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Feb 5, 2017 1:03 AM

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Hello everyone!
For this game everyone takes turns picking 1 choice from the person above and giving 2 choices for the next user to pick from.

1. You must pick 1 answer from the person above you.
2. When giving your choices you must start with "Would you rather..." then add your 2 choices.
3. Only give 2 choices to pick from.
4. No double posting. Wait for someone to post after you before you post again.
5. Keep it Beyblade related. Any series, any characters, just keep it Beyblade related.
6. Be creative and keep it SFW.

Person A: Would you rather... battle with Kai or go to a party with Emily?
Person B: Go to a party with Emily.
Would you rather do Karaoke with Zac (Beyblade Burst) or go camping with Daichi?
Person C: Do Karaoke with Zac.
Would you rather... dance with Mao or dance with Madoka?
Person B: Dance with Madoka.
Would you rather... go shopping with Rei or have lunch with Takao?

I'll start us off with this:
Would you rather... spend the day with Takao or have a Bey Battle with Lui?