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Poll: Granblue Fantasy The Animation Episode 12 Discussion

Jun 18, 2017 10:06 PM
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Wow, talk about rushed. Introduce 10 characters in the 12th episode. :\
Jun 19, 2017 3:34 AM

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Hmm im glad that Gran and the others managed to rescue Lyria from her prison though. But now they have to stop both the empire and Leviathan from destroying Auguste.

This was an excellent episode and i really enjoyed it.
The fight against Leviathan was pretty well done and seeing them introduce so many new characters and allies for this battle was nice though some were better than others. Im glad that in the end Gran and his crew with the support of his new allies were able to stop leviathan and deal with the true controller though. Im also glad that Lyria has now fully recovered from her ordeal and that a new crew member is joining them as well. If this series didn't have 13 episodes i would have thought that this will be the last one as it had that feel to it.

So this will be the showdown between Lyria and Gran's party and Leviathan eh. Using the iron giant to stop Leviathan from killing Eugen though was a great move though. So because Leviathan was trying to use its power to keep the sea clean of the pollutants that the empire was spreading it used up all its energy eh. Hmm im surprised that Eugen actually understood Lyria's plan and was willing to help as well. He must care for Leviathan's well being as well. Im surprised that Eugen commands so much respect among the men in the city though. Hmm it was nice to see Marie and Karva assist Gran's party in getting to leviathan though. Seeing all kinds of characters assist in the fight was pretty fun as well. Gran must have some sort of aura that draws allies to him even one's that he hasn't seen before. Best example being the silver haired swordswoman. Hmm so this episode sure introduced a lot of new characters though but i suppose the fight in the city will draw them in as they all want to protect its people. Seeing them all help and try and clear the path for Gran's party was nice. I hope these characters will play a role in the final fight though as it seems a waste to just have them in one scene though.

Despite their differences its nice to see Rackam and Io trust each other with their backs though. Seeing each of these new characters have fun while battling the monsters and clearing the path was pretty funny. Well Leviathan is a primal beast after all so i would have expected it to be able to switch tactics. Hmm the revelation that leviathan itself was actually being controlled was surprising to say the least. Lyria and Gran's determination to save Leviathan by talking to it sure is strong though but first they have to get rid of the commander first. Hmm the shield that the new swordswoman erected sure was timed pretty well. Hmm she's a knight captain eh. She certainly looks like a knight. Seems that this battle has also drawn in the attention of the knights as well too eh lol. Then again a monster attack on a nation thats actively fighting against the empire would no doubt draw attention from other powers that are so far unaligned. Still for Gran and Lyria and co to have so many allies help them in their push to leviathan he is really lucky. Or maybe its his determination that draws them to him. Hmm Eugen's sure not lacking guts in using himself as bait to allow him to get a clear shot on the commander itself. Hmm Lyria using her new primal beast to not just hold leviathan in place with its roots while also give a path for Gran's charge was a genius move. Since Gran and Lyria share life forces the damage that he takes is also inflicted on her as well. Still never expected Lyria to be burned by the corrosive slime as well though. So because Eugen's daughter was protected by Leviathan for three days after being swept away he actually had a lot of respect for it eh. Thats why he was so keen on Grans plan that would have saved it and the city as well eh. Hmm for the black knight and Lyria's sister to appear now of all times though. There does seem to be a connection between Lyria and that girl though thats for sure. Still i wonder just what is the black knights faction's plan though. Lol after such a hard fought battle there has to be a large celebration party after all. Its perhaps unsurprising that the person that Lyria wants to meet is that girl thats with the black knight.

Its nice that as a result of her travels with everyone and after Gran's words during her rescue that Lyria is no longer scared of her identity anymore. This is the bond of friendship thats not easily broken. And gran now has a new title in the hero that saved the island. Quite appropriate actually. Hmm so Eugen wants to join Grans team as well eh. I wonder is the person that he wants to deal with the black knight. But its nice that we have a veteran joining the crew though. His experience and his gun arm will be pretty useful. Seeing all the new characters have fun with each other after such a hard battle was nice though. Fate really has connected Gran with a lot of allies though.

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Jun 19, 2017 10:38 PM

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That was a pretty good final episode. I say final because the 13th episode basically seems like it'll just be an OVA of sorts but wrapped into the show itself. Even the preview said "extra".

I don't really play the game, have it but only put in like an hour or so, but it was pretty neat to see a big handful of characters from the game make an appearance. I've seen enough fan art to at least recognize them, though the only one I actually know by name is Narumeia (who was by far the best this episode). But the jacked af guy with the fists was badass, the sniper girl, spear girl, cat girl, and cannon girl were all really cool too.

So I'm assuming from those few scenes that The Black Knight is actually Apollo, and that Apollo is Eugen's daughter who was saved by Leviathan. Also going to assume that he knows she's the Black Knight as well. Judging from the first scene when he finds her on the beach and calls her name, then the Lyria clone calls her Apollo, and once Eugen see's her is when he makes the decision to join the crew with the reason of "there's someone I need to deal with, and I see that I cant keep putting it off".

I would definitely like a season 2. This definitely might fall on the more generic side in terms of overall story and content, but the story is still enjoyable and on the more light-hearted side. All of the characters and crew were likeable, and although the art suffered at points, the animation was definitely above average. I would like to see more Rosetta/her join the crew since she has an interesting back story with being on Gran's father's crew as well, and I'd also like to see more of the game characters either make an appearance or join the crew as well.

It depends though, I don't know if this anime was simply to promote the game, or if they had plans to expand the GBF franchise as a whole by adding the anime as another form of media and plan on continuing it, or if they're waiting to see a spike in game downloads/good BD sales/combination of both.
Jun 21, 2017 11:22 PM

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All those cameos *squealing*
Really nice action and pretty good animation, you can tell they allocated a bit more here to make everyone look impressive, I'm certainly tempted to launch the game again.

Djeeta hype hype hype yessssssss. That's all I can say really, I was quite disappointed initially when I realized Djeeta wouldn't be appearing at the beginning of the series, but now I'm happy they decided to give her an ep at least~

katsu044 said:
Real talk though how you gonna show Zeta but not Beatrix at the same time! REEE.

favorite episode yet the scene with yuel and Feather was hype
Yeah I was hoping to see Bea too, I was quite sad when she didn't show.

And yeah Feather and Yuel combo scene was really good, plus that super crisp animation with Feather's attack.
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Jun 22, 2017 1:03 AM

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Why the heck did all of the remaining major characters showed-up on just a single episode?!?
i recognized the hot elf chic with horns and her katana...she's one of those h-doujins huh...i checked her name on's Narmaya
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Jun 22, 2017 2:09 AM
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Rushed episode throwing past characters into it's mix as fast as Leviathan was throwing fish at our heroes. No explanation as to how some of them (not the flying droves of fish, lol) actually ended up there.

That said, I would love to see a spin-off, original series with Karva and Marie as main characters. Their designs as steam-punk chick and petite demon are awesome. They steal every scene they are in and the voice acting behind them is solid. It would be interesting to see how they met and teamed up as dungeon travelers . A more mature series...I suppose. I was gonna drop this show (too episodic and not enough focus on narrative) until they showed up, as I was hoping to see them play a bigger role in achieving Gran and L's goals.

Katalina and Rack deserve some more shipping too. They are both shy but strong. Perfect for each other. Oh well

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Jun 22, 2017 2:39 AM
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While you guys are discussing that, I'm just at the edge of my seat waiting for Episode 13.
Jun 22, 2017 11:13 AM

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was a great episode, full of action with happy end becasue defeat the Leviathan Sea Dragon and joined a new menber in this travel/adventure, that i think that in the next episode is impossible to end!!!!

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Jun 23, 2017 9:25 AM
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Why MAL changed it from 14 to 13 episodes ?! It was support to be 14 !!
Jun 23, 2017 7:54 PM

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Nice episode, even if it did feel a bit rushed!
Jun 25, 2017 1:59 AM

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And the harem grows by infinity....
Jun 25, 2017 5:24 AM

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I don't know why I kept going with this, wait, I know, there was so much potential in Katalina, but no, let's focus on the boring boy and his future girlfriend and then on episode 12 we put a lot of cool people coming from nowhere...
Jun 25, 2017 7:58 AM
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some flashy designs there, too bad game adapt often means short cameos.
Jun 25, 2017 4:38 PM

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So many new characters introduced in this episode.... dam Eugen's daughter is the Black Knight ;0
Jul 1, 2017 11:51 PM

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It just felt like one big ad and they just shoehorned all these characters in.
Jul 2, 2017 9:37 PM

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This is really a very good episode the new character made their cameo appearance took the show.

Im glad to see Zeta's appearance make it all worth watching it

they should at least add a mage char. like Clarisse they are all close combat type and why Sen or Walder didnt appear

but all in all its a good episode
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Jul 5, 2017 10:07 AM

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I feel rushed watching this. so many character suddenly show up, I don't know who they are, since I never played the game.
Jul 7, 2017 8:17 PM
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There is a lot meh about this episode. The last episode end with them leaving the other island No vade to black back to the city were we see Leviathan returning and getting ready to attack, to build tension for the next episode. Tis just opened up with them there and the city half destroyed with no emotional build up. Very poorly handled on the director’s part.

I almost dumfounded by the pacing of Most of this series. As been taking its sweet sweet time, with random island hoping. Now we get everyone and their Mother! I've never played the game, so I'm guessing this is part of the game's story that was awkward to adapt? But I find it hard to believe the episodes were we meet Rackam couldn’t be condensed to one, with nothing lost?
Don’t get me wrong, I miss anime is not scared to pace itself moderate3ly and unrushed. Like the shows I watched as a kid, even if it had the opposite problem. (once you go Kai, you never go back.)

Another problem I have is they have the giant sea serpent Leviathan and he just floats their send water fish to attack people and that’s it. Pretty underwhelming but I still had some enjoyment out of it.
I think it honest my low expectations, as I really wanted to like this. But this anime has been weak as hell. As such I managed to get some entertain out of this but not much.

I doubt they going to finish everything up in the next episode and don’t think this popular enough to get a second season, time will tell.
Jul 7, 2017 10:09 PM
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FT_anime_fan said:

don’t think this popular enough to get a second season

15M Downloads isn't popular enough for you? (though I don't really know how much of those are re-rolls) Also, this is Cygames we're talking about here. Popularity is supplemented by the amount of cash the whales would be willing to spend and are already spending). Easy funding for a second season.
Jul 7, 2017 11:33 PM
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UltimusInfinitum said:
FT_anime_fan said:

don’t think this popular enough to get a second season

15M Downloads isn't popular enough for you? (though I don't really know how much of those are re-rolls) Also, this is Cygames we're talking about here. Popularity is supplemented by the amount of cash the whales would be willing to spend and are already spending). Easy funding for a second season.

I don't doubt the game popular it got anime after all, ever if it was done by A1 pictures. The cheap money grabber of anime studios, who seemingly pick up any product that comes their way. (Can you tell I’m not their biggest fan.)

The animation on this is far better than it had the right to been. I hope the animators go on to better project, with a studio that a studio that treats their animators like they’re not interchangeable disposable tools.

… What was original point I was going for again? Oh yeah, the game is likely good. But this, this is a snore.
Jul 8, 2017 4:39 PM
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FT_anime_fan said:

I don't doubt the game popular it got anime after all, ever if it was done by A1 pictures. The cheap money grabber of anime studios, who seemingly pick up any product that comes their way. (Can you tell I’m not their biggest fan.)

The animation on this is far better than it had the right to been. I hope the animators go on to better project, with a studio that a studio that treats their animators like they’re not interchangeable disposable tools.

I get your skepticism on A-1. They don't exactly have a consistent record when it comes to output.

FT_anime_fan said:

But this, this is a snore.

They did reorder some of the events (Rosetta appeared early, Leviathan showdown and Lumacie were done differently), but still, more than half of it is still consistent with the game's story. So, on that premise, how can you say that this has no potential whatsoever, if you haven't even seen the rest of the story yet? This series adaptation doesn't even finish 25% of the total current story content (If it did, then I would've gotten a free light sword and dark claw). It seems to me that you're judging the plot of the series itself. Of course the initial battles would be boring. The ones covered are actually four out of six of the primary bosses that a player needs to beat to make decent progress in their own power creep, and those are the easiest ones to do. The story gets better and more intense during the middle half (not sure about the latter half, since the whole story is still ongoing: it hasn't ended yet). More plot points and questions are answered during that half.

In short, this is a good project. The problem with it is that their span doesn't even cover the good parts, and the only question answered is the identity of the Black Knight (by the way, that question is supposed to be answered in the middle part of the story). 1-cour can't actually summarize 62 chapters worth of storyline (GBF Part I: Introduction - Akasha). If they move on to some other project, that's fine. Most likely Cygames can find a better studio to adapt the latter part of the story. The BD/DVD sales speak for themselves (but I don't know how much of that is actually for the Dark Katalina included, though).
Jul 12, 2017 11:19 AM

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So many badass characters in this episode.
Why didn't they show them before.
This episode was great :)
Btw Black Knight is Eugen's daughter since Doll called her by the name of Apollo (and I don't think it's a coincidence that Eugen's daughter's name is also Apollo)
I wonder why Apollo became a bad person

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Jul 23, 2017 9:40 PM

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So much new characters introduced, and each of them with a unique ability.
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Aug 3, 2017 3:51 PM

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All these new side characters all seem really cool and have awesome abilities/ weapons! This was a great, energetic episode!

And oh shit, the Black Knight is Eugen's daughter!! wtf, how did that happen!?
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Oct 3, 2017 4:52 PM

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The fan service was a bit much. Nothing breaks the tension quite like introducing 20 new overpowered characters.
Oct 6, 2017 1:39 AM

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ok seriously who the fuck are all these colorful characters that appeared out of the woodwork in this episode?! their distinctive character designs make me feel i should know them but i'm pretty sure that's the first they have appeared on scrren. did i miss an OVA or something?

FUCK YEAH! I knew the Black Knight was a girl!!! though her being the daughter of the latest recruit came as a surprise. real shame that the anime is ending, since with a few more twists like this and their consequences affecting the story i feel it could have risen above the mediocrity that plagued its run.
Apr 4, 3:59 PM

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Season 2 with the Black Knight should improve the story, I think >>
(At least, I like the main story better when they get more involved.)
Jun 3, 6:36 PM

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Loved the episode. Definitely the beste one so far for me. All these new characters who appeared looked so awesome and were pretty strong. I hope we will see more of them in the second season.

The Black Knight looks interesting. I wonder if Lyria can find out more about herself if she can talk with the girl besides the Black Knight.
Jun 4, 10:27 AM
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What a garbage anime,only GBF players would had liked this. It's like a very watered down shonen fantasy anime written for kids.
Aug 25, 7:46 AM

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Yoo this was epic
I mean it's pretty left open by bringing in so many characters and showing so much stuff in such a short time but it's gotten me really hyped!
Time to actually research what kind of game Granblue Fantasy is and who those character were.. But first comes ep 13 I guess

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Oct 17, 5:42 AM

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Wow! The final episode was really exciting: I didn't expect so many new characters, it was hard to follow the narration and observe them. The action was not bad, quite involving the battle, now I can start the second season without problems. Overall this anime series, while not a masterpiece, is as beautiful as a story, but much more as a work of fantasy. I can't wait to find out more about the new characters.

My vote, now, is 7/10.
Nov 1, 4:49 PM

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Where did all these people come from?
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