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Jun 4, 2017 7:22 PM

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I'm a bit confused because there are so many anime series listed as PG-13 that I think are safe for kids/family to watch which would probably be rated G or PG if they were in movie theaters (or E if they were video games)...
So is the rating of anime being PG-13 more of "It's more teen-oriented target audience" or "only teens would understand high school life", rather than it having some mild violence/somewhat sexual themes/fanservice, making it inappropriate for children?

Shouldn't PG stand for "Parental Guidance" rather than "Children"?

Also what would you say is the line for violence being either PG-13 or R? I noticed Full Metal Alchemist which can be really graphic and bloody is rated as PG-13, but season 2 of Magi which doesn't really have bloody gorey scenes (or not that I remember?) is rated as R-17+.

Just want to be sure before I go and report the rating change, because I already reported rating changes to some other anime before and don't want to be accused of falsely reporting the rating errors.

Before this, for example, I was reporting to change King of Prism movies from "PG - Children" to "R+" due to the nudity/sexual themes that would be in ecchi anime.
Jun 4, 2017 8:17 PM
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This image helps clarify the differences between age ratings:

Or better yet...

Jun 4, 2017 8:26 PM

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That doesn't really answer my questions clearly, though. I mean I thought of it as the first image, but are you saying that it's not supposed to be like that for this site, or...?