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Poll: Made in Abyss Episode 10 Discussion

Jul 4, 2:07 PM

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Jesus man...
Easily the best episode so far. I'm gonna have to start reading the manga after I finish this.
Honestly, initially, I was kind of upset that they made it out of Layer 3 so easily. I was afraid this show was going to be all happy throughout the whole thing.
Finally, it's starting to feel like how a little child would survive in such a dangerous place.
The bugs heading for Riko's body was so brutal, and when it first showed how bad her hand was, I was actually pretty shocked.
The (subbed) voice acting was some of the best I've heard in a while. Especially from Reg. That scream, man. Big props to Mariya Ise. She nailed it. I legitimately thought it was a male child crying his heart out. She nailed it.
Overall, this anime has been quite enjoyable.
I have to give a shoutout to the painted backgrounds this show has. Why doesn't every anime have them? It was easily the best thing about older anime. You can tell a lot of love has been put into this show. Good for Kinema Citrus.

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Jul 8, 1:53 PM

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This was the shocking moment? The mangaka has a passion for loli characters/kids, so I guess that's not common.... I'm honestly more disturbed by the uncomfortable scenes there are of children before this.
Jul 21, 1:40 PM

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Based on previous episodes I would've never expected such horrifying scene.
Aug 4, 2:12 AM

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So. She says the monster can pierce steel so he doesn't attack it. And then they have the brilliant idea to use a shield to block its attack? Even though the loli just said it pierces something as hard as steel? Then the loli of course is pierced in the hand. So they show us the loli bleeding through all her orifices and the robot has to cut her hand. She almost dies and then a furry loli suddenly appears and tells robot to breath to make the bleeding stop (or was it to bring her to life?). And of course the furry loli can also save her arm! And don't forget as well that the furry loli's house is immune to the Abyss curse. How many plot armors to save the useless loli? Oh, and the robot forgot the backpack for some reason. This anime is pretty mediocre tbf.
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Oct 7, 2:24 PM

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I had a feeling something terrible was going to happen when the episode started off with all the talks about poison and curse but holy fuck... seeing it actually happen is just a different experience. This was very hard to swallow. For the past episodes, it seemed like it was all too easy journeying through the Abyss especially since Reg is such a handy companion. Now, they've truly unleashed the worst the Abyss could do to you. Things finally start getting threatening. This was such an intense and emotional episode.

My only problem is they forgot the fucking backpack.
Oct 13, 2:30 PM

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"It smells kinda vinegary here, too."
Oct 22, 5:19 AM

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Damn this is the reason why I watched this. Despite having too cute characters... These blood and darkness had me shook and i love it
Oct 23, 7:32 AM

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okay well I mean... at least now we know why it's R-rated I guess?
Nov 3, 8:11 AM
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Considering all the hype I heard about this episode, I'm not impressed per se. The main reason must be that I don't care a single bit about 2 MCs. They are absolutely ridiculous no matter how I look at it. I have waited for them to be punished by their stupidity and unrealistic attempt. Hope that Riko would actually lose "something" and not get away fully recover. From the look of the OP and ED, it seems like they found a capable companion. Let's see!
Nov 21, 3:55 AM
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Poor Riko... Not only she gets poisoned by that damn porcupine-bear thing, now she suffers from symptomatic Ebola... What else can go wrong? Luckily, the rabbit for a rescue.
Nov 27, 6:59 AM

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Geez reg. I started to watch this anime because of how good the animation is but after watch this episode, man i should have done some research first :(
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