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Poll: Heavy Object Volume 14 Discussion

Oct 8, 2017 4:37 AM

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Edit: Three new Objects from 2nd generation + 1 unknown..

My favorite part of those battles were the one on one with the Faith Organization's Jack in the box maybe it's because it's where the two idiots really take part in defeating that Object.

Now the topic of AI was mentioned a lot in this novel, tbh I don't think the idea of the driver AI listing death accidents(intentional) as excess is possible even in fiction. If things goes out of control based on a lot of data, ain't the logical conclusion is to drop of the machine and just use the conventional manual ways?Or maybe....

As for the Maritini series, it seems the case isn't over yet, it was stated that it wasn't Katarina's fault that #7 had a conceptual breakdown instead, it was someone else trying to insinuate another chaos for the 4 major world powers...And now that Manhattan 000 is threatening 37th Battalion straightforwardly, doesn't that mean the clean war rules is neglected?

Talking about last part, this is first for this series to end in a cliffhanger. And not just a common one, but something more mysterious as all main nations were involved in the foreshadowing like the giant Object, the Corporation back alley deals, the weird high nobles of the Kingdom and the Organization might be trying to proselytize people again as they predicted the World is heading into Ragnarok(?)... Let's just say I'm hyped up
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Oct 15, 2017 3:37 PM
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First line "It was October." I don't believe Kamachi has given us any sort of timeline hints since volume 4 (Christmas and sexy Santa outfits). It seems like the Princess has changed since earlier volumes. She offered to be the gunner of one of their escape vehicle, so she's not afraid to shoot people anymore. She also seems to recognize sex appeal based on her accident with Frolaytia.

Lilim's introduction as a character was one of the more off-putting parts of this volume. A 17-yo tech-savy blogger as a part of the 37thMB. She stands out but not in a good way.
Actually, Kamachi has added a lot of -young/small- female characters to his many series lately. Even Frolaytia became an imouto for this volume. Honestly, browsing the images before reading was a bit of a red-light as I would prefer Kamachi keeps his fetish dialed down when writing.

The third chapter was stellar. The groups captures an Information Alliance VIP, leading to a breakdown of the clean war ideal. Much better than chapter 2 where the value of such combat seemed trivial. Although the take down of Nitrogen Mirage couldn't have been more derpy, the challenge to the Alliance's stability led to the discovery of another superweapon. Heavy Object's first ever continuation volume? Count me in.
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Oct 16, 2017 11:30 AM

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Surprised that no one's mentioned Skuld coming back, shit's gonna get real. If you haven't read EX, now is the time do so. Seems it will be important to this arc(?).
Oct 16, 2017 11:46 AM

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Lolimancer said:
Surprised that no one's mentioned Skuld coming back, shit's gonna get real. If you haven't read EX, now is the time do so. Seems it will be important to this arc(?).

I didn't mentioned as I'm not sure if EX happened somewhere between the main volumes or it's in the future events cause seriously, aside from the 1st volume and this volume, anyone may read this novel not in a chronological manner and it'll still be comprehensible. XD