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Aug 20, 12:06 PM

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Sep 4, 11:05 PM
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Interview 198 - Yarub


Sep 5, 12:23 PM
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Interview 199 - Yorozuya-no-Yume



Sep 5, 10:07 PM

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@Xinil : As the creator of MAL it's only fitting that he gets interviewed (Assuming he gets free time to do so)

@Crazy_Cofee_Cat : Creator of the now dead Chill Club, social deviant, certified weebo and tsundere. Rumors say that hidden behind his private lists is the devil himself....wait that's not right because the Devil is a trap. Certified trap lover as well.

@katsucats - Another cat, this one is a bit smarter. He may have nine lives but he's perpetually trapped on MAL.

@Chaet - The new face of the forum games, mango revolutionary and procrastinating English literature student
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Sep 8, 4:50 AM

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i heard my name
Sep 24, 6:39 AM

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This looks like fun so I'll nominate myself ^w^


Also @uwuarsa :3 Idk if she's already had an interview or not, but I do know that she's an amazing artist who's pretty well known around the forums and definitely loved by all ^^

Oct 12, 1:49 PM

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Since this club has been slow for atleast a month now, might aswell nominate my friend @Erg_Orgy. Posting on MAL since 2016.
6 hours ago

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