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Mar 12, 2010 3:36 PM

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So I am about to go home from college on plane stoned for the first time, has anyone here actually done this?
Apr 28, 2010 1:58 PM

Joined: Apr 2010
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for sure! the only thing is your high will probably ware off waiting for your plane to start boarding and going threw all the customs like mine did... but if you really want to be baked during ur flight may i suggest eating some weed baked products...


does spanking it in a plane make you a member of the mile high club?

cuz if it does let me just say... im a proud member of the mile high club :P

Its better to have burned out than to have never really shined...
May 28, 2010 12:01 AM

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Sneaking weed through airport security isn't that hard, well personal amount anyway. I use to work at Seatac, Seattle's international Airport, and my job was past airport security in a restaurant, I was a cook, not something good to work when stoned, the munchies set in and the restaurant becomes the promised land.

Anyway, I got stoned before work and forgot I had the pipe and a few bowls in my pocket, thank the goddess of mary jane it was a glass pipe, other then that, I walked right through with NO PROBLEMS, and got stoned in the walkin freezer at work.