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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria Episode 12 Discussion

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Poll: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria Episode 12 Discussion

Jun 30, 2017 9:10 AM

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Well I guess this show was overall okay although the direction of the story was really dull from the beginning to end.

For what's worth, the finale did showcase the skills of Ais again so I'm impressed by that. No season 2 announced and I'm not surprised. (well, they announced some RPG game based on franchise) I think for most parts, they managed to adapt what they wanted. The story just felt so average though..
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Jun 30, 2017 9:53 AM

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There is no doubt that you can never have enough Ais but we definitely could use more Refia as well she is simply great to watch and it was nice too see her grow over the course of this anime.
My biggest complain is that i want more of this.
Another good thing is that we didn't see much of that annoying oppai loli goddess she got way too much screen time in the previous anime.

Anyway i enjoyed this.

The last fight was also very intense and the group had some serious trouble with it, but the managed too win the fight in the end.
The ending suggests there might be more coming from this.
Jun 30, 2017 12:20 PM
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Why is it not out on Anime Strike yet on amazon video?
Jun 30, 2017 1:02 PM

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How, is this the end? and now the past Ais lifetime how know all the truth? Grrr
Great last episode another, in the middle of the series had a down, but this lastest episodes were to enjoy!!!
And now i have to wait a another "Dungeon" series a second season because this is not end!!!! and hope you mistake Stark and watch a second season in two years, because i think the next season will be to the "Original Dungeon" about the Bell adventures!!! ;)


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Jun 30, 2017 1:56 PM

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Not gonna lie, even if the early episodes were kind of boring and Lefiya wasn't the best character, I really found interesting that thing Ouranos was conversing at the end along with his cloaked buddy about the spirits turning into corrupted beings and Enyo. Mostly because if the thing is as disastrous as Ouranos says, it will probably affect to the main story eventually.
Jun 30, 2017 2:16 PM
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Is this delayed on Anime Strike?
Jun 30, 2017 2:50 PM

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In my case, this show was the dessappointment of the season.
Jun 30, 2017 3:22 PM
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Given that Danmachi is apparently going to have a season 2 (speculations), I wouldn't be surprised if Sword Oratoria also has a season 2.

The cliffhanger from episode 11 definitely was a great lead into episode 12 but I won't say more since not many have seen the anime yet
Jun 30, 2017 3:51 PM

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Ahlwong said:
Given that Danmachi is apparently going to have a season 2 (speculations), I wouldn't be surprised if Sword Oratoria also has a season 2.

The cliffhanger from episode 11 definitely was a great lead into episode 12 but I won't say more since not many have seen the anime yet

Sounds like nonsense. I mean, I could understand if the alternate perspective was to shed light on a complex story or flesh out an important story-line for the future but all we've gotten was a poorly put together recap series honestly. Hardly anything overall was said that wasn't spoken of or implied through the first. We know there is a conspiracy between some of the gods, we know that Bell is "special" we now know that Aiz is "special" as well. Now what? Where do we go from here? I'm assuming the purposes of main and secondary characters will have the necessary parts of their involvement fleshed out in due time as with any story. But did that need a whole 12 episodes to tell? Did that need purely perspective character such as a Lefiya to fawn over Aiz and remind the audience of how "great" she is? I doubt it. I feel the purpose of this season was to measure up Aiz in the same light as bell but a lot more lazy, checklisty format. Going forward I really doubt and hope they don't waste our time with another "alternate retelling" of a largely boring group of elites, most of which are barely recognizable beyond their crushes and outward appearance. I was more content with Bell "wanting to become stronger" than Aiz having a momentary inferiority complex but easily achieving her goal within a short time. At least with him it was how is he gonna get this shit done as opposed to Aiz and group contently referenced as (one of?) the best familia. I haven't watched this episode yet since the subs haven't dropped but I can safely say I'm not expecting much.
Jun 30, 2017 5:24 PM

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Decent, feel like an ass saying this, but the manga was much better and imo more enjoyable than the original manga/LN and anime.

Jun 30, 2017 5:40 PM
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Well was a great end, but yeah we want the Season 2! I hope, because the hype back after some years of wait with this spin-off! 9/10 :D We need more!
Jun 30, 2017 8:28 PM

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Pretty good finale. The fight was intense. Lefyia was helpful fighting against the spirit, but I still don't like her. She's a bad character. This was a disappointing show.
Jun 30, 2017 9:19 PM

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We won't get to see Lefiya and Bell sit down together:(
Jun 30, 2017 10:16 PM

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Cool fight scene! That spirit was strong, and going by the explanation of Ouranos this wasn’t perfect… and even if this wasn’t perfect the raiders did not count on being able to cast spells, the spirit hybrid monster almost defeated all of them, Finne showed why he is a leader by motivating the crew using the fight that Bell fought against the minotaur they saw earlier…the one that took the worst attacks was Gareth & Riveria especially Gareth the execution was so good that made me forget that they were gonna be ok. On the other hand, Ais took some pretty damage herself but came out unscathed and avoided that hybrid trump card (receiving a spell that probably would not be able to dodge) thanks to Lefiya. Nice!

I was waiting for the tamer and she did not appear or interfere with the fight (it was a downer) but with the time limit I understood why.

I was expecting this show to be better than the parent story (up the ante) because Ais & the Loki Familia (more raids as a cohesive unit/strategy {don’t get me wrong they do raids but it was showcased in some sporadic scenes in past episodes and in this episode, but I wanted more...} in contrast to Bell and his band that weren’t pros per se), I hoped to know more about Ais' parents because Danmachi Sword Oratoria centers the story around Lefiya Lol! Ais Wallenstein(?) and I practically saw nothing, there isn't too much information about her past, at least I got to see hoe her dad & mom look like and her fighting skills even if it was on instances... but I was disappointed. Overall this was a welcome addition, yes it could have been better but it was a decent watch...
Jun 30, 2017 10:26 PM

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Really enjoyed the fight in this episode and I especially loved how Bell was inspiration for them all to fight on too

Overall this series gave me some of the same beats as DanMachi but at its core, it was a nice contrast between that series and this one and I thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with and learning more about Ais and her Familia
Jul 1, 2017 12:15 AM
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I was expecting this to be a Railgun level series, but Ais is just not charismatic enough. In the end I am disappointed. There were points where I thought it was gonna get interesting, but it just lead to more time with Ais. The only good points of the series were when Bell shows up.
Jul 1, 2017 4:24 AM

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Great finale.

Awesome action throughout the episode. Finn's speech was super epic, Riveria and Old Man Grant were great and Ais's final clas was really cool.

So I guess this expedition let us learn the motives of the opposing group, namely the summoning of corrupted spirits to the surface and to eventually devour Ais to get her spirit blood.

The shots of Bell and co at the final montage was nice. :)

Lefiya is super happy now that senpai has finally noticed her. XD

Overall, Oratoria started out a little slow and nowhere nearly as strong as the original Danmachi but the show did pick up very strongly towards the latter half especially during this final quarter. I really enjoyed these last few episodes and it's always nice to learn more about the Loki familia. Oratoria also seems to deal with a more intricate plot in comparison to the original and on the whole the series was quite entertaining to watch.

Jul 1, 2017 4:30 AM

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Damn, that was an intense fight. Really cool how all the characters were taking part in the fight and Finn leading them and also fighting. Riveria is still my favorite, pretty sure without her barrier they would've been doomed, but well it's party fighting system. Gotta give some credit to Lefiya, she was useful =/
Again will say unexpectedly enjoyed this side-story much more than expected and more than the main one. A (little) question if the events from this story are the reason (one of the) to the possible destruction of Orario or something that will happen that i shouldn't know cause for the side-story the events that happened behind the scenes of the main story are quite(very) important and if it shouldn't be called main story it should be tied to the main one very deeply.
Overall i'll give it 7/10, Lefiya's parts were not the best thing, but the action was very good.
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Jul 1, 2017 5:08 AM

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I guess we should be glad that the waste of potential is over.

They already have a long OP and Ed and still do not manage to make more than 16 minutes of episode... This was a rushed job and the studio obviously didn't care about it. They cut the best scenes of the manga and LN and almost all of Aiz's dialogue. In a story that was supposed to be about her! I'm honestly very disappointed. The manga on the other hand is even better than the source light novel. I highly recommend it.

On the bright side, the fight was pretty intense. We got to see the power of the spirits and how tough the Loki familia members are. Aiz's tanking that last attack was a bit far-fetched but I'll accept it. Hope we'll see Enyo in the main anime or the manga adaptation at some point.
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Jul 1, 2017 5:54 AM

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so the story continues in Danmachi season 2? anyway, some parts felt rushed and i also didn't like the strong focus on lefiya, but all in all it was enjoyable 7/10

Jul 1, 2017 5:54 AM

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Ha! Bell still hero even as a side character

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Jul 1, 2017 6:41 AM
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This side story really was boring to me. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it, overall it was interesting. Most of all the info we got was the same from the main story, but I guess we got to see a little more from a different point of view. Nevertheless great last episode, now I Can't wait for the main second season. Now Bell will have more monsters that will challenge him to become stronger.😏👊
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Jul 1, 2017 6:45 AM
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this series was pretty weak...but this last episode was great and epic... but i hope there will be 2. season of the original season ..thats so much better
Jul 1, 2017 6:45 AM
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this series was pretty weak...but this last episode was great and epic... but i hope there will be 2. season of the original season ..thats so much better
Jul 1, 2017 6:47 AM

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WOW this episode was great.The fight was so amazing. Too bad that is over.. I wanted to know more.. (i think i need to buy the LN )
In my opinion this spin-off is better than the main story....8/10 is my final score..

Jul 1, 2017 6:54 AM

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Welp, that's it. To be honest the anime sucked a lot, only at the last third of the episodes did it start to get better, but not enough to be considered good. 4/10.
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Jul 1, 2017 7:06 AM

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I'm bothered by details regarding continuity/consistency with the main series.

The end of the Loki Familia expedition overlaps with Bell, Lili, and Welf going down to the 18th floor. In the main series, Bell and co. get stranded in the dungeon because of that oriental Familia. They escape to the 18th floor and find the Loki Familia on standby before they return to the surface. But with how the Sword Oratoria anime presented it, Bell and co. are still descending towards the 18th floor whereas the Loki Familia is back on the surface. To some point this was acceptable because they showed Bell first and the Loki Familia second so some time may have passed. Then they have a shot of Hestia at a stall while the Loki Familia was parading their return. This contradicts the main series because Hestia, Ryu, and others went into the dungeon to rescue Bell, Lili, and Welf. Bell, Hestia, and the others even spend time with the Loki Familia in the 18th floor before the Loki Familia went back to the surface ahead of Bell and co.

I think the anime staff just thought, "Hey why don't we put a cameo of the main cast to appeal to the viewers," and they come up with this. Noticing these contradicting details actually makes them look worse and shows how little of a shit they gave towards this adaptation. Ugh.
Jul 1, 2017 7:13 AM
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I'm honestly disappointed by the director of this adaptation or perhaps the producer(s). The pacing in this series was awful and the constant shift in tones was annoying. Not to mention that instead of having an Aiz focus PoV we get a majority of the series told through Lefiya's eyes. This became unbearable after only 3 or 4 episodes. My guess is they felt it would be easier to tell the story through her character while fishing for some sales with Yuri bait.

I sincerely hope that this side story doesn't affect production for Season 2 of the main story. Sadly, this adaptation makes the side story look bad and somewhat dull, which is fortunately not the case.
Jul 1, 2017 7:27 AM

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A good episode but a very abrupt ending too. Hope we get another season in this world soon.
Jul 1, 2017 7:36 AM

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That was an intense episode. Lots of actions. I liked Lefiya in this episode where she actually did something. Finn was awesome, especially with that speech of his. Though Riveria was my favourite character in this show.

Oratoria had a slow start and but it picked up. I liked how Oratoria was about Ais' perspective and how the story overlapped with DanMachi.


Jul 1, 2017 7:43 AM

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Damn fine episode. Nice to see the Loki familia fighting a real challenging foe for once, and it's always great to see Finn in combat, he doesn't show off his skills too much. The ending was kind of boring though, after the credits.
Jul 1, 2017 8:06 AM

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This episode and the anime in general had terrible battle choreography it did not help it was also very cheap. I don't think this season had all the same staff of the first season of danmachi? I have not checked that, if they were all the same people then I guess it was just the smaller budget that hurt every single combat scene.
Jul 1, 2017 8:07 AM

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Really liked the fights.
To bad everything else sucked.
Jul 1, 2017 9:27 AM

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Nice fight at the end. Going with 7/10. Same as for the main DanMachi anime but this one was slightly better. More and nicer group fights. I liked Finn and Gareth. Too bad some of the episodes at the beginning ruined the mood a bit (bad shopping episode all the other fantasy I have watched had some shopping which was better without force and annoying Yuri). Also no really conclusive plot.

I guess this could get interesting if more of the plot got adapted. (And if the novel actually had a goal an got finished and not running endlessly.) I'd prefer to see more of this over the other normal DanMachi.
Jul 1, 2017 9:50 AM

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If we get another season of Danmachi I hope it's gonna be a direct sequel to the original series.
Jul 1, 2017 10:00 AM

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And so the final episode is upon us.

The revelation that the evolved spirit was what the enemy had sought to create all along was interesting but what was more was how strong that it actually was though. Still the fight between it and the veteran party was really well done and it was nice to see both Ains and Lefiya show the fruits of their labor though. Finn's determination and courage and the inspiration that he brings was nice to see as was their charge against the spirit. Using Bell as a motivation tool was funny though. Its nice that in the end not one of the party died in that fierce battle though. The scenes featuring the main characters of the original anime was a nice touch. As the the victory parade for Ains and her party though as they returned. Seems that this spirit is the least of the problems then as it looks like there's something worst behind it. Its nice seeing Filvis actually smiling though. That last scene though lol. Lefiya really has grown though. With that ending im pretty sure that there will be a next season which i won't mind actually.

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Jul 1, 2017 10:05 AM

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This was a dreadful adaption, even more than the main series... Anyhow, I enjoyed few bits of it, but that’s about it.


DragoonDeus said:
I don't think this season had all the same staff of the first season of danmachi?...

The series composition guy was the same, but the director wasn’t... Regarding the animators (key, secondary key, in-between, chief director) and the action director(s) (fight choreographers) hired for the project, I can’t be really sure... I would have to take a deeper look at that, but I won't.

Adaption of spin-offs and/or other side-stories are usually (not always) given lower budget to work with, btw.

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Jul 1, 2017 10:20 AM

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This fight should've at least been standard. This between sound effects, animation and special FX was shit for a final episode. Like I may have mentioned this series felt like a lazy checklist rather than another side of a "grand tale". Then of course they wasted to concluding Lefiya and Aiz's "relationship".
Jul 1, 2017 11:16 AM
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First episodes were really bad, so bad that I hated it... but it got better and now I'm going to miss this.
The battle should've been longer.
Maybe there will be another season with Bell as mc.
Jul 1, 2017 11:23 AM

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I think I counted 3 "good" episodes.

I hope they focus on the original Danmachi with Bell if they end like making another season.

Jul 1, 2017 11:33 AM
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4/10, would have been 5/10 if lefiya wasn't there, god damn she is so shit in every way.
Jul 1, 2017 11:44 AM

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Nice battle, looks like there's a strong corrupted spirit somewhere and they faced it's offshoot but it gets taken down eventually.
Lefiya with some good saves and the gang is back to their place :) 8/10
Jul 1, 2017 12:17 PM

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ZBlastHistory said:
Ha! Bell still hero even as a side character

Now give me Index III J.C.Staff

This and nothing else!!! I won't even ask for anything else for 5 years regarding anime xD
Jul 1, 2017 1:41 PM
Hitagi's Pet

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Too much focus on Lefiya brought down my enjoyment of this a notch or two. I think they should proceed with a Bell as MC on all future anime of this series.
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Jul 1, 2017 2:22 PM
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It's a shame, because in terms of Story this, 2nd season? First season Version 2? is very good, its engaging and entertaining with many characters that at sometimes are either funny or just plain interesting.

However, its Main Characters are just awful... Firstly, there's Ais who to be fair has her good points on occasions, but most of the time its hard to connect to her because of her personality, but Lefiya is just down right awful and ruins the entire season, such an annoying character and the fact shes a Main means we have to see a lot of her... If she was a Side character and had only Ais this season would definitely have been seen in a better light despite many not liking the idea of a version 2 of the same season to begin with.
Jul 1, 2017 2:27 PM

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I guess this was all right for a finale, but the series overall wasn't that great, as I didn't really care for much of what was happening. I'm glad this show is over, mostly because now we don't need to constantly see people complaining about Lefiya week after week after week (which honestly got more annoying than Lefiya herself).
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Jul 1, 2017 2:35 PM

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This was honestly worse than the original. The final battle was okay but the epilogue kinda killed the ending. Definitely a 5 out of 10 for the whole series.
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Jul 1, 2017 3:05 PM

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Now that ive watched both it seems like the original danmachi has been completed (but i know it isn't) bell fought that giant black titan thing
this story was really just everything from aiz's side but they did manage to create a good story

i think their best choice in another season is to have a continuous storyline that alternates between aiz and bell
Jul 1, 2017 3:26 PM

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If only most of the previous episodes were as good as the finale, because this spin-off's been a big disappointment. Didn't enjoy it like I enjoyed the original. It had its moments and it got interesting for a bit, but that's it.


Jul 1, 2017 4:04 PM

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Finally it's over. Well more Bete was nice and I liked Filvis but can't really give it a high score. 5.25/10
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