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Poll: Life So Happy Chapter 6 Discussion

Jan 3, 2017 8:23 PM

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Oh! Boy! I knew that Aoi is super popular. The way the girls from his class came to Akane just to tell her that how everyone finds Aoi kind of dreamy was super cool. Akane's face was priceless seeing how the girls thought of Aoi as someone mature for his age!

But Aoi was only thinking and doing things imagining how Shiharu would do if she was of his age. God, he is such a sweet boy! And he even admits that his reasoning and his decisions all come from visualizing Shiharu in his situations.

The small segment covering the two Matsunaga brothers when they were of the same age like Akane and Aoi are now was priceless. Kouichi sure was a carefree boy! While Seiji was saving up from his food allowance! Even at that age he was so mature!

However, the super genki Saeki (almost an Akane-male-version) is actually the real mature one and Aoi must have realized it. The way he handles everything with a broad smile on his face and get serious when he is needed to like the way he told off the troublemakers in the calligraphy class, and helping the poor teacher are really admirable. Aoi must have thought Saeki to be nuisance in the beginning but Saeki's courage to stand up against the troublemakers must have changed something in him. Loved it how he stood up for Saeki when the boys played a prank and ruined his calligraphy. Way to go Aoi (even drawing a mustache, lol). I am sure a new friendship will be borne between these two boys! :)

5/5. I will never be able to give this manga anything but a five out of five!
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Jan 4, 2017 12:26 PM
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Ate you reading the raws or are you reading it translated and if you are where?
Feb 5, 2017 5:54 PM

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I would also like to know how/where you are reading this. If it's raw then I'm SOL, but if you got a translation somewhere please let us see it too!

The ones who lost, who stumbled, who fought with all their might, sacrificed everything, just to have their work be for naught, yielding fruitless results, who died unfairly or perhaps illogically, tragically, without face, full of regrets...

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