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Mar 8, 2017 3:06 AM
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Does anyone remember Oddworld, A series were most of the games are about puzzle solving,rescuing slaves,and the latest game being A 3rd person shooter?
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Mar 8, 2017 3:17 AM

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Yes? I mean, it's not exactly an unpopular series. Personally, I never was a fan of the platformers, can't speak for Stranger's Wrath since I haven't played it.
Mar 8, 2017 3:42 AM

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I only played Abe's Exoddus on PC, back when I was 13 or so. I remember spending a lot of time playing it, but I never managed to get a 100% completion. It was pretty tough because I wasn't used to playing on a keyboard and I barely could read any English, lol.
Mar 8, 2017 4:26 AM

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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is my favourite game of all time so of course I remember. I was fortunate enough to play that game while growing up, which makes it nostalgic for me. What I always liked besides the gameplay and characters, is how immersive it is. A mixture of beautiful scenery and an ost that's more focused on sounds rather than constant music. It looks really good for a PS1 game. I also like how dark it is.

Abe's Exoddus is fantastic as well, though I played it much later. It's bigger and has more features, but I consider the first game better. While Exoddus succeeded in having a slightly more lighthearted approach with some comedic scenes, I feel that the series works better with a dark and serious tone. I played Munch's Oddysee, which is a decent game, but pales in comparison to the PS1 games. I've never played Stranger's Wrath and don't care for it either. The style of it doesn't appeal to me at all, it's too different. I also played the New 'n Tasty remake of Abe's Oddysee. It's good, but not nearly as great as the original.

Mar 9, 2017 3:39 PM

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I played them all the time for the Playstation. Actually, I ordered them a few months ago on Steam just to re-live that nostalgia. And I saw that they released a new one, so I purchased it for the Wii U last year. Pretty good and challenging game series.
Mar 10, 2017 2:09 AM

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I never dug deep into the Oddworld series, but I do have Abe's Oddysee on the PS1, which I've finished a grand total of 1 times. I also recall one instance where I played either Abe's Oddysee or Exoddus on a friend's console about a decade and a half ago - I forget which one it was, though.
Mar 14, 2017 7:15 AM

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I remember that Abe's Odyssey scared me when I was a child, perhaps it was the atmosphere and the tension transmited by the game. However, I remember it was a good challenging game, unfortunately I haven't played the sequels and the remake.
Aug 25, 3:04 AM

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I'm glad this topic exists, so i won't have to open one.

In the fall of 1999 my best friend and neighbor (still is best friend to this day and this is the best thing he ever did to me) gave me as a gift a PSX game that according to him was included in his console bundle bought earlier that same year, claiming that he didn't like it. It had a odd alien called Abe holding a green bottle in the cover sleeve, so after playing the clip that recapped the first game of the series i was even more interested and began playing on a friday in the late afternoon after coming home from school (third and final year of junior high)

It was immediately addictive as much as the brew presented in the plot, it didn't matter how many times i died because i was learning the mechanics of a trial and error platform, lives were infinite so it wasn't a problem... until i quiksaved in the worst moment possible while running away from the guards midway through the Necrum Mines levels but eventuallly landing into mines without even the time to pause the game and select "restart path". So i started from the very beginning once again and quickly arrived to the sinister Necrum jungle. When i met fleeches the first time and the introduction screen read "DIET: YOU" i was immediately frightened. Hard. Those green worms were fast and deadly, and the change of music upon facing them created even more tension. Paramites and Scrabs vaults followed and they were also cool scenarios, even if i asked myself since then why only the final escape part with Scrabs had modern technology and sligs / slogs. Also clearly remembered being stuck in a paramite vault and had to ask a classmate to solve a puzzle and not being killed by fleeches. After some more great FMVs, i entered the second cd of the game and Abe found himself in the big train station Feeco Depot, and Slig Barracks, Bonewerks and the Executive Office followed with a by now expected mix of great music, puzzles, chanting to possess the glukkons, and almost no secret areas found, because i didn't care too much about saving mudokons. If they were easy to rescue good, otherwise whatever, if they were killed or not found in the first place.
The final Soulstorm Brewery level was long and hard, fear returned once again at the sudden return of fleeches in a short section at the middle of the purple levels, and in the early days of december 1999 i finally reached the last level, with the best piece of music ever listened on my part in any videogames and called "Approaching The Boiler". That run against time and poison gas was tough, but i managed to finish it with 179 mudokons saved. And obviously, i was totally unaware that had i saved 30 less, i would have had a very different final video, despite having read the great instructions book full of dark humor just as the game itself.

At this point, i immediately borrowed Abe's Oddysee from the second friend mentioned before, and it turned out to be ALMOST as amazing as the sequel. Levels and music were still creepy and perfect for the setting, but the difficulty was even harder because of more limited ability for Abe to speak and control, and random respawn places (quiksave and restart path were exclusive for Exoddus) that forced me to repeat hard passages... fast example, those floating mines in the Stockyards or Scrabania. Nevertheless, i was having almost the same amount of fun even if when i finished the game i had saved 49 mudokons out of 99 and the cd always freezed before the final two FMV's...

After this, i borrowed magazines with cheats and a walkthrough to save all mudokons in Exoddus, was very surprised that both games had a secret area in the very first screen, and discovered the bad ending stuff realizing i barely dodged it in Exoddus and i would have seen it in Oddysee if the cd wasn't in poor shape. Plus, i still believed in the Exoddus instruction book that wrote: "There is absolutely no prize for players who are going to kill on purpose almost all mudokons. How could anyone think something like that? Do you really think we are that sick as human beings? No. Not us. Never ever."
I was so obsessed with this franchise that i invented a drink called Soulstorm Brew and brought to school so my classmates would taste it in the last day before the winter holidays during the millennium bug era. Ingredients were seven-up, orange and lemon juice, sugar and mint syrup. Probably had also drawn a sticker around the bottle, and prepared it for myself other times even after, included recently for the release of Soulstorm for PS4.

So, i arrived at the summer of 2000 that i didn't even began to exploit the immense replay value of these two games, and meanwhile i also finished the first Game Boy port of Oddysee the spring before while on the 4 days school trip that ended my junior high experience. Even if probably earlier that same year i replayed Oddysee with a more functional copy and without guides i saved... 97 mudokons out of 99 (those two missed were hidden around the first screen of the Scrabanian temple). Before beginning high school in the next fall and knowing my time playing videogames was going to be restricted, i finally saved all 300 mudokons and those congratulations screens different from the regular ending were soooo satisfying. Plus, they referenced Munch that was announced to be the next new main character in a period where the coming soon chapter was still believed to become 3D and released on PS2 according to magazines released in those months. I was so disappointed to learn of the switch to the then new X-Box console, even if i still couldn't afford a Playstation 2 until late 2003. Meanwhile my PSX stopped reading any kind of cds since the summer of 2001 after an accidentally fall to the ground and couldn't be repaired, so i bought another one immediately after the PS2 and started playing both Oddworld games once again. They still had a lot more to offer, considering that after reading on the web i became sadly convinced that the invincibility cheat for Oddysee was fake, but also discovered that those mischievous tips about being rewarded for killing all mudokons on purpose were... true. As a result, i did maximum casualties runs for both titles and with yet another different set of funny sarcastic congratulations after the bad ending clips, i was rewarded with infinite bombs in Oddysee resuming the game from the return to Rupture Farms and with invincibility in Exoddus starting from the second cd. Even if i already had invincible runs before with the sequel while saving all 300 mudokons at that point. Plus, exploiting the ability of not dying (expect for long falls and jumping into cliffs), i replayed the same secret area before the Brewery and Feeco. Depot office to surpass 300 mudokons saved before entering the Brewery itself. Probably still have this saved game on the memory card even if i saw videos of other people in following years that already "saved" 999 muds.

To this day i never tried Stranger's Wrath, and after buying a X-Box and Munch's Oddysee copy around 2010 only for the console to reveal being malfunctioning, i actually had to wait for the Oddbox PS3 release to finally being able to play the third official, second of the quintology, game by the Oddworld Inhabitants. It was good, but not to a point that i finished it in a single week or month. By then the New'n'Tasty remaster was also released (one year after for PS3 compared to PS4, so i finally got it in early summer of 2015) and it was obviously excellent. 300 mudokons instead of 99, quiksaves, the new Alf's Escape new level bonus, a great ending song that i didn't expect, my only complaint was the lack of ending screens commenting if the played played good or badly on purpose.

Obviously, waiting for Oddworld Soulstorm was unsufferable, so i decided to kill time replaying once again the old games doing a one-life challenge that never went too well or watching mods on youtube.
Finally, the 6th of april 2021 arrived (i was joking all the time since months comparing me to Eric Cartman waiting for Nintendo Wii to the point that he froze himself hoping for time to pass faster), at midnight i was ready to buy and download, and... now i think i'll comment it on another thread. However, even if it didn't surpass Oddworld Abe's Exoddus as my favorite videogame of all time, it's still great. And i'll keep myself from playing it more in order to not consume it too fast, i still have "save all mudokons" and maximum casualties run to begin. Meanwhile, i also finally managed to have two invincibility games completed with the old Oddysee (bought on Steam) thanks to a youtuber.

Those great gameplays, funny characters and videos between the segments, the overall dark humor, everything... i can't imagine any franchise being able to surpass Oddworld as my favorite.
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