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Poll: Seikaisuru Kado Episode 12 Discussion

Jul 24, 2017 6:30 AM

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can someone explain how a human impregnate an anisotropic being? I wonder how this show might turns out if yahakui manifested as a female instead..
Jul 24, 2017 6:20 PM

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When watching sci-fi anime I tend to prefer ones that give me "Independence day" vibes rather than the "Arrival" but I wanted to continue because I thought the anisotropic being wanted to start WW3 under the guise of human advancement. LOL

Anyway, what surprised me the most was the fact that Shindo who is a renowned negotiator went along with the whole ordeal full aware of what humanity is capable of especially when advanced through unnatural means. He didn't question the anisotropic's ulterior motive either until it was brought to his attention through Saraka's love for humanity.

The ending was confusing. I mean if Yukika is a half human and half anisotropic then how can she be of higher dimension than the true anisotropic who created humanity.

Jul 26, 2017 12:33 AM
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That ending was a curveball but I liked it nonetheless. It seems like Shindo may still be alive, in combination of the daughter talking to him in spirit and based off Saraka quoting being beyond information both in front of their daughter and alone a month later. Sost likely Saraka exited the normal dimension, causing the blue crane (shindo being blue, Saraka being purple?) to fall over. I think that's where the daughter and Saraka went to at the end. But even if that's not the case it was meant to be symbolic for sure. But combined with the sound, pretty sure, Saraka left somewhere.

Honestly though it was too rushed. Besides the fact that ZaShunina suddenly became overly emotional in a span of seconds, it just doesn't make sense why Shindo had to "die". Honestly when Saraka said the requirement was to make ZaShunina believe that all the plans failed and also to give more information then possible at a given time, it almost felt like Shindo ultimately only died to surprise ZaShunina for the sake of surprising ZaShunina (and us) with no relevance toward actually defeating ZaShunina and stopping him from transferring the universe to the ansiotropic.

Perhaps if they some how made relevant why Shindo might've been delaying ZaShunina up to that exact second (maybe she just barely turned 16 or had to turn 16 to get her powerrs???) it would've made more sense. Overall I still enjoyed the series and the questions it posed, even if it never answered it. I enjoyed seeing Saraka make her moves on Shindo lol.
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Jul 26, 2017 4:52 PM

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It was alright. Seemed to change a bit for the final couple episodes. YaHa seemed to lose the plot very quickly (as did the show itself)

I wonder what sex with an anisotropic being is like? I bet she is mad skilled in bed. I actually really liked the design of her. The blue and pink eyes were very attractive. Think she killed herself at the end though. Walked off screen, I think I heard a scream (or just the music?) and the curtains billlowed. Normally when someone jumps the camera cuts away and you see the curtain billow in the breeze to signal the moment they toss themselves off. Her daughter left, boyfriend died, she missed out on her daughter growing up and is now powerless. Otherwise, I didn't get it.

As for the daughter, I think the less said about that the better. Who introduced a haracter with 10 minutes to go that saved the day?
Jul 28, 2017 4:11 AM

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Wow it was totally unpredictable. Shindo and Saraka's plan was pretty good, I liked the fact that they made a child and that Shindo trusted Hanamori enough to give him their child. The resolution of the fight felt a bit rushed, but it was a very good ending.

When I started it, the CGI was weird, but I get used to it very quickly. I think this is one of the best 3D that I have seen. And when Kado started to fall from the sky, I really wanted to see more episodes.
The story with all these plot twists was really interesting and I liked the characters. zaShunina had a good progression. Even if he is way superior to the human, he gets interested in them and wanted to learn more things. And because of that, he began to feel emotion towards Shindo.
It's a very good anime.
Jul 28, 2017 10:54 PM

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Unlike a lot of people here, I was loving every bit of Seikaisuru Kado until episode 11. I was super okay with the Saraka reveal and Shindo taking her side, since it was foreshadowed, and I even agreed with most of her views. I was expecting a great confrontation and some deep conversations for the finale, and while we did get something like that, this episode had some glaring problems.

- The Yukika issue. I have to admit that I was initially impressed with Shindo's plan, since it came out of the blue, and it seemed like such a genious move. But when you actually anayize it, it makes little sense. How would they know that the offspring of a human and an anisotropic being, if such a thing was even possible, might result in a higher (45th?) dimensional being? I ain't no scientist, but we sure as hell aren't creating 8th dimensional beings when we do the deeds. Also, I find it hard to believe that the Shindo and Saraka that we know would devise a plan that would result in an innocent child being recluded in a small space for her entire growth process, all while taking 16 years of poor Hanamori's life. I understand all of that was necessary for saving the world, but it stil seems kind of out of character from them. And Yukika herself..., I don't want to use the terms "Mary Sue" or "Deus ex machina", so let's just say that I didn't get the greatest impression from her. At least she's cute.

- Even after accepting Yukika, Shindo's plan was flawed. What was the point of getting himself killed if he had at his disposal a weapon that could easily deal with zaShunina? Saraka said that having zaShunina believe that he won was necessary for their plan to succeed, but I don't see how that's the case (that said, if I actually missed something here, please let me know). Also, what about Shindo's insistence about "surprising" zaShunina? I fail to see how that was relevant since apparently the plan was blasting his ass out of the universe in the first place.

- More of a personal opinion here, but I'm sure that a good number of people will agree with me: I'm not happy at all with the treatment zaShunina got. Even when Shindo got killed and Yukika appeared, I thought that the problems would be solved by means of conversation, or that zaShunina would become delighted by the prospect of an even higher-dimensional being, and return to the Anisotropic in peace. Something like that would have made a good ending in my books. But no, he had to become all petty, run, and try to destroy the universe anyways. And of course, after that, Yukika just eliminated him, without any meaningful conversations between the characters. That left such a bad taste in my mouth, and felt like a disservice from the writers to a great character like zaShunina.

It sounds like I hated the entire episode, but that's not the case. Both animation and sound were particularly on point this time around, and we actually did get some really nice interactions between zaShunina and Shindo and more information about the Anisotropic beings' mentality before the Yukika fiasco. And Shindou's death scene, while pointless in retrospect, was greatly executed.

9/10 for the whole series. That might sound high considering my critique, but before this, Seikaisuru Kado was on its way to becoming AOTY material for me, and maybe even gaining all-time favorite status. That, and the fact that I try to rate anime considering my overall enjoyment of all the episodes, not just a good/bad ending.
Jul 31, 2017 9:40 AM

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To quote Cell from DBZ Abridged,
"In short,"
"You can't touch me."
Well said.

Okay, I haven't been discussing this for the last few forums, but here it is now. A few episodes back, we had zaShunina revealed to be the bad guy, Tsukai is an anisotropic being (Complete with halos), and the universe is fucked.
Now to be fair, I was scared for the first part. When zaShunina came, I thought he would really be a trustworthy guy, and not pull a Kyubey, but he did. I was kinda bummed (But not AS bummed) for this. But then we look into zaShunina's character, he didn't like it just as much as I did. He felt lonely, like the Shindo he made was a phony, no matter how much information he has. He actually felt as though he had betrayed himself for doing that. HECK! Need Proof? Why does the bookmark, Shindo's gift to him, bum HIM out? And he even begins to dream, and he is becoming more and more human. His answer is wrong, and he knows it. Right, Kyubey?

As for Tsukai being an anisotropic being *looks at the character design*.....Nice.
So the OP comes full circle. We have zaShunina, an anisotropic being who wants to give humans the sense of the anisotropic and send them there, and then there's Tsukai, an anisotropic being who wants humanity to advance at their own pace and NOT send them to the anisotropic. So we basically have two sides of an argument.

OH right, this episode. So zaShunina executes his plan to swallow the universe. The government is on high alert and the news cast is out there reporting the truth, their right answer (Dammit, we finally have a side character who completes the objective of the main characters. *Sniff* Bless those bastards!) if you will. However, Shindo pops in to say hello and begins negotiations. As you can already tell, it went as well as trying to fly with wings made of gull feathers and wax, in real life. But it's not all dead roses and crushed dreams yet. A car comes out of nowhere (*Spit take* WHAT?!) and a girl comes out. Not only is she in her teens, but she has the power of the anisotropics and gives zaShunina THE MOTHER OF ALL PSYCHIC BEAT-DOWNS!

Turns out, Shindo and Saraka hooked up (Nice, you lucky bastard. You didn't die a virgin, and with an anisotropic no less), had a little girl named Shindo Yukika, made their own baby dimension (For the Fire Emblem fans out there, I am NOT kidding here. This is FE: Fates all over again. They use the Nanomis-hein and turn the isolated space into a baby dimension, complete with rooms and compartments, and a F#$%^ing basketball court! WHAT THE F..) and had Hanamori raise her for 16 years (The poor guy, that's 16 years he is NOT gonna get back. But it is 16 years worth spending) And thus, zaShunina gets the big surprise, makes a hilarious face (I am going to use it in my google doc articles from now on, and gets THE MOTHER OF ALL PSYCHIC BEAT-DOWNS - Pt. 2.

She finishes off zaShunina with a fothermucking Solar Beam ((WHAAAAAA...), but not before zaShunina makes a run for Shindo's body to return his bookmark. But he realized his mistake a moment too late and he is gone, along with the bookmark. The Fregonics disappears and the gang mourn Shindo's body. They look up at the blue sky and wonder about the world beyond information. The world is set right once again, Hanamori laments about not getting the credit for raising Yukika (poor guy), and humanity pledges to meet the anisotropics with their own two feet. Yukika went AWOL, probably for the best.
And we leave the series with Tsukai going to another realm, with a bloody CREEPY sound effect (Sweet mother of Lord Helix! Play that sound clip while you're playing a horror game, see how many bricks you can shit!) with a blue paper crane leaning over, remarkable because the box it was in is a glass box and it is shut in.

This was a ride from start to finish. Though it was a little rushed, it was still enjoyable (Especially that last Psychic beat-down, she went for THE FACE! I'm not kidding, see how many face plants she gives him) And the show never lost my attention, except for when the internet was down, and that just pissed me off, but regardless it does warrant a 9. It's great, but it's by no means perfect. Fitting considering how WE as humans will never know the right answer. And when we do, it's not 100% right. There's always that piece of uncertainty. Uncertainties like that, is what makes life amazing and exciting. So until we find that 100% percent,

See ya, Anisotropic Negotiator, and you too, Anisotropic Being.
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Aug 4, 2017 8:46 AM
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If they went through the trouble of birthing a being more powerful than zaShunia, Shindou's death seems entirely pointless and poorly calculated. Shinjou shouldn't have died and zaShunia should've been vaporized from the start.
Aug 9, 2017 6:56 PM

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Really amazed by this ending to be honest, I never expected this to develop like this from the start of this anime I must say!

I really loved the whole progression and development of the characters and the story! I sure loved it until the end and all in all a great anime if you ask me.
Aug 11, 2017 10:30 AM

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I really enjoyed the start of the anime then as the episodes flew by I started to just get bored with it.

Although I watched til the end, it ultimately came out to be an average anime. Nothing special in my eyes.

I do think that it's complete with very little plot holes (Which is a good thing)

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Aug 12, 2017 7:36 AM
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Enjoyed a lot how the plot always throws surprises, and totally trumped mal premature fearmongers of shounen battle or gay end. They stuck to their theme of negotiations, and Shindo didn't even get a punch (his daughter did in his place lol).
Somewhat rushed, but one of the more epic & beautiful endings. It's rare enough a show gets any ending.
Shindo's sacrifice, making baby with Saraka, and Hanamori raising Yukika in a 16 year spedup relative time chamber using Nanomis, creating this univser-anisotropic hybrid, is some next level surprise plan for gay Yaha-kui.
Living in a chamber sounds stifling. But this huge plan also justifies the romance, which some folks for some reason think it's unnecessary, when romance is rather common in drama, even beyond anime. Their earlier kiss (with quite good animation) becomes foreshadowing for the plan & Shindo deathflag.

Shindo noted Yaha becoming more human, anger, jealousy (ntred lol), impatience. We see him developing throughout, so the show doesn't ramp up, but remains consistent. As he started reading the books, especially Romeo & Juliet, I could see his pov shifting. He stayed true to his justified goals, just did it with impatience & force without consulting humans.

"That which goes beyond information": I like the thought, beyond anisotropic's instinctive need to process info. It hints that Shindo is a ghost or in a "spirit world"/different dimension, and Yukika apparently could talk to him. Last scene also shows the 3 cranes representing the family, and supposedly Shindo's crane moves. Even Yaha's stage was a giant paper crane.

So people lost all the treasures, but they didn't return to square one. They know about the anisotropic, and basically plan to travel to meet Yaha there on their own time, instead of forced into it. It seems a subtle difference, but important enough where Shindo made Yaha realize he's wrong.
Aug 26, 2017 8:29 AM

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so why did shindo had to die? why didnt they just let his daughter handle it from the start?
Sep 10, 2017 3:19 PM

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They destroyed the plot in episode 9 a new anisotropic girl out of nowhere "shounen settings"
zaShunina was calm and collected but they butchered his character traits.
In my opinion after Shindo dropped the star and said my friend to zaShunina the best course would be that hugging zaShunina made him learn that human can evolve by themselves leaving with his cube and reseting his technological gifts.
Sep 18, 2017 6:31 AM
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So Shindou is dead? Very disappointing tbh. First he gets a child with Tsukai then he asks his best friend to lose 15 years of his life to raise that kid in his stead in an isolated space on top of that and at the end he just dies?

What was the point of his "fight" if that wasn't the real plan anyway? Could have just done it the right way and survive to continue living with the people that "he used" for that plan...

I mean the last two episodes were a lot better than expected after the turn of events in ep 9 or 10 (not quite sure anymore when the reveal was) but that end was really annoying.
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Oct 14, 2017 3:17 PM
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Shoutout to Shun Hanamori for taking care of yukika for 16 years, I think shun has the right to call her a daughter, but no... the people who said against. I feel bad for Shun Hanamori. I am surprised that saraka, the being who gained a lot of emotions from this universe, was willing to do something like having a daughter and have her in a place where time travels faster for 16 years.
Nov 3, 2017 12:55 AM
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I'm of the opinion that Shindo is still alive and just in a different form. (The reason being Yukika was able to talk to him.) At the end, the others ask Saraka about the devices that stopped working if it was her. She said it was Yukika's doing and that she had lost her powers. (A lie?) At the very end, if you listen as Saraka walks behind the curtain, there is a sound that seems to me as that she's transposed (transported?) somewhere else. (Probably to be with Shindo and Yukika wherever they have gone to.)
In my point of view, I think that it was their intention to disappear since they still have their powers and Yukika is a higher dimensional being, they would never be left alone.
Dec 16, 2017 11:15 AM

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Woah so Shindo is dead.... 8/10 one of the best anime this year

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Dec 27, 2017 9:32 AM

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Average show indeed, but at least it's kinda interesting.
Anyway, I'm gonna rate this anime a 6 out of 10 score overall.
Haters always gonna hate.
Jan 16, 2018 4:55 AM

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Wow. Hanamori's the real bro.

I thought the ending felt a little forced, and the way it spent half the series building itself up didn't really help.

7/10, it was good enough to watch but definitely not recommending it to anyone anytime soon.
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Oct 13, 2018 4:11 PM

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Baka-man said:
dash5611 said:
So not only did they have a daughter for the sole purpose of being a weapon but trapped her in a prison with just one other person for 16 years. Gon's dad, Goku, yeah they got nothing on these two.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. That's so out of character. They didn't seem like the sociopathic kind till then and bam suddenly they're creating baby weapons and shit, completely disregarding the babies life. And zashunina turned from unemotional to emotional way too fast. Man what a waste of potential.
+1 again I reiterate, I don't get how some people don't see how the series before episode 8 and after episode 8 is totally different, it's like people who refuse to acknowledge Samurai Flamenco is different after episode 9, even though it's totally in your face about it. Yahakui zaShunina is so out of character in the last few episodes I really can't..

Shout out to Yukiko though, the last 5 minute character to save the world from getting destroyed because that's the only plotline Japanese writers can come up with these days.

ep1 = friggin amazing
ep3 = still friggin amazing
ep6 = ok what's next
ep8 = stop it saraka ur preachy
ep9 = wtf zashunina why ur char did a 180
ep10 = wtf is going on why is zashunina suddenly forced to be a villain
ep11 = wtf stop this bs
ep12 = glad it's finally over, such disappointment.

oh yeah and Samurai Flamenco is different after episode 9 but it's still really good in some other way, characters still remain consistent unlike Seikaisuru Kado that just fell off.

edit: I actually do like the use of CG here though, usually CG is very expressionless like in Ajin but here you barely notice it, the animation/movement is more fluid than it was in 2D and characters are capable of having different facial expression unlike the usual 3DCG that I've seen.

the music is also amazing and made the series so much easier to get by in moments where nothing is really happening.
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Apr 10, 2019 10:24 PM

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So where is the waifu scientist now?
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May 1, 2019 1:47 PM

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So Shindo and Zashuina died? Or are they alive in the anisotropic dimension since they said there's multiple versions of you and all. And since humanity is working towards going there, does that mean they will meet again?
Not as bad as people made it seem but still a very disappointing and ambiguous ending to me. There's a few questions that left unanswered

zashunina's character development is really well done and I felt sorry for him but still. Also, poor Hanamori old af and stuck in some empty place for 16 years.
Like how is this a good thing for Hanamori. And if the daughter could destroy zashunina, then why did Shindo have to die? And why is a human-anisotropic mix stronger than a anisotropic? What's the logic behind that?
Why was the entire plot clutched on a character introduced in the final half of the LAST episode?!
Does not feel like a happy ending AT ALL, since both very good characters just died for stupid reasons. And in a series like this, I did not expect any tragic events like this.

I honestly think it would be better without this ending. It would be more interesting with conflicting ideals, between idealism and reality. Progressing humanity for a better future vs destabilizing the world with sudden new technology. And a more clear explanation of what's the danger with humanity going to the anisotropic world are.
There should be more focus on the pros and cons to these anisotropic devices and how humanity should handle it.

The ending was just a battle between illogical idealism which was not how it started out as. The worst part is that Tsukai and Shindo basically decided the fate of humanity without consulting anyone else. Same could be said about zaShunina
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May 5, 2019 10:42 AM
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It doesn't matter that Shindo and zaShunina died.

Because we can't see higher dimensional beings, our definitions of life and death are limited. Tsukai shows us that what we think of as death is NOT the end for anisotropic beings, and is reborn as different animals.

So what happens to people? Wherever Shindou went at the end, Tsukai disappears to be with him.

Finally, Human beings are an infinite singularity of information that zaShunina wants to harvest and consume because in the anisotropic information is a finite resource. You can see why the hybrid girl is so special
Jun 11, 2019 2:09 AM

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Honestly, what the fuck?
Jul 10, 2019 9:19 AM
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i hate that purple hair girl so much. i never hate someone like this in my life. maybe it' sound childish and immature, but that's what my heart said.
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