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Poll: Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru. Chapter 33 Discussion

Jul 21, 2017 10:53 PM

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So beautiful. So beautiful final chapter!

Makoto was so embarrassed to look at Reita's face after having her first the night before. Reita was actually being considerate and remained as normal as possible. But Makoto wouldn't even look at him! So cute! But then she literally stole him from his friends and then hugged him from behind and she was still so embarrassed that she requested him to not look her way! Of course Reita would force his way and look at her. But then he hugged her and kissed her! And then tells her that he is the one who should pull the kabe-don and not her! ❤

And then Reita meets Makoto's mother on her way from groceries and tells her that he is really serious about Makoto. Amazingly enough, once she reaches home, Makoto tells her that she plans to invite her father over! That blush in Makoto's mother's face means she kinda hoped it would happen sometime.

Reita's family also came over as Makoto's father came to visit them. As Reita's plan to go for higher studies in a different prefecture came into discussions, Makoto's father and Reita's mother made a little fun of how Makoto would be lonely, and she should already become a bride. Reita without any hesitance pulls Makoto towards him and declares in front of everyone, to their surprise, how he has been thinking about Makoto and himself! That was practically telling everyone in both families how Makoto means so much to him and he hopes to have a future with her. ❤

And then after the dinner, the sweetest part of the entire manga happened. Reita tells Makoto that even if he dated other girls before, it never seemed right to him. He probably hadn't realized why he always ended up seeing Makoto even when the girls he dated were opposed to it. Then Yuusuke came to the picture and he realized he would never want another guy to have Makoto. Makoto at that point was about to break down in tears. It was such a powerful panel. And as she wiped her eyes, Reita gently touches her cheek and tells her that he would wait 5 years, 7 years, as many years Makoto would need to decide on a future with him. As Makoto closes her eyes and they hug each other, we know what would be her answer, no matter how many years she would take to give it Reita. ❤

Fast forward several years, Makoto is shown getting ready because Reita is coming back after a while. Makoto's expression was so pretty and she looked like a beautiful woman, as if she was waiting for her man to return. Reita who has turned into an extremely handsome man waiting in the veranda next to hers and asks her if she has decided on her answer yet. Makoto says yes. ❤


Childhood friend romance can be really beautiful if it's done right. Reita's realization that he needs Makoto in his life and Makoto's realization of becoming lovers isn't the end, but the beginning of many new things that would last a lifetime were wonderfully presented in this manga. The second half of the manga, particularly since Makoto realized she was in love with Reita improved the manga tremendously. The rest was cute, fluffy, sometimes funny, often hot and undeniably beautiful. This was one of the best childhood romance manga I have read. :)

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Sep 20, 2017 12:49 PM
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Where the wedding chapter? I like wedding chapter
Jan 17, 2019 7:13 AM
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Can you please tell me Where can I find those completed chapters?
May 2, 9:04 AM

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Saira_JK said:
Can you please tell me Where can I find those completed chapters?
its english licensed, you need to buy it or know someone who owns the digital volumes.


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