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TV Anime 'Battle Girl High School' Announced for Summer 2017

Jan 8, 7:08 AM
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It was announced at the Battle Girl Fes Okami Festival event held at the Maihama Amphitheater that the previously announced Battle Girl High School anime adaptation is slated for Summer 2017. The game revolves around the player being the new high school teacher guiding girls in their studies as well as protecting Earth. A teaser site has opened revealing the anime's first visual.

It was also announced at the event that the game's 4-koma manga adaptation, Battle Girl High School The 4-koma Idol Girl After School, by Makoto Sakurai, will be renewed. The manga about the daily life of the high school girls began its serialization in the July 2016 issue of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's magazine. A novelization of the game written by Keishou Yanagawa and illustrated by Haruken has also been decided.

Battle Girl High School is developed by COLOPL inc. and was first released in April 2015. It is available on Android and iOS.

Official site:
Official Twitter: @bgirl_colopl

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Battle Girl High School on MAL
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Jan 8, 7:14 AM

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free-to-play school action smartphone RPG, Battle Girl High School, will receive an anime adaptation

No. Gimme something normal
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Jan 8, 7:23 AM

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At first I thought this was gonna be one huge ass harem lol.
Jan 8, 7:53 AM

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this really have big sign of trainwreck huh...
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Jan 8, 7:56 AM
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Glad to see more Battle Girls anime with cute girls. This going to be fun to watch
Jan 8, 8:02 AM

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This is a huge nope for me.

OppaiSugoi said:
At first I thought this was gonna be one huge ass harem lol.
That's what I thought as well when I read the title.
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Jan 8, 8:05 AM

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Why do people think it's a good idea to turn iphone games into movies/shows

Stop it.
Jan 8, 8:19 AM

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Hopefully it doesn't require you to play the game. F2P is an outdated, predatory concept in gaming (Thanks, Nintendo).

Jan 8, 8:21 AM

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Looks cool, hope the battles are not just little skirmishes.
Jan 8, 9:16 AM

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This will be a decent Moe show if the Art and Animation are High level for at least all the battle sequences. For an anime that relies on cute girls fighting with flashy clothes and weapons for its success, great animation is a must. If it doesnt have it, then it will least it will for me.

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Why should I care about you, when you don't care about my opinion?......
Jan 8, 9:19 AM

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Another Commercial Advertisement, i prefer the doujinshis instead.

Watching good retro anime is like you're following the main plot of the story while watching seasonal anime is like you're watching fillers of the story.
Jan 8, 9:30 AM

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My BGHS icon tells you THAT I AM HYPE FOR THIS. AAAAA!!!
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Jan 8, 10:11 AM

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This looks like my kind of anime boys. I welcome this with open arms.
Jan 8, 10:37 AM

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This has a high chance of being terrible
Jan 8, 11:17 AM

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None of you have seen it yet, but you still shit on it. Gotta love MAL huh?
Jan 8, 12:00 PM
News Team
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Oh I remember when this was announced last year.

Bet this will be a 1-cour.
Jan 8, 12:32 PM

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At least I have an idea of what I will be fapping to over summer

Jan 8, 1:12 PM

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Another cute 2d girls doing cute things..........
Jan 8, 4:25 PM

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Kittens-kun said:
None of you have seen it yet, but you still shit on it. Gotta love MAL huh?

It's MAL logic, people will still shit on it regardless if its out or not.

I think it sounds like something just for enjoyment standards at least, imo.
Jan 8, 8:06 PM

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This Looks Interesting...:)
Jan 8, 8:39 PM

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Can't be worse than the currently airing Schoolgirl Strikers.
Jan 9, 2:00 AM

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Oh, look! Lots of cute girls! :D Ofc I'll watch this! ;)
Jan 9, 2:50 AM

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Looking forward to animated Mimi and Urara.

Jan 9, 3:08 AM

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Jan 9, 8:27 AM

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Heh. "Battle" "Girl" "High School" but not a harem? What the fuck is this bullshit. I'm out ;_;

If the teacher is a middle aged guy, I'm not interested.

Jan 9, 1:42 PM

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Let's be real here. Expecting much out of mobile game to anime adaptation is foolish. There were some decent ones in the past before though so it's not impossible that it might be decent. Hell, Chain Chronicle right now looks pretty alright. I'm not expecting anything great out of this one though. With all that said...


As a filthy seiyuu fan I throw away any logic I have and prepare my body with hype knowing full well of what I'm getting myself into. I already downloaded a bunch of their music singles. Give it to me Japan!
Jan 9, 10:43 PM

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This doesn't look good

Pass! Not into Yuri battle "Harems" anyway
Jan 12, 9:13 PM
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Im actually pretty excited to see animated Sadone she is best girl
Jan 27, 9:20 AM
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Turning any game, let alone a mobile game, into a movie or show is a bad idea. The whole point of a game like this is to be interactive. However, of they go the KanColle route and make the first person aspect not as apparent, then it might be salvageable. Also, even if it sucks, it might get popular enough to get a dub and an English server for the game.
Feb 4, 9:39 AM
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i'll watch this (maybe)