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TV Anime 'Märchen Mädchen' Announces Additional Cast Members

Sep 23, 11:06 PM
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The official website for the upcoming TV anime Märchen Mädchen has announced additional cast members. Game and manga adaptations for the work have also announced. The anime adaptation of late author Tomohiro Matsu's light novel series of the same name is slated for a 2018 broadcast.

Lynne Daves: Rina Hidaka (Black Bullet)
Maria Rasputin: Airi Ohtsu (High School Fleet)
Agathe Arier: Ai Kakuma (Clockwork Planet)

Source: Moca News
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Sep 24, 1:57 AM

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Nice cast. Always good to see Kakuma Ai and Hidaka Rina together in a series.
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Sep 24, 4:43 AM

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Very adorable looking gals. Can we hope for a Winter release since they're announcing the additional cast? It sure looks like it
Sep 24, 5:50 AM

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extremely cute and adorable characters design