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Jul 31, 5:41 PM

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People complain about how the start of Steins;Gate is slow and disappointing. But without it, there wouldn't be enough development for the viewers to actually start caring about the characters. Time travel aspect was also done better than most.
Jul 31, 5:44 PM

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Cause it's GOATTT for VN Fags

>Is it even that good?


Top 10's are for wankers anyways... Oh plss no need to be autistic about having a HUMAN NATURE taste by that Special Snowflake EGO of yours Cause it's unrealistically "R E T A R D E D"

Jul 31, 5:48 PM
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Manaban said:
I really want to nut inside of Mayuri honestly

ill let you nut in me tbh

OT: cause as long as something is slighty better than average, its a masterpiece by casual logic
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Jul 31, 5:48 PM

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I dont think its that good

Tho its clever at some points, the whole execution is pretty meh, not mentioning that most of the characters are obnoxious and unnecessary.

But what expect from a dating game adaptation?
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Jul 31, 5:50 PM

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Op needs to calm down with these shitposts, this almost makes 10 in under a month. Looking to break some records are we?
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Jul 31, 6:17 PM

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Because it contains references to otaku subculture.
Jul 31, 6:37 PM

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People giving out 9's/10's for S;G just have selective and short memory. They forgot how ordinary the first 6 or 7 episodes were and only remember the last half when they get around to scoring. When I watched it it was #2; something that high should be very good start to finish; maybe one or two subpar episodes at most.
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Jul 31, 7:46 PM

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Perhaps because of its rather successful thematic depiction of time-travel that many other shows tried and failed to do. Other than that, it is rather ordinary in my opinion. The pacing is terrible, the dialogues are dry, the romance felt forced, and the characters are monotonous and quite frankly, annoying.

It is not bad, but it is not a masterpiece in any way, shape or form, either. I don't blame others who think this is the best anime series they've ever seen, but there's nothing more grating than to see its most rabid fans claim that "only intelligent people will like this," which is but a poor bait to convey their faux intellectual superiority.

PO1SON said:
you're questioning a lot of things today. Steins;Gate is a masterpiece only intellectuals understand.

Case in point.
Jul 31, 7:51 PM

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Because Steins;Gate is actually good.
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Jul 31, 7:55 PM
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Considering that OP has made a decent amount of very questionable threads like "Why do people hate Fairy Tail?" I can see why they would make a thread like this.

OP can't handle the fact that their tastes are not well regarded. Could be baiting though. Who knows.

CatSoul said:
Because Steins;Gate is actually good.
Jul 31, 7:57 PM

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Man you must be really bored tonight.
Aug 30, 2:54 PM

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Ynwe said:

I don't know if it's overrated but it's has no flaws and very enjoyable
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Aug 30, 4:46 PM

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second half is pretty good, first half is pile of shit though
Sep 14, 3:23 PM
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Because it different
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Sep 14, 3:34 PM

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because a lot of people liked it a lot?
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