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Poll: 3-gatsu no Lion Episode 22 Discussion

Apr 5, 2017 1:43 AM

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Bakazuki said:
Shingster said:

So Rei had to repeat a year in the end eh too bad.

Again, people, he didn't. He managed to pass the previous year. Having to repeat a year is just the only logical reason his new classmates are able to think of as to why someone a year older than them would be sharing a class with them. By Rei's own request, almost no one at his school knows anything about him unless they put in the effort to research him themselves.

Rei's still just one year behind due to the year-long break he took right after becoming a professional.

I see
Thanks for the explanation
Still he still has to catch up with a lot of his schoolwork though while managing his career. Now that will be hard
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Apr 5, 2017 5:54 PM

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Mich666 said:
Meh, pretty underwhelming episode for an ending.
Realisticly speaking whole this episode would be ten times better as half-point between the cours.

We may have got some kind of developement finally but Rei is still pretty much drowning in his self-loathing when he could even try to make his first step alone (but nope, he's just being pushed by others all the time and that didn't change). I really hate characters like these who does nothing for sake of their future (it's ok if he was like this at the beginning but he had plenty of time to change it).

All in all, this had kinda interesting (but still flawed) start but it gradualy turned into drag.
Whole show doesn't work as slice-of-life, it doesn't work as comedy either and there are too few of those heartwarming scenes with sisters. Nor there are any valuable life-lesssons, just repetition of the same theme, the same concept all over again, one step forward, two steps back.
It's sad but even those interesting elements that I liked (sisters, Kyouko etc.) were awfully scarce.

5/10 Pretty forgetable anime, in the end it didn't leave any real impact. I guess meh is the right word for it. Now move on.

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Apr 6, 2017 2:40 PM

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A really wonderful ending I must say, just loved that ending with the galaxy express taking them to a new path to experiance in his life!

This series sure amazed me from start till end, it had amazing characters, with great character and story development!

Quite loved watching this and I really would love to see more to this, but as a whole I do think this last episode was a good closure to everything.

So all in all a great watch!
Apr 7, 2017 5:45 AM

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enjoyed it, it was slow at times though

Apr 7, 2017 4:26 PM

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I want this anime to have a second season!

I took this anime slow and I enjoyed it alot. From every scene with Momo in it, I just thought It was the cutest thing ever!

I watched this because I'm interested In shogi but It turned out to be a pretty good story behind a boy also.

I'm still happy that they kept pretty much everything about Shogi though, they never strayed away and that's good. Looking forward to episode 2.

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Apr 9, 2017 1:56 PM

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awesome anime, enjoyed all of the episodes.

the teacher is amazing btw, loved that character

by how that ended, i'm assuming there's going to be a season 2? i really want to learn more about that Souya guy, just wish he was younger so he would truly be a rival for Kiriyama. if there's a season 2 i would love it to be more focused on the shogi aspect, kinda like Chihayafuru
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Apr 9, 2017 2:55 PM

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@owlpoop Season 2 is confirmed to start in about 6 months; hopefully working as good as in Chihayafuru's case, lol
Apr 9, 2017 6:29 PM

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Lordwen said:
@owlpoop Season 2 is confirmed to start in about 6 months; hopefully working as good as in Chihayafuru's case, lol

heyyyy! didn't expect to see you here haha. nice, can't wait for the second season. i've been really craving for another "sports" anime that's as good as Chihayafuru so i would love there to be more Souya vs Rei sorta thing
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May 6, 2017 9:13 PM

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This was an excellent series, much better as time went on, though I feel that the ending came too soon, and that more matches could have been played, like in some of the better sports anime I've seen. But what stood out with this show was the introspection of the characters. They seemed more human than typical characters in a series. So much focus on state of mind and the history of the characters made it a fascinating expose into the mind of Shogi players. One of the better anime out there. Looking forward to a second season.
May 7, 2017 11:17 AM

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Well that was okay. I usually avoid SOL anime as I find them tedious, boring and slow-paced but I guess this was a little better than most since I didn't spend a lot of time skipping useless scenes. I would've preferred if had regular chess rather then some complicated Japanese version of chess because it's easier to follow. And honestly they should rename the show to "Shogi is Love, Shogi is Life" LOL.

The story is melodramatic and bland but watchable overall. Many times I felt like there were a lot of stupid sound effects and meaningless discussions about food, weather, shogi strategies etc. seriously who cares? It could've been avoided but since this is SOL I expected it.

I also find it hard to relate to or empathise with Rei's character. The writer uses a common formula of victim mentality to make us feel empathetic towards the MC even when 99% of the problems surrounding him were his own doing. Furthermore, Rei doesn't even try genuinely to resolve his problems rather he uses shogi to justify them and this aspect came out quite precisely in this episode. The sisters do make some difference in his development but they don't even have enough screen time. Especially Momo-chan, I just love her character.

May 24, 2017 8:51 PM

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Lots of different scenarios that were just teased to the viewer but never really explored beyond being mentioned. Like him being dumped off at the bar and abandoned, I was kinda expecting them to explain how he got there, not just show he was abandoned and that's that, was kinda hoping to see more of how his time when he was a gutter dog went and how Akira and the sisters started piecing him back together, considering the theme of family was pretty relevant in the beginning.

The flashbacks to Kyouko in the bedroom....kinda surprised and very disappointed that while their relationship was explored, that specific scene/incident kinda just dropped off the map leaving you believing in your quite obvious educated guess.

Lots of filler material of random scenes and scenarios, which was okay at the start, but continued the entire show and got a little off putting.

Overall not a terrible watch, but not the greatest either.

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May 26, 2017 6:07 PM

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I agree with several others here that the first half of the series was strong, but the Lion King arc dragged like a bia, especially as someone who didn't understand shogi. During the first cour, I had the score at 8, then I had it at 7 until this episode redeemed it.
Despite the lack of the sisters, I think this was my favorite episode and a superb finale. Seeing Kiriyama's face light up with the building of the club, wanting to sit next to him on the bus or at least give him a hug, the "lifeline" ticket, and the ending with Bump of Chicken. The OST during this episode seemed more fire than usual, and when the first notes of Fighter came on I couldn't help but smile and fistpump.
8/10, can't wait for S2!

Jun 1, 2017 8:42 AM
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Uh ,what a beautiful show.

The feeltrip is real.

I salute Hayashida - sensei. T_T

So heartwarming, realistic, inspirational and beautiful. There are many lessons that you will gain watching this show. The characters are amazing too. Even the music, it's superb.

Btw Momo-chan so damn kawaii!!! <3
Jun 5, 2017 10:57 AM

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Nice last episode. Only the school trip I did not like. Felt weird to have that flashback at this point ... bit with the other scene after it (Rei talking about the "ticket" and people sitting across the board in front of him) it somehow fit together.

Teacher/club scene and the train scene at the end were nice.
Jun 7, 2017 5:46 AM
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Bit of a strange finale, didn't feel like one at all.

Nice to see a character who is out of breath for longer than a second after a run. Not sure how I feel about the shogi club either.
Jun 7, 2017 3:22 PM

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This was the one of the best episodes I have watched in my whole life damn that ending made me jerk some tears Kiryama sure had it tough when he was a kid losing his parents and his sister, living in that house...etc.
Anyway this second season that is coming will be a great one and I hope it will be filled with happiness for Rei.

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Jun 8, 2017 4:13 PM
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This story sure lost its direction around half point. Hopefully the second season will tidy up things.
Jul 30, 2017 8:38 PM
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Can't wait for the second season!!
Sep 30, 2017 4:49 AM

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If this was a normal anime I would have been pretty sure there would have been a knight in shining armor rescuing Kiriyama from oblivion(as in another year of solo dining) in the third or fourth minute of the show, but incidentally this isn't.
Oct 20, 2017 12:22 PM

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I did not expect much from this last episode, it was clear that the story would not end with this season. However, it is interesting to re-build the figure of Rei in terms of psychology. It's great to postpone the first opening of the season.

My vote is 8/10 for now.

animefan8800 said:
Daaaaw, Rei was such a nice boy even treating the ants. XD Overall though this finale still seemed to be lacking 3 somethings...hmmmm....who were they again? Ah yes, the sisters! XD

Well despite being called, or at least implied to be, a moron who just couldn't appreciate what this second cour was trying to do around here I stand by my opinion that it wasn't as enjoyable for me as the first because of their diminished presence. As well as a lot of focus on Shimada that I found fairly uninteresting. With that said I still greatly enjoyed the series. Several episodes hit pretty hard emotional impacts, and the sisters/Rei/Nikaidou were all enjoyable to watch interact with each other. And although I didn't like her the show did manage to make me interested to see where Kyouko's story goes from here. Her relationship with her father especially. All this without having any real interest in shogi too, solid 8/10, well done. XD

So yeah, definitely glad it is getting a season 2. Honestly before that was announced I was prepared to go off on a tangent about how disappointed I was that these later episodes didn't focus on the stuff I cared about. I think I might enjoy them more in hindsight knowing they weren't the end of the series though. That they were only(roughly) episodes 16 - 22 of an at least 34 episode long whole. And hopefully more than that if the source material allows it I honestly don't know. Also hopefully next season will focus more on the girls! Bring on the Fall! XD

I agree! The narration must give more space to the three Kawamoto sisters in the next season, and to Rei's sister. Obviously they also have to give Shimada and Nikaido space together with Smith.
Oct 22, 2017 11:48 AM

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Well I absolutely loved the first half and was torn between giving this an 8 or a 9. Settled with an 8 though as I felt like there was a dip in pacing in the second half and gave the 3 sisters less screen time. They were great and if they were in it in the second half as much as the first I would have given it a 9.
Dec 24, 2017 2:44 AM

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This episode was pretty interesting. But some of the episodes were so boring and slow . But I like this anime because it’s so meaningful. Kiriyama was so lonely since childhood but shogi gave him companions, that was very interesting . Now time to watch season 2 !
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Mar 3, 2018 9:08 AM

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Not sure what to think about this Ending.

Really enjoyed the first half of the anime. I enjoyed the story direction of the first half much much more.. It was overall more serious, emotional and beautiful. The anime gave me the feeling that Shogi, although a big influence in Rei's life and in the overall story, it always portrait as a side thing, which i personally really liked. This way we had more time focusing on character emotions and development instead of focusing on Shogi all the time. We didnt really get to know the rules of Shogi until the second half, so my opinion about the first half being less focused on shogi is definitely not wrong. The second half focused a lot more on Shogi with the Shimada Tournament Arc. I felt like this anime is going into the more light hearted/comedy direction. It still had his good moments, for example when Shimada lost his 4th game and only then to realize that he could have won with just 1 move.

I started this anime because i was hoping for something like Shigatsu wa kimi no uso in terms of emotions and story. And the first half gave me exactly that! The bond between Rei and the Sisters was absolutely heartwarming and beautiful, i really enjoyed the presence of the Sisters in this show, shame we didnt get to see them that much in the second half, just another reason why i enjoyed it less than the first half.


Im excited to start the second season! It is rated much higher than the first season and im curious as to why that is!
Mar 12, 2018 4:24 AM

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I really really don't get why the sisters weren't in this episode. My issue is that I don't care anywhere near as much about the Shogi stuff as I do his scenes with the sisters.
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Apr 1, 2018 6:31 AM

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i dont even realize when this episode is aired ,
seriously i first thought that the 1st scene was future hina lol, in fact its rei stepmom
rei family condition just sound so sad .
in the end i didnt see kyouko , i think in the end postcard she isnt there too or i just missed her
gonna continue the manga
Aug 24, 2018 6:55 PM

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Ah fuck. Rei trying to eat alone without getting noticed is so /r/me_irl it hurts.

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Sep 24, 2018 1:27 PM

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Was frustratingly slow at times. Had some good moments though, but this is really overrated for some reason. I liked Smith and the teacher the most.

Also Akari best girl

Sep 25, 2018 6:37 PM

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This was not bad. It was better than I thought it would be but they could've laid off the melodrama a little. Also, halfway through, the show kind of pushed the sisters to the sidelines, they were my favorite characters and I felt that it could've done a little more with them, it's almost like that it forgotten about them. The relationship between Rei and the sisters were one of the good things about the show and then they suddenly threw it out the window, ruining the pacing.

It was a really cute show, though.
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Oct 9, 2018 1:15 AM
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AzureSymphony said:
Great final episode, but honestly the Lion King arc spoiled the show for me when I was pretty much set on giving it a 9/10 after the first half.

For starters they put far too much emphasis on the actual Shogi, for the first half it was used as a tool to drive the story and I didn't feel that I was missing anything by not understanding the moves they were making. For the second half that shifted to constantly barking out moves like "Gold General 4-E!, no Rook 2-D is better!" or tactics like "he's using bear in the hole, I should use static rook" which was impossible to follow when there was no context to it.

Secondly it felt like Rei was no longer the main character, he was mostly just standing around in background and with Kyouko, the sisters and his father all being basically non-existent every story hook they'd spent time building just fell apart. Shimada was honestly completely boring, I didn't care about his paper-thin backstory and it didn't need to be dragged out over so many episodes.

Finally, the comedy took a real nosedive. It always felt a little awkward and forced when the sisters and their cats weren't involved but with them gone the chairman became the comic relief instead, and his shtick of interrupting heavy moments with insensitive remarks wasn't even remotely funny.

This so much. I had exactly the same thoughts as you!
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Oct 13, 2018 8:47 AM

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Shogi club was an excellent idea. It will certainly help Rei connect with his peer.

Rei finally realized that he is not alone on his path. Great finale to a season.
Feb 23, 5:51 PM
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This was so sad. Jesus... when Rei said that no one had been paired with him... It is so hard for some people to make friends.

It was cool the reason why Rei practices shogi.

Well, overall, the show felt slow at times but I didn't care about that because it's a SoL, so screw it, living can be boring too; however, I didn't like when the snow started focusing on Shimada or Nikaido and the sisters were left aside. As someone else mentioned, the comedy was such a mood-killer at times. Still, I liked this.
Mar 28, 1:52 PM

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Damn, I really hate the ones who ignored him with a burning passion!
Apr 9, 12:58 AM
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Yes this episode is perfect for a sequel. It ends the anime with the necessary points to ponder. The direction of the story and the new arc that is coming. Overall its great.
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Apr 12, 3:54 PM
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Cheesy space train scene aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and the series as a whole. Rei has got to be one of the most nuanced and believable protagonists to have come out of anime in recent years, and Shinbou's direction is absolutely impeccable. Looking forward to checking out the second season.

Strong 8/Light 9 out of 10
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May 26, 4:28 PM
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3-gatsu no lion was an okay show. I think a lot of people can relate to Rei's introvertness. The Kawamoto sisters and kyouko made this show. I don't to much care for shogi or Rei's shogi friends. The main reason I'm considering continuing on to season 2 is to see more of the girls and see which one he ends up with. Score 6/10.
Jun 6, 12:25 AM

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great series but overall still very disappointed with it..

first of all, I dislike SHAFT-ism where they think they're bigger than the series they're adapting. Some of the head-tilts literally have no meaning, and some even contradict what the scene was even supposed to deliver, like how are you gonna have a character freaking out but does a calm, cool looking head tilt/turn and a second later back to freaking out? Make no sense. Shinbou fucking sucks and I stand by my opinion until he changes his way. I wouldn't have watched their shit if this is not Sangatsu no Lion.

then there's way too many, uhm, symbolism as people call it, I think? Using abstract art to symbolize the feelings of certain character in certain moment.. there's tons of water scene, as well as the weird train shit by the end of the episode.. for me, it's just a huge waste of time. I don't mind it if you do it sporadically, once in a while, but like half the series was just that.. this is why the series feel like it didn't really progress much despite having 22 episodes, they regurgitate the same shit with different form every time. "I've been alone since I was 6" but told in different way every time, like come on man.. we get it already. Half of this episode was just that. :l

and then there's the comedy.. most of them aren't funny I'll be honest, especially the beginning ones where they contrast the mood of the series pretty hard, feels like the mangaka is trying to forcibly make the series not as grim, but it resulted in plenty of very out of character situation, especially for our protagonist Rei. One minute he was seen sulking / griming over something, a second later he's doing comedy duo with Hina or some shit.. just no. This is like the forced comedy in FMAB that most people disliked. They're there to open up the mood, but they're not funny and imo they make the series worse. Another example is in the previous episode I think, when Rei's teacher asked if he wanted to open a shogi club, it was a heartwarming scenario but they had to ruin it by interjecting some shitty comedy saying he's only doing it because he wanted to get free teachings from a pro shogi player. Really, bruh?

Otherwise, the series is pretty good. I just wish they introduced the shogi element into the series way sooner as well as incorporating it into the plot more often. This is more slice of life drama than sports at this point, even though sports play a huge part in the series as well.

I feel they also overplayed Shimada's arc a little bit, he looked like he was dying in that arc lol, I was a huge fan of the series featuring him as the main guy for a bit but after a while it felt like they're beating a dead horse, until there's no more subtlety left, they wrung him dry.

Hopefully season 2 is indeed better as the score indicates.
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Jun 8, 10:47 PM

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This show will go down as one of my favorite anime of all time. I related really hard to it being the first day of school and Rei already feeling left out. I feel like most of us have been there. Hayashida running after Rei was funny and heartwarming. I love that Takahiro Sakurai voices two of the best anime dads: The aforementioned Takashi Hayashida and Arataka Reigen. The idea of a shogi club is a really good idea, and it was nice seeing Rei finally find a group of people at his school he can definitively call friends. The idea of a shogi science club is interesting.

The second half of the episode hit me like a punch to a gut. I was that one kid in middle and high school that had to have the teacher help me find a partner, so to see what I have gone through paralleled in Rei made me really emotional. The mangaka portrayed it in an incredibly realistic and emotional manner, as well. Shogi was indeed his lifeline in more ways than one. He's found his home, whether it be with the Kawamoto's or his friends playing shogi.

I believe 3-gatsu no Lion's first season to be incredibly close to a 10/10. On an animation, sound design, character, and enjoyment level, it achieved that for me. The show's animation, sound design, and the others I listed above are brilliant on every level and are something I would hold other shows up to as a standard. The story in comparison falters ever so slightly, but it is nowhere near enough to ruin my enjoyment of the show to any noticeable degree. I'd give 3-gatsu no Lion to highest possible 9/10 I can give a show. I'm extremely excited for the second season.

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Jun 29, 12:01 PM

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It took me way too long to finally finish this season. I did honestly like the show but I think for me there is some kind of disconnect because I don't understand shogi at all and I did try. A thing I really did like that I don't know if it's a shogi thing or a Japanese cultural thing is the person who lost actually saying "I lost". I feel like admitting defeat isn't necessarily a bad thing. I kept watching because I was invested in Rei's journey. Enough so that he easily became one of my favorite characters. I have a major soft spot for meek characters with tragic pasts. It does help that it is well written if course. Then the second arc hit and I was all about Shimada. What a beautiful person. Other notable characters that I enjoyed are Hayashida, Nikaidou, Smith, and of course best girl squad Akari, Hina, and Momo.
I personally felt where it left off was fine and made sense. Overall I enjoyed but I think it'll be awhile before I watch season two.

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Jun 29, 12:39 PM

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Yikes, that school trip flashback really hit home. I'd actually prefer being bullied to that sense of alienation and solitude. Still, Rei has found a place to finally belong. Between the friends he's made through shogi and the Kawamoto sisters, Rei is no longer just a "zero" that Kyouko berates him as being.

True to form, 3-gatsu took after the pleasant yet melancholic atmosphere of H&C. One minute could be soft and fluffy; a suffocating maelstrom the next. That powerful combination of lightheartedness wrapped in a layer of bitter reality made for a tumultuous ride of ups & downs. It's very much like the imagery of Rei swimming through storm after storm to get to the next island. In this case, however, I'd say that the waves were calm but heavy and could gently carry you adrift before you realized it. In contrast, the hospitality of the Kawamoto sisters served as a warm, welcoming shelter from the storm.

Admittedly I was a bit reluctant to watch this because of the shogi element, but seeing how it's very similar to chess piqued my interest. Those horrifying oh so wonderful "how to play" segments came right at the time I was about to start looking it up myself (nice timing, Nikaidou!).

8/10. I really liked how the episodes were divided into 2-3 chapters. It made it easier to take mid-episode breaks and savor the slow but ever steady pace of this series.
Oct 4, 2:02 AM

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Beautiful and amazing anime, the characters were lovable as well as the story. The way they show the character's problem were beautiful, and it gives a really nice and soft vibes every episode. Loved this anime.
Oct 4, 6:08 AM

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Noguchi-senpai is a really interesting character

Nice to see Rei has found some friends along the way of shogi

Rewatching this really felt as good as watching the first time, time for season 2!
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Oct 15, 5:34 PM

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Baby Rei T-T I feel you!! I always feel out of place everytime.. it's hard at first but eventually you got used to it until you love being alone instead.

It's already the last ep! I thought it's 25 episodes.. This is good but I'm still confused about the game, the art is cute, characters are cute.. I love everything except the foster sister and the guy she's with. 7/10
Oct 17, 10:43 AM

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Even though I found this tough to get through at times the ending still got me all emotional, when it is good it's really good.
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