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Jun 16, 2017 10:04 AM
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i love 3 of the 4 wonders a lot and are some of the best made tsunderes ever people can talk crap about shana taiga and nagi but there wrong there well made characters louise HOWEVER is another story i mean SHE WHIPS SAITO makes him eat hey abuses him untill he passes out has blood or bruises she never hears his side of the story shots magic at him if he talks to other girls and gets upset when he hangs out with his friends WHY WOULD ANYONE LIKE HER please tell me why you like this cunt ilouise gives tsunderes a bad name and shes the reason why people hate them i can understand why people like shana taiga nagi and tsunderes but not louise louise is the 2 worst character ever made whats worse is she never changes and if you people think its funny when she abuses him what if a guy hits the girl then you would not think its funny and before you say saito needs the abuse hes a teen boy there sex crazy it does not mean he shoud get whipped and her backstory does not make up for her abuse i love classic tsunderes modern tsunderes are shit