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Apr 30, 2017 3:33 PM

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Well, I guess everybody watching it, is wondering: what would happen if "interracial" children are born? If I understood correctly an experiment with gravity as an energy source went wrong and gravity was reversed and in the end the Aiga people with the totalitarian state were the real inverted ones. They could only live "normal" because another sphere was created. But not that it matters.

What I want to know is, what happens to Patema's and Eji's child? Will it be born with the "correct" gravitation, so Patema's gravitation, can it also happen to inherit Eji's gravitation or will it be mixed? So the children will get the ability to switch? Or just random and the "curse" will never end? So to prevent this, you basically have to forbide "reveresed people" to have kids, so that humans can live normal again. It actually may be enough plot for a sequel. :)
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May 21, 2018 12:58 AM
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I think the child would end up with the gravity of the mother. This isn't based off of any extra knowledge, it's just a hunch.
Jan 26, 5:01 PM

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Any children of an inverted and non-inverted couple would have the gravity of the mother.

This is because the inversion affects individual molecules, and the molecules used to build a foetus come from the mother's body, so the foetus/child will be built with molecules from the mother's orientation.

Suppose Eji (male invert) and Patema (female non-invert) had a child. An inverted sperm would fertilize a non-inverted egg, but the sperm's orientation doesn't matter inside the egg cell since it's floating in a fluid anyway. When the fertilized egg divides, the second cell will be built with molecules from the mother (non-inverted molecules in this case), as would all the child's other cells. The child would end up non-inverted.

There would be no adverse health effects, besides having one parent upside down.
Mar 30, 11:29 PM
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If only there was a continuation