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Apr 26, 2017 2:19 PM
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I am reading volume 10 of the light novels, and at the end of chapter 1 Lagh Piasy makes a joke to Lawrence to the effect of "dont bother changing your currency to the local stuff." Then Lawrence describes this as a joke only merchants would get.

What was the joke? I get that this is irrelevant to the story but its driving me crazy- is the joke that Lagh is making an attempt at trying to trip Lawrence up (changing your currency into the local stuff is always the first thing you do), or is the joke that the Ruvik alliance basically owns the monastery already and therefore basically not "local" or part of Winfiel.

Some serious autism level fixation here I know but I hate not being in on this stuff and feeling stupid :( I guess Im "not cut to be a merchant" as Eve would say