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Poll: Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 19, 1:16 AM
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This was good i give it 8.5/10
Jan 19, 11:08 AM

Joined: Dec 2014
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well the last fight seemed the movie had it's flaws but overall had a sense of SAO atmosphere
Feb 9, 2:58 PM
Supreme Tsundere

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This movie was mostly about the great visuals and coreography, the plot was good enough, I liked how there wasnt a clear villain here, but again the only thing that surprised me where the fights, which were mindblowing, some of the best animation ever done, that last fight was O.O.
Kudos for Asuna to use Mother Rosario, seeing Yuuki tighed my heart a bit, that scene was both epic and very emotional, intense as fuck!

I dont believe the movie would have been as good without the animation reaching such heights, but I m fine with it, since that is part of the charm of SAO.

Kirito and Asuna together managed to be cute once again, props to that, also I didnt miss that uncensored nipple service! :3

Final scene hyping me for Alicization, been a good awhile siince I last read vol14, hope the next season arrives quick so I can recall all those great moments with Kirito, Eugeo & Alice, and keep reading further into the LNs.
Will be a great year for SAO if Alicization starts this year for sure.

Feb 9, 3:01 PM

Joined: Dec 2009
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Really gave the SAO feel. I was a big fan. Really sad about Yuna.

That final fight with floor 100 was pretty cool. And the sudden Gleameyes was nice too. All in all I enjoyed what I watched. Reminded me why I like these sort of things in the first place.
Feb 15, 6:41 AM

Joined: Jul 2017
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Not bad at all. Kirito gets physically fit to fight in AR a bit too quickly, but whatever.
My question is why does MAL have it listed as a prequel to SAO season 2 when
Feb 18, 6:14 AM
Joined: Feb 2018
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SAO never disappointed me.Always looking forward to this series 👍👍 10000000/10
Feb 19, 9:34 PM

Joined: Aug 2011
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Late to the party but I just saw it and was left satisfied. Great fight animation scenes and a serviceable plot.

Looking forward to Alicization... I stopped reading partway through the first novel so it will be great to pick it up again via the anime.
Mar 5, 7:52 AM
Joined: Mar 2015
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it was okay. i love SAO and i have for a long time but this could of a lot more then what is was but it was a okay movie
Mar 7, 7:35 PM

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Visual and fighting scenes were top notch, no doubt about it. But plotholes affected my enjoyment.


Best Couple ---> Senjougahara x Araragi
Mar 8, 6:00 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
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Abyhape said:

at first, I thought Kuhaku/Blank from No Game No Life are the one who hold the number 1 in player rank. actually, I expect that as a cameo. I dissapointed.

Haha, same here, for a second there I thought how funny that would be :D

Now to the movie:
So many plot holes I don't even care enough to actually list them, but then again most of SAO is made of plot holes anyway. And yet, I still like them since they are quite fun when you turn off your brain and just enjoy them for what they're worth.
I can't really say the same here. I liked the previous seasons even with their many flaws, but those flaws were sort of multiplied here, which didn't help my enjoyment :/
Sure the art (them Asuna boobs tho) and the OST (Kajiura Yuki is still a genius) and the action were all top-notch, but I felt like the story went downhill pretty quickly, especially near the last 30 minutes with countless unnecessary parts and the stupidity of some characters were unbearable at times :/

It still had some great emotional moments (and I especially liked that Yuuki appeared during Asuna's final attack), and the memory-element was pretty good, but the flaws, plot holes and the deus ex machina were too glaring for me to give it anything better than a 6/10 (previous seasons were both 8, even with all their own flaws).
Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the next season, which will hopefully be a bit more "realistic" than this.
Mar 10, 4:56 AM

Joined: May 2014
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Yuki showing up with Asuna was EVERYTHING

Loved this movie 9/10
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