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Jun 4, 2017 7:56 AM

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To me the people in the ship are asleep and they sent people from time to time to see f it is ok to wake up. But something goes wrong. The man who goes to reality wants to wake them up but they were asleep for so long they got used to it. And the refuse to. In last attempt he tries to wake up the girl he loves. The egg symbolizes the dream. And breaking the egg the desire to wake up. So the man tries and tries to wake her up but fails. He even loses himself in her dream for some time and forgets why he is there and what he is meant to do. In the end he tries to wake her p by force. And he almost succeeds. Her seeing the older real version of herself is her seeing the exit from the dream world. But she does not exit choosing to stay as you can see by the many dream eggs she creates. The man looks at her sleeping with sadness. He is so tired , he wishes he could complete his task and get so sleep but he cannot. So tired...