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Oct 10, 2017 4:05 PM
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Method 1:
Be angry and put your emotion in your hands and practice the Ki ball not the shadow.
Note: Beginners should not try this if non-spell casters do this this will not work. You should careful for your target cause this will cause lot of damage.

Method 2:
First put your hands together, and focus your energy there. Once you feel as if you put in enough put in your rage and hatred (could be from your childhood or towards someone you hate, anything that makes you so angry you feel as if you can explode). picture the fire in your hand, and then force the energy out of your hands and into a ball of fire.

Method 3:
Draw a pentagram on your hand make a ball in the your hand and then imagine the ball turn into flames.

I didn't made these spells so don't blame me if they doesn't work.