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Mar 6, 1:34 AM
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This entire thing is a spoiler for the anime, so unless you've seen the entire thing, don't click on the spoiler below.


Mar 6, 1:39 AM

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Mar 6, 1:55 AM

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Dude. Sorry but you need to calm the hell down and just take a seat. *insearts meme here*

IT'S fucking anime. There is a plot hole in every anime. Why are you over analyzing it like that. Oh my god. Christ.

Mar 6, 4:45 AM
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Though it was not said in the anime it's because Otonashi came to the afterlife to fulfill Kanade's wishes.
Mar 6, 4:46 AM

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the anime is a huge plot hole in itself.
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Mar 6, 5:27 AM
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Lol didn't ruin anything. This hole has been explained to be not a hole long ago. Just check some threads.

There is nothing suggesting he has to appear instantly into the afterlife. He can die, give the heart and then wander around in limbo for unknown time --> she appears --> he appears after.

Or he doesn't get sent until there is a reason to (related to her)

Or get sent to the world at a different time point. Its afterlife, why have to appear in exact times after each other? Just look at the ninja girl, obviously from some ancient time in Japan.
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Mar 20, 2:33 AM

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The concept of TIME as we know it is a human invention. Getting its significance only as way to meassure changes in tangible matter/s.
The afterlife can't be meassured by the same rules as this reality or dimension. In other words, that limbo-dimension thng is most likely atemporal. Remember they created things with dirt while Kanade and the creator of the Kages were able to change reality through pc software... They were not in this existance plane.

Metaphysics dude... mind-blowing stuff.
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