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Poll: Romance Godan Katsuyou Chapter 4 Discussion

May 6, 2017 9:24 PM

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I applaud Mugiko for her courage to literally stand up and leave! She knows there is no reason for her to stay in Yuuzaburou's home, to pay off the house he offered the Ichimuras, and knows she wants to be with her parents no matter what! It's nice to see a proactive female protagonist, instead of a passive one. I also agree with Mugiko, when she said her grandfather "just has money, and that's all!" Sometimes, those with money are raised to see the extrinsic (commonly, material) value in things, not their intrinsic value... :c

OMG. Poor Mugiko. She couldn't leave through her bedroom door, due to the bodyguards... I applaud her for tying her curtain to her balcony and climbing down, but it's too bad she was still spotted... <.< The security system is way too good.... LOL at "It's like I'm escaping from a prison!" XD

LOL!! It was funny to see how flustered the guards were, when they thought they found Mugiko and instantly turned around, since it looked like Yoshiki was making out with someone. It was cool of Yoshiki to whisper, "Hug me tightly." <3

I love that Yoshiki said this too casually -> "I've already grown up now. Of course I have one or two girlfriends. Sometimes, I date at night too. But, I would hope that people wouldn't bother us." :P And then he instantly lets go of Mugiko once they're gone, with his hands out like 'Hey, I didn't do anything.' This is so different from the drama adaption...

Politely giving Yoshiki back his coat... :) I like Mugiko's character.

Yoshiki is intelligent - Yuuzaburou would bring Mugiko back even if she does escape successfully, and he definitely has the power to close the airport. Yoshiki did have a point: Mugiko's only hope of leaving the Shidou family is to pay off the house in five years. But that could be difficult, considering that Mugiko still has school to attend... Juggling your studies and a part-time job isn't always so easy...

Yoshiki is such a troll. -_________- He randomly hugged Mugiko and said, "Please stay here. I need you, Mugiko." <-- Mixed signals for sure. He instantly became playful when he laughed; calling Mugiko a kid, saying he's not interested in her, and that "We will be living together for five years, let's take care of each other, Mugiko-sama. <3"

Yay! A new character! I look forward to meeting Shuhei. LOL, he called Yoshiki old-fashion since he didn't start anything with Mugiko. xD I guess, Yoshiki was only the hero who saved the princess. And yet, Shuhei casually admitted, "Hehehe <3 I do" to liking Mugiko. :P

Hmm... it's interesting that Yuuzaburou only told Yoshiki that he intends to have one of the four masters marry Mugiko. Doesn't it make sense to tell all four of them, since they equally have the right to marry Mugiko and take care of the Shidou family's business? Perhaps, Shuhei was lucky to eavesdrop and learn of it... Or else, Yoshiki may not have told him. Since Yoshiki is the favourite master out of the four, he has the likeliest chance of marrying Mugiko.

Why doesn't Yoshiki want Ayahito and Wataru to know hat they're Mugiko's groom candidates? Although Yoshiki said Shuhei would not want more rivals, it's not like that's also Yoshiki's focus... .______. Why is he trying to keep it a secret??
I'm not sure how genuine Yoshiki was when he told Shuhei, "I think you would look good with Mugiko. I will help you two out." <-- Oh? Yoshiki could have introduced Shuhei and Mugiko to each other earlier...

Yoshiki seemed happy to say that, he thinks Mugiko hates him - probably because he teases her too much. .______. Hmm...

Wow! XD It's entertaining and so very different... Mugiko with her hair in a bun and an elegant dress... Now she gives off the vibe, of the richest man in Japan's granddaughter.

Yikes...I wonder, how does it feel to have people watch you behind trees and bushes? I guess Yuuzaburou wants to be extra careful, even though Mugiko already decided not to run away... I like that Mugiko is thinking really hard about how to pay off 5 million yen in five years, but she really does seem to be at a dead-end ._____. - She can't ask the Ichimuras for money, and she's only in middle school, so no one would want to hire her right now... Would her next option be, to make rich friends and have them give her money??

I counted the last panel on page 20... There are 21 bodyguards watching Mugiko. OMG ._______. It's good that Mugiko learned she has to be cleverer, if she wants to win against Yuuzaburou.

Ah, Mugiko cooking fried rice... I guess she really ran out of options, so her only choice is to get money from her grandpa. But making him pay for meals she's cooked... The intrinsic value is taken away. :/ On the bright side, it could be a good thing that Mugiko is helping the house look cleaner, instead of sitting on her bum. But oh well...that option didn't work either. It's good that Yuuzaburou gave Mugiko a credit card, so it's not like she needs to worry about her spendings now.

Mugiko gets to bathe in a big bathtub, and there's even someone to help wash her back? :P omg... Maybe she's already starting to develop feelings for Yoshiki, since she pictured him having someone to wash his back.

Money aside, it's good that Mugiko is considering her surroundings. This is the first time she wondered about her other three cousins, whom she hasn't been formally introduced to yet... Shuhei's "That's why I cam here" and "Hi" on Mugiko's balcony is both creepy and charming, lol!! XD I would scream from the lack of privacy, but be amazed by his awesome timing!

-_____________- I would instantly be turned off by Shuhei, if I were Mugiko... The first topic that came from his mouth was about breasts -> "Hmmm, your breasts, they're barely an 'A' cup. Ah, never mind. It's not only breasts that I look for in a girl. <3" <_____< It seems like Mugiko had towels wrapped around her, or she was wearing her bathrobe... Shuhei could have at least waited for Mugiko to change. :/

Mugiko: "Wait! This is the second floor!! How did you get in!?" <-- My question too.
Shuhei: "Don't worry about that. Allow me to introduce myself. <3" <-- Has he done this before? ._____. He's trying to change the subject, which makes him seem even more suspicious...

OMG. WHAT?! SHUHEI IS ONLY 14?! I would guess that he's at least in high school, since he seemed so cool. >_______< And what is he doing, stripping during their first meeting?! Yes, we get that your body is still developing - no need to strip!! He's only in grade 8, which makes Mugiko in grade 9...and Yoshiki is in grade 11. These people are just so young, I just realized that ._____.

"I really liked you. In fact, I've already fallen in love with you. <3" <-- How, Shuhei, HOW?! >______< And then Shuhei is sitting on Mugiko's bed... ._____. Is he fully naked?

LOL, that was an interesting cliffhanger! A lot of things happened in one chapter :P
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