otani a little too dense... like seriously...
Dec 21, 2019 12:13 PM

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good fucking grief, what an idiot
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