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May 11, 2017 1:59 PM
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Being someone who is relatively new to the genre of Mahou Shoujo I spend a good amount of time looking for more series to watch. I've only seen to completion Cardcaptor Sakura (best magical girl series, and it'll be hard to change that imo), Madoka, and a couple seasons of Prisma Illya, but I'm currently watching three more: Heartcatch Precure, Sailor Moon, and Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo.

The last of which brings me to the point of this post. Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo is a mahou shoujo anime from 2009 which combines the genre with the style/genre of detective fiction and has tons of other interesting elements added in such as evolutions as you may see within a series more like digimon or pokemon. It has really solid and consistent quality, great character designs, solid integration of story and straddles between simple episodic slice of life and having a background real plot developing. Yet, despite all this, and the fact that I've enjoyed the whole series thus far (23 eps in to the 50 total), I've never seen anyone else bring it up.

As such, I am wondering if anyone else who is here knows some obscure, overlooked, or underrated Mahou Shoujo anime which they think should be brought more to light. I know this won't get too much attention as this group is relatively dead, but I thought it was possible that people here might know some interesting series that I've not heard of (though I've spent a lot of time looking to find series, so I've heard of a good few).
Jun 9, 2017 7:50 AM
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Some I enjoyed are Kamichama karin, mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody, and Im sure there is many more that I cant think of off the top of my head. Sorry
Jun 16, 7:34 PM
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I think that Tweeny Witches should be brought more to light because it was fun to watch.