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Poll: NHK ni Youkoso! Episode 23 Discussion

Nov 16, 2017 6:45 AM

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I feel like I would have reacted the same way to Misaki's quiz. "It was, uh, that guy...yeah, I was about to say that!"

"I'm going someplace far away." Oh noooo Misaki I feel like that's a metaphor for something. Don't do it.

"I found the perfect candidate...someone even more worthless than me." Why is that so harsh yet so sweet coming from Misaki's mouth?

Why is Sato so mean to Misaki? She's literally a walking fantasy; an adorable, judgment-free girl who wants nothing but his company.

"That's why the Internet is full of people insulting one another anonymously." Wow, they found the MAL forums?

Really...Yamazaki was like "lol I'm not actually gonna send you any cheese because it's a pain in the ass, get rekt starving NEET"? Worst friend 0/10

Sato broke his hikikomori ways in the same way that girl's brother almost starving to death. Unfortunately, he got a boring-ass terrible crossing guard job.

"Apparently, she collapsed in the bathroom." I feel like Misaki didn't just collapse. Overdose? Slitting her wrists?

"Would you just please be a friend to my Misaki?" Ohhhh, too bad he screwed that up.
"No, son, you may not have your body pillow at the dinner table!"
Aug 23, 2018 5:34 PM

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I think Misaki clearly has her own set of problems. And she is very selfish to use Satou to find a reason to live and depend on, as is Satou trying to thrive off other people to maintain his hikikomori lifestyle.

I think Satou was right to reject her? Because getting in a relationship with someone that only pities you at first is a pretty awful beginning. Neither of them deserve that.
Sep 13, 2018 4:56 AM

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I guess the message made sense, as it also worked for the other girl's brother. And I am okay with that kind of message. But I absolutely despise Misaki as a character and as a person, so this finale makes me feel nothing... Sato's situation got solved too quick as well, if you think about it he was still the same old idiot that he started out as a few episodes ago. Falling for obvious pyramid schemes, still being delusional about his relationship with senpai etc.

All in all this series could have easily been a 9/10, as it was so relatable and well-crafted in parts. But everything from the suicide arc onwards ruined it for me. I will still give it a 6/10 because it was worth to suffer through those awful parts. But I am fully prepared to give this series the middle finger after the finale. I sincerely hope Misaki dies and Sato is happy without her.
Nov 12, 2018 4:02 PM

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I absolutely love how Satou was shocked after hearing that his father has to be hospitalized, so he won't get money from his parents anymore. Oh yeah, his father might be dying, and his mother might be in pieces because of that, but who cares about that shit, he'll have to do something with his life, noooo!

xD It's like I can't even hate him any more than I already do.

I do feel bad for Misaki though, she's gone through too much already.
Apr 30, 9:10 AM
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Pleasantly surprised. So far, the absolute BEST episode of the series. I'm really really grateful that they didn't disappoint us in this 23rd episode. A lot of emotions felt here. And finally, surprisingly, we get to know A LOT about Misaki. Happy that they managed to give us her story so late in the show.

I had a feeling something was up from the beginning. She was suddenly too happy while doing the quiz thing, famous last words, talking about the promontory which has become a spot where people commit suicide, asking rhetorically whether grated yams on New Year are good. It was supported further by the new contract she wrote. From a regular perspective, yeah, it was awkward and creepy. But if you see it from the perspective of someone who's observed her and knows her (us, as the viewer), it makes sense. As her uncle would later say, she's socially inept. That means she's not the best at interacting with people, and the way she expressed her feelings and thoughts was through that contract. It might seem that she looks down on him, and probably she does, but at the same time that's because she is insecure about herself (the bit in Satou's room was really deep and right, how people lower others to feel better about themselves).

But Misaki's true desires are seen here. She wants someone to love her, to need her, to be there for and with her. It's not purely because she sees him as someone lower who she can feel better about herself around. She WANTS him in her life, even if she can't express it in a better way.

I felt sad when Misaki's backstory was finally revealed. Her biological father dying, her step-father beating her mother and her up constantly, her mother committing suicide, her being left alone with her evil step-father. These things really destroy someone's life. I understand now why she's done what she's done and why she's said what she's said. She's broken, really really broken. She is far more broken than Satou ever was. The violence from her step-father traumatised her, seeing him beating up her mother and beating up her. And then her mother committed suicide, which made it worse. I'd think she thought, did her mother really love her as her daughter if she killed herself and left her alone with her step-father, causing her even more pain and suffering? Growing up, she didn't feel any love or affection. No one seemed to love her, no one seemed to care for her, no one seemed to need her. There seemed like no reason for her existence.

Not sure what caused her sudden collapse. But I almost knew she was going to her hometown to kill herself (the conversation with Satou in the beginning). As some in this discussion have pointed out, Satou decided right. It was good for both him and her, not to have accepted her then and there with that contract. Why would anyone accept such a thing where clearly you are being looked down upon? Even if he had accepted for the sake of Misaki, it would not have helped her either. She would have leaned on him like a crutch and wouldn't be able to live. She would still be broken, not learning or becoming someone better at all. How he HANDLED it was horrible. He rejected her harshly and didn't even give her a clear reason, even when she screamed that she was lonely, basically admitting completely that truly it is her who needs him, more than he needs her (probably).

Good on Satou to get a job and leave his hikikomori/NEET life. It's really plausible that when faced with death, that's when Satou finally forces himself to find a job to earn money. But his words explained why it doesn't work on everyone. If you are not ready to die, then you will work. But not all hikikomori aren't ready to die, some are. It might not work on them. Thankfully, it worked on Satou.

That was a really intense episode, and made watching all the 22 episodes before it worthwhile. I'm really sad that it's coming to an end now. I don't want it to ever end. Finally feels this anime has really become what it has been all along.

Now, Satou, save her. Save Misaki.
May 17, 7:27 PM
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Satou finally realises how lucky he is up until now being a NEET. Without his daily necessities, he has no choice but to work. At least he didn't commit suicide this time.

I hope he took the Nozomi shinkansen instead of Kodama to catch up Misaki.

Last episode. This is getting intense!
May 22, 7:52 PM
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So finally all the pieces of "the Misaki PUZZLE" fall into place, but can Satou get there in time to save her? Judging by the message Misaki left, she wants to be saved by Satou.
On one hand, Satou saving Misaki is a perfect ending, they come together and live happily ever after. But on the other hand, being as original as it is, I wouldn't like to see the story take the obvious route. I prefer to see Satou not making it and watching from a distance as Misaki throws herself off that cliff. And then he can truly despair but keep on living with the guilt, because he doesn't have the guts to follow suit.
Nov 1, 4:26 AM
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Obviously, Misaki has problems as well. But I think she drew up that contract with good intentions, albeit very desperate sounding.

Having an original ending isn't about the outcome being good or bad, it's about how it's executed. We'll see.
Nov 18, 11:33 AM
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Misaki’s contract really hit me. She didn’t know how to express herself. She just wanted to feel loved.

And yes, Sato handled it poorly. Of course you don’t sign a contract like that. It’s just weird. Should’ve torn it up in front of her. She just needs a friend. A hug couldn’t have hurt? But it was nice to see Sato back on his feet, and dealing with reality.

So glad i continued this series from way back when i started it. This episode made it all the way worth it.
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