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Jan 24, 2017 10:32 PM

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Im not sure how MAL forum work, but as one of major anime list / DB it feel like lacking of important features.

Basically lets say I want to discuss or giving recommendation to another person, i usually will have to manually type the name of said anime. It even more tedious if I want to show to them proper link to the said anime page

Would it be nice if it have features that work like this:
1. Type a code (bbcode?) or a button (mal forum lacked of WYSIWYG editor for forum post) which will open an extra window (like when you click BBCode help)
2. Then you search for particular anime (like search function at top right of the forum)
3. After you confirm, you will get something like below :
[Dragon Ball Z]

It kinda like the window where you used in your list to search / add more entry to it.
Another extra features would be a floating window showing specific anime details, but I think that one mostly used by ppl when viewing their list (need css or something?)

Im not sure if other section of MAL with need this feature (blog, profile, signature etc) but I really hope for a similar feature here to help with recommendation.

*Merge or close this thread if it already mentioned before or the feature is already exist that Im not aware of
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Jan 24, 2017 10:56 PM

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So basically, you want something like a "auto search" in forums?

Mhhh... Yeah, much more efficient for simple listing I guess...

Yeah, and if you can link imgur that would be great... xD

Much better shitpost... shitpost...