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Poll: Kakegurui Episode 4 Discussion

Feb 26, 12:00 AM

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What if Midari just shot herself during the bathroom scene. That would've been crazy.
Apr 13, 10:00 PM

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While the lazy gamer loli's a bit unsettling with how casually she told Mary about how she'll get married off as a trophy wife to a pedo so she can pay off her debts, the real freak of the episode was that Russian Roulette nut. Playing that sort of game with an actual revolver is already unhinged enough but getting off to the sound of the trigger clicking to the sound of an empty chamber is a different kind of freaky. These bitches are insane.

Everyone had hypereleastic-looking eyes while the Secretary has the eyes of a dead anime character.

Yumeno and Mary decided to have their debts paid in an event and ended up squaring off against the guy who nearly raped the former and he'd been running off his mouth for a while before he realized that he fell in a trap. That showed him!

Apr 16, 12:58 PM

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Maybe it was just me but I nearly thought this was a yuri scene
"Humans, your existence was a mistake. Conflicts, lies, jealously, greed. You once caused me to lose everything and today I will devour everything... Because I am the Valkyrie Goddess"
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