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Poll: Alice to Zouroku Episode 11 Discussion

Jun 18, 6:53 AM
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This Hatori girl has some guts. She's trying to get out of there by herself even though it seems impossible.

I'm starting to also really like the design of that world as more features are revealed, in particular some parts that has realistic features. Looks like Shizuru, Zourou, and others made their way into that world too.

Glad to see Hatori and Sana understanding each other better.
Jun 18, 6:57 AM

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Quite the trippy visuals Sana, Hattori, Zouroku and Sanae experienced in Wonderland. Shizuku too before the rabbit hole got her. XD Seriously, giant crane games, escalators, monuments of Sana''s life(including the Zouroku forehead kiss) you name it. Nice to see Sana and Hattori have a teary, huggy chat regarding her mother too. So we're close to wrapping this up then, now escape and return home all!
Jun 18, 8:48 AM

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Iiit was kinda predictable but still dissent because...Wonderland I found it veery charming all special memories(like a smartly put little recap),the "acid" vibe in some pieces juust good ep overall.

Right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Jun 18, 8:53 AM

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Wonderland is a weird place. Zouroku and Sanae saw memories Sana had. Shizuku joined them, but she fell in a hole. That was amusing. It's nice to see Sana and Hatori understanding each other better. They have a heartwarming moment. Finale next week. Lets see how they escape and return home.
Jun 18, 8:58 AM

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Events progressed almost entirely as expected this episode, but that is far from a bad thing when it comes to this series. If nothing else, this episode did finally make me care about Hatori, so fair play for that at least.
Jun 18, 9:05 AM

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Sana and Hatori are having some "heart-to-heart" conversation about what they should do if they trapped forever inside the Wonderland. But then comes when Hatori talk about her Mother and the atmosphere became emotional.
Jun 18, 9:14 AM

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Quite similar vibes. (1:06)

Jun 18, 10:00 AM

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Nice episode.

I like how Wonderland is designed based off Sana's memories the crucial events in her life.

Liked the talk between Hattori and Sana. :)
Jun 18, 10:03 AM

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Looks like wonderland itself is the semi sentient and created sana to be its eyes or something.
Sana and hatori having a heartfelt talk and zoruku/sanae keep searching.
Jun 18, 10:15 AM

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Beautiful episode, both the conversation and Wonderland itself. If this wasn't an adaptation, feels like the two arcs should have been reversed. But the alluded ending by the preview is appropriate too.
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Jun 18, 2:14 PM

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A nice episode. Sana confirms that she is a part of Wonderland, or perhaps Wonderland itself.
Jun 18, 2:32 PM

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The moments between the girls were quite sweet to be honest.

Decent episode.

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Jun 18, 3:08 PM

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Beautiful episode, the conversation was so nice. Sana's just too precious
Jun 18, 3:29 PM
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There was SOOO much yuri undertone in this.... love it! :3 hehe
Jun 18, 3:51 PM

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HelpMeFindAnime said:
There was SOOO much yuri undertone in this.... love it! :3 hehe

dude they're like 10 years old LOL

Jun 18, 6:01 PM

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This was a surprisingly (relatively) deep episode that covered (in a decent way) a very complicated topic. It wasn't all that thought provoking or emotional, but it didn't fall on its face or fail. I still consider tackling a tough topic and not failing a massive win. I can pretty much see how next week's episode will turn out already, so unfortunately I don't think the finale will really win me over unless it manages to pull of the most emotional thing I've ever seen.
Jun 18, 6:02 PM

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Glad Hatori and Sana finally made up with each other.
Jun 18, 9:21 PM

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Nice episode.

Sana & Hattori having a nice chat. Wonderland is such a weird, yet wonderful place.

Zouroku & Sanae looking for the two. Wonder where Ichijo went?
1 more ep to go.
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Jun 18, 10:01 PM
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Hatori and Sana had a real heart to heart and it was a very dialog heavy episode overall but it did a great job progressing the last piece of the story forward. I love the time spent in Wonderland and I wish the anime had got to this part sooner and spent more time on this portion. Anyway I'm interested to see how the anime finishes up next week.
Jun 19, 6:57 AM

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Valaskjalf said:
HelpMeFindAnime said:
There was SOOO much yuri undertone in this.... love it! :3 hehe

dude they're like 10 years old LOL

doesn't matter hahaha!
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Jun 19, 7:19 AM

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Visually, this episode was beautiful.

Absolutely loved the conversation between Sana and Hatori. Both girls came to an understanding of the other's circumstances.

Now to wait and see what happens next. Hopefully Sana will help solve Hatori's problems.
Jun 19, 10:14 AM

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This show has become such a drag, only 1 more episode to go.
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Jun 19, 4:51 PM

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Nice episode, liked the design of Wonderland and the conversation between Sana and Hatori, that was cute.
Jun 19, 6:07 PM
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im so bummed that this season is almost over, i hope that it gets a season 2 because it is so great

i love ha-chan as a side character and wonderland is so beautiful wtf

(kinda reminds me of edolas in fairy tail with the floating islands)
Jun 20, 9:45 PM

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Only one episode left. Sad that it's coming to an end.
Yesterday, 9:02 AM

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well the episode had it feels and one to go