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May 6, 8:12 AM
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I need to know what happens after the end of the movie, where should I start reading in the manga, PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW
May 6, 9:14 AM

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Isn't that the end of it? Like in the anime.
May 6, 9:19 AM

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It was an anime original, the manga adapts the anime, not the other way around.
May 9, 1:59 PM
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Nov 17, 11:49 PM
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_Ako_ said:
Isn't that the end of it? Like in the anime.

can you explain ending of the movie, please? I somehow not sure of understanding. What happened to Takaki and Akari at the end? Why Akari with another Guy? Why in Epsiode 2, Takaki didn't recognize Akri in his dream? Thank you