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Jun 2, 2017 10:38 AM
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now personally I'm not a fan of rei but recently it came to my mind what is the history of takashi and rei?.now I'm very sure after doing some analysis Rei is and was always in love with takashi even while she was dating hisashi

here is why i think this is the case let me start chronologically
takashi and rei meet in kindergarten have had feelings for each ever since which only continued to grow as time passed. Now apparently takashi wasn’t giving rei any attention and was ignoring her. This has been mentioned in anime and rei felt ignored and she also had been held back a year
she started dated hisashi because he was “interested”.i believe this was a ploy to gain takashi attention and get him to make a move and to start to give her some attention while at the same hisashi was type who gave her attention listened to her worries or nagging.rei told takashi that she liked him but he was ignoring her.she started dating his best friend and got his attention but she still loved him.rei didn’t actually like hisashi she was only dating him for the attention she needed.
Shortly after they started dating the outbreak happened and hisashi thing to note is that they both had known hisashi for many years while takashi and rei knew each other since he was good friend of course who his death did cause her to be shocked even if she didn’t feel what she felt for exactly after hisashi died she got on the takashi train. She was flirting with him and being jealous of the others girls and kissed him. On the second day she proclaimed her love for him completely. On the first day she showed portrayed her affections in physical actions and on the second in words.further it was proven her feelings are genuine and now just a matter of holding her shit together

If she truly felt something for hisashi she wouldn’t have been so quick to jump on takashi because when one has true feelings for a lover it takes time mourn over them and be ready to move on and because of the apocalypse takashi and rei’s previous issues were handled in a way.this is the greatest reason I believe their relationship was false.the second reason is if you remember the shots we saw of hisashi and rei infront of the takashi she acted in a way to get his attention and make jealous like basically it looked fake.
She also choose to date his best friend knowing it would hurt takashi much more because of that.on to my third you guys remember when takashi slapped rei and hisashi didn’t say anything his reaction was like “oh shit” or something. Apart from being corned about the situation hisashi didn’t seem to interfere with how takashi treated rei.hisahi was takashi best friend that isn’t a title that comes easily he knows takashi history with rei now why would he just suddenly interfere. I believe either hisashi understood reis true feelings or rei told hisashi to do this so that their takashi would “learn”
I believe even if hisashi was alive she would have decided to be takashi because she only loved takashi.this is the best I can make sense of their history without being biased.i think the writer just wanted to create this kind of situation.there never a point in the manga or anime where specifically talked In full detail only specific points and details.
Though I wonder the most why the fuck did takashi ignore rei.he knew she loved him and rei knew he loved her so why fuck with all this drama.what reason could takashi have to you know like not do anything and totally ignore rei.maybe just inconsistent writing