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Sep 13, 1:20 AM
♡Too Sweet♡

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Hi! Something seems to be broken today in Mal-badges. When I updated my mal-badges profile, it counted less anime from my anime list so most of my exp disappeared. I thought it was a temporary error so I updated my profile again that could have been fixed immediately. After the update, it.....counted even less anime than before! Now I lost a bunch of badges and lost a ton of xp.

Maybe something went wrong with how it imports data from anime lists in MAL? Or was the problem caused entirely by MAL? I have absolutely no clue and I'm baffled by this.. Σ(´д ` メ)

EDIT: Never mind. MAL seems to be messing with me... xD False alarm. It's back to normal. For the moment, it did frighten me. -.-; But I wasn't lying when I found this odd glitch earlier..
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