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Poll: Long Riders! Episode 12 Discussion

Mar 27, 2019 2:12 AM

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puchacamilo said:
Manckx said:
Ha! This pic is intriguing. One of the other girls is Saeki, but who is the 7th? Ami's little sister?
puchacamilo said:

So is her!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG

Yeah, has to be her. I guess the face is because Ami, Saeki, and Aoi are bantsing her a little. Maybe about being a newbie. Ha ha ha.

It was kinda expected that not only Saeki but Emi will join as well when she showed interest. She was gonna say that she wants to try to Ami but a call cut her off.

I watched this once again after three years and its still fun and relaxing to watch as ever. That's why I'm still have a copy in my HDD. Much better than Minami imo. It also got me interested in cycling. But I'll take my time looking it up and going to cycling stores and also they're expensive. Besides that I'm worried about our road conditions in our country because its not as good as Japan's.

Well, still hoping there'll be another season.
Aug 2, 2019 1:59 PM

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Picked it up during the Tour de France because of cycling hype. Cute and informative anime. It got better after the first episodes. I really liked Hinako and Saki (Yoko Hikasa is great). Aki was adorable (thanks to Nao Touyama), too!

Now I'm considering taking my old bike from the garage and riding again. I hope it didn't rust after so many years!

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