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Poll: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 12 Discussion

Oct 2, 2017 11:39 AM

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Agree with most people, the beginning caught my attention almost immediately, the moe wasn't overwhelming, the main protagonist has pretty cool design, really digging everything at the beginning and still enjoyed it until the end but they kept repeating the same storyline of either Rumia or Sistine being kidnapped, held hostage and whatnot and it just became really bland. Sistine is adorable when she's not just being an annoyance crying about everything. Rumia is hands down best girl. The protagonist who had a pretty fun personality at the beginning turned into too much of a hero personality, and I don't mean hero as in the kind where he aspired to be, but you know how the typical "cool harem lead" are, things they do are cringy.

Another thing that I like about this is how the author doesn't force the entire harem thing down our throat, the girls actually act normally all the time, and actually feel like they have a life outside of trying to be the main dude's girl.. unlike many other harem out there ahem *saekano* ahem that make me feel like the girls themselves do not have their own life outside of being with the protagonist.

Loved that emotional OST. Could've been much better but I've enjoyed it for what it is. Would love to have a second season.

edit: really subpar voice acting however
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Oct 27, 2017 11:45 AM

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Hah.... I unexpectedly ended up liking this anime despite the super bad first episode. Interested to know the continuation, though unfortunately no English release for the light novel? Oh well...

Edit: The guy above me basically summed up my thoughts quite nicely. Especially the part 'author doesn't force the entire harem thing down our throat, girls actually act normal'. Probably the thing that makes me enjoy this anime.
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Nov 5, 2017 6:29 AM

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it was fun raid 8/10

new lets hope they make another season

vyktar said:
Sisti was cute, this is all that matters.

the last one, the one at right is familial, but cant remember where, also Holo i do recognize from that pic, the one at left is Holo
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Jan 5, 2018 9:53 PM

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Why Guren has to be so perfect ?
Jan 18, 2018 5:44 AM

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And no one cared about Leos-kun... :'(

Would've been interesting if they kept him alive as a rival for Sistine.
A rationale for acting the way he did was him losing his rationality when he dopes himself with a drug to be able to fight against Glenn.
Jan 27, 2018 3:15 AM

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Just going to say people who don't like this anime have shit taste. Seriously. I'm really convinced a quarter to half of the MAL community has sticks up their butts. They need help from Kevin Bacon.

This series has a lot of potential and it is continuing to build upwards. I'm very glad I watched it. It's a lot more innovative than people are giving it credit.

We'll really know the worth of the series when season 2 comes out. I would be willing to bet it will be better than this season, but not in this community. Either it will be great, or it will crash and burn, but even if it is great I doubt many here will be able to tell. Of course, the score speaks for itself. More people love it than hate it. I shouldn't be so harsh. idk I just get really sick of the haters, especially when some of them are officials on the site. MAL should really get people with more objectivity for their news team. But, you know, what can you expect when most real journalists aren't objective whatsoever these days.
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Mar 30, 2018 7:08 AM

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Had potential, but the last arc was pretty shit.
The final fight was pretty lackluster and Sistine got pretty annoying towards the end.

Apr 3, 2018 5:42 AM

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Why did he proceed with the wedding if he had already gotten rid of Leos? Just to ruin poor Sisti's life? That cruel bastard...
Did feel as if the ending was a little rushed though, but good to see Glenn saving the day again, and again with the help of White Cat.
The ending greatly implies there will be a second season, I'm looking forward to it.
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Apr 22, 2018 7:00 PM

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And so Glenn-sensei saves Sistine from her marriage to "Leos" and the two fight together against a common enemy. Boy it got rather gruesome there at the end huh? Casual murder of zombie-esque drug addicts and seeing the real Leos' mangled, decaying corpse. Yeesh. Well uhhhh this was an alright series. Nothing particularly original for the most part, but there were a few cute subversions here and there like Glenn actually getting his ass handed to him by Sistine in their duel early on. It seemed to me like the series was divided into 4 3 episode arcs. Each of which either featured Rumia being kidnapped or threatened to be kidnapped/killed in some way. I probably liked the second arc with her mother best. I was dreading that necklace brainwashing her turning her evil from the moment she put it on, but thankfully it was just a standard instant-death plot device instead so we avoided that garbage. I would have liked a little more time of them bonding together at the end but oh well. Re=L's arc was probably my least favorite. It went too fast from her attempted murder of Glenn and Rumia to everyone just forgiving her no problem. Feh. But from what readers of the source material have said this entire series was very rushed so maybe it's handled better there, who knows? I did grow to like Glenn's relationship with Sistine and Rumia and the rest of the students. I could see myself giving this a generous 7 but I'll keep it at 6 out of 10. I'd probably check out a second season at some point if we ever got it, but don't think we will. Oh, and for what it's worth the best end card easily came from episode 11 which depicted Sistine playing with Rumia's massively big, beautiful tits! Yes I did need to throw that out there thank you very much. XD
May 20, 2018 6:21 PM
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Leos' death is simply lol, nobody even cared about it.

Series has a lot of potential, i'd love to see a second season (with more flashbacks, sara seems to be a lovable character)
7.5/10 imo
Nov 18, 2018 5:08 AM

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A likable enough little series. I’d like a second season, but it’s not looking good.
Feb 12, 3:43 PM

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Started well, but Re=L and last arc sucked big time.Good soundtrack tho, I will give that.

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Mar 17, 8:37 PM
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Well yes ending sucked ass but I still loved the series laughed my ass off so much. Guess no s2 since the ending was so ass
Jun 13, 8:04 AM

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seems white cat and senseis ship is set in stone despite no kiss no confession
Jun 29, 9:43 PM

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God damn open endings.. Would be nice if it wrapped things up better if there wasn't going to be a second season..

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