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Dec 5, 2017 9:33 PM

Mar 2009
Dat MILF tho. She seems like a nice lady.
Dec 8, 2017 1:26 AM

Jan 2014
What I want to know is why the librarian in the forest has a split personality?

One moment he wants to invite the girl to stay at the library and the next moment, he suddenly loses it and wants her to leave. Like forever.

What's going on? If it's a spoiler-ish answer, you can just PM me.

But are we even watching the same episode 2??

How come the one I am watching is just about the girl's experience at the library?
Dec 18, 2017 9:07 AM

Mar 2012
So we got a trap fairy, a rebellious priest and a third wheel in the relationship introduced.
Jan 1, 2018 2:29 PM
Apr 2014
omg xD Silky holding Chise at the end there was pretty funny :D What is up with that guy that even she is worried about Chise? :P

Jan 1, 2018 3:08 PM

Feb 2012
Teckmeister said:
What I want to know is why the librarian in the forest has a split personality?

One moment he wants to invite the girl to stay at the library and the next moment, he suddenly loses it and wants her to leave. Like forever.

What's going on? If it's a spoiler-ish answer, you can just PM me.

But are we even watching the same episode 2??

How come the one I am watching is just about the girl's experience at the library?

no i think you refering to the OVA. it come out before TV series and kind of a prequel. tho i like to call it 12.5
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Mar 12, 2018 10:14 AM

Dec 2016
Is that an Axolotl? Cuz the green aqua dragon somehow resembles it. It's cute <3

Chise surprised me with her hidden powers making a small garden full of flower cristals. So pretty *-*

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Mar 27, 2018 10:17 AM
Jun 2017
No one ever expects the dragons...
Apr 12, 2018 12:28 AM

Apr 2009
Wow! She can do that? Nice!

PurpleGirl203 said:
Is that an Axolotl? Cuz the green aqua dragon somehow resembles it. It's cute <3
Yeah, it does look like an axolotl and cute AF. Isn't the one in Angie's shop and the other one in our dear mage's home, the same one? Or if not, maybe they're like cats, they're everywhere! XD

Honeymoon with...dragons? LOL
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Aug 9, 2018 9:25 PM

May 2012
Very interesting development if you ask me! Really looking forwards to see what's next especially with such an ending.
Sep 25, 2018 5:48 AM

Feb 2012
Her being bullied as a kid for possessing supernatural powers and her mother wishing she was never born reminds me of Kotoura-san.

As someone who lives in Britain I can confirm that magic is real.

I freaked out when I saw the Shard, Tower Bridge, St. Pancras etc. this is ranked up there with the K-on movie (Waitrose is in there lol) for most British things to appear in an anime.

Angelica reminds me of Winry
Fortress_MaximusSep 26, 2018 9:50 AM

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Oct 15, 2018 12:44 PM

May 2013
I freaking love this series

When Angie held up that prosthetic arm, I thought of Edward haha

Poppies are cute flowers :} made me think of how Elias calls her puppy. Puppy likes poppies lololol <3

Chibi Chise and Silky were adorable-- hugging and eating a sammich huehuehue *U*

Yeyyyyyyy, dragons~ I miss Fairy Tail
Elias needs to start holding his waifu's hand. Seriously xD
Kokoro_KotashimaOct 15, 2018 12:50 PM
Nov 7, 2018 5:36 PM

Apr 2015
Angelica: You’ll be using this for practice.
Me: The plumbob from The Sims?
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Jan 17, 2019 10:55 AM

Oct 2014
All those creatures that Chise can see are so cute, waah!
I'm kinda getting Jane Eyre vibes here xD
Wrowee, dwagons!! :0
Mar 13, 2019 5:30 PM

Jul 2013
Can't help but get weirded out when Elias talks about their honeymoon and when he calls Chise "my puppy". Anyway, that familiar Hugo has Hawk's voice from Nanatsu no Taizai! I'd recognoze that voice anywhere! Hawk is the most adorable anime character ever
Apr 26, 2019 3:03 PM

Feb 2018
Chise when imagining flowers was amazing.

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Oct 4, 2019 7:21 AM

Mar 2015
Angelica was pretty, for sure!
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Nov 3, 2019 9:46 AM

Sep 2018
Another episode imbued with magic and punctuated by so many comic moments, in which the narrative rhythm set at the Slice of Life level lets the spectator breathe and makes him enjoy the fantastic backgrounds and soundtrack that are present in the episode. The new characters are the icing on the cake that give more added value to this anime series.
Feb 28, 2020 10:50 AM

Apr 2013
Seems pretty fast paced for a SoL, we already know a lot of characters after only two episodes. Angelica seems to be quite harsh and won't admit her own mistakes. Priest seems disliked for no reason so far. The end with the dragon is more dramatic than I thought it would be.
Apr 21, 2020 11:45 PM

Jun 2013
It's been a while so I totally forgot about that ending. It caught me off guard!
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May 23, 2020 5:12 PM

Mar 2010
This anime is so peaceful and the slight comedic moments really cheer me up. But then they take you to a whole new tense moment where that all shatters. But it shatters into more great times.

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But my feels.
Aug 9, 2020 4:49 AM

May 2020
I have something in mind, isn't she supposed to be an apprentice? Until now, no magic lessons, just some honeymoon shit.

Angelica's workshop is amazing, she's scary as fuck, god damn.

Dragons, are you kidding me? Am i a joke to you?
Dec 19, 2020 2:03 PM

Jul 2017
Great episode again, I love the subtle little humor sprinkled on in the episode, especially with scenes like Silky hugging Chise from the back and trying to protect her from the priest since she's always suspicious of him. The story moved slowly this episode but I appreciate the more natural approach to pacing this out. Everything feels just right for me, as the episode did a good job in making Chise feel more acquainted with the kind of world she is now as Elias' apprentice, meeting people he knows well like Angelica and Simon, learning bits of magic and what her potential is, and just getting to understand Elias a bit better in this episode and vice versa. The music and visuals continue to be breathtaking and the atmosphere continues to be majestic and relaxing to watch.
Mar 16, 2021 3:24 PM
Mar 2018
What a honeymoon...
May 13, 2021 3:15 AM

Aug 2019
really loving this so far, hope this keeps the same pace for the rest of the 22 episodes
May 19, 2021 1:55 PM
Oct 2019
this has a sneaky darkness to it, no? her depression, thoughts of death and suicide. plus now her impending death. the faeries seeing friendly and whimsical but frequently attempting to cajole people to their kingdom and then preventing them from leaving. a housekeeper faerie lady that weirdly doesn't speak. this mage being some sort of halfbreed/"monster". there's a lot more going on than what we see at the surface

separately, this whole romance thing makes me uncomfortable. not the human+skullhead aspect, but the child+hundreds-of-years-old guy aspect. i think it's also somewhat "dark" in its theme as well

for now it's interesting. but if it gets too weird i might have to dip
Jul 3, 2021 2:36 PM
Sep 2020
Nice we learn more about Ainsworth and the people he knows!!! I think Chise is adapting to her new home a little more now !!!! Glad she has a home now !!!A proper one !!

Oct 24, 2021 2:43 PM

Jan 2021
I love all these little backdrops we get to Chise's past that show just how emotionally scarred she actually is.

Overall the episode again showed two sides to Elias which puts his whole character in a twisted light. On the one side we see him being beneficial to local residents with medicine he makes and genuine to Chise on the other side he's been called out by other people around him for his creepy and strange actions. It seems he himself is not exactly aware of the consequences some of his actions hold which could result from a lack of common sense just how Angelica said. Many seem concerned about the romance in this show and their relationship because it seems creepy and off but I think that's very much the point and the show makes great effort in placing their whole dynamic in a unclear yet critical light.

I adore all these bits of world building we get. We learn a little about the difference between magic & sorcery, how both work, a practical test and much more. The great thing in that is that the show again and again expands on this world's magical finesse by merely showing us these tiny creatures that are drawn to Chise or how Elias send out this paperbird. No one really comments on it and explains it to the last detail because it's a vital part of what these characters know from their every day life.
Dec 6, 2021 9:14 AM
Nov 2020
I love this series so far.
Oct 18, 2022 2:44 PM

May 2020
These visuals healing my eyes, I say this with one-thousand percent certainty.

Now this episode for the most part had that easygoing yet slight susceptive thing going around until the last scene made things took a topsy turn. A fucking dragon out of nowhere?!

Angelica reminds me of someone, but I couldn't recall who.
Nov 20, 2022 11:23 AM

Jun 2019
Hmm... pretty interesting development in the second episode. Elias is really trying his best. The lady was nice there. There are still many things we need to learn about this world.
Dec 22, 2022 2:46 AM

Nov 2022
Come on Elias. You seriously didn't notice a giant ass dragon swooping in. Only thing I can think of is the dragon was hidden by magic I guess. I mean it can't be that easy for a giant dragon to swoop in without being seen from miles away.
Dec 24, 2022 5:08 PM
Jan 2022
Yes, 很多人要把新娘抢走
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