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Poll: Hibike! Euphonium 2 Episode 13 Discussion

Jun 18, 2017 12:46 PM

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I hated how dumb and melodramatic this season was, how anticlimactic everything ended up being. I enjoyed season 1, but I really hated season 2 from around after episode 6 and how it focused on these literally who characters instead of focusing on our main cast from season 1. Dumb melodrama, dumb writing, but it's to be expected from a light novel.

3/10 since the animation was still nice and I didn't hate the entire show.
Aug 21, 2017 4:30 AM
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This was so goddamn motherfucking gooooooooooooooooood!!!....
Oct 5, 2017 8:34 AM
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TsundereHeart said:
finished with this season. pretty satisfying imo

early on i thought some of the drama was kinda irrelevant but later on it didn't bother me as much.
the later arcs (like reina's, asuka's) i liked much more though

tfw last episode has more playing than nationals.
well I guess it makes sense since they missed their goal at nationals by a decent bit, and the graduation is pretty important

also i know kumiko is supposed to get with shuuichi but wow this anime doesn't highlight it at all. what's his selling point?
even though it's just kyoani yuribait reina would go with kumiko so much better lmao

last episode was p. sad, with everyone leaving and all.
i would probably be interested in another season if there was one. though idk how much more source material there even is ._.

There's no selling point because his character was demoted from being a major character in the novels. In the anime he feels like an extra unlike the novels.
Nov 3, 2017 2:22 PM

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I see now Yuko is the president she does deserve it considering how opinionated she was and Natsuki is vice to support her, as suggested by Asuka. Loved the performance their gave to the senpais infused with flashbacks from the previous season, almost got emotional. The goodbye Kumiko gave Asuka was heartfelt and her giving Kumiko that note was like passing a torch to her.

I loved this anime and this ending felt like an ending but I would've loved if they did win gold at that competition, but I guess the writer felt the audience wouldn't be interested in the sequel if he wanted to continue.A great sounding 9/10. See you in 2018 for the movie.
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Nov 27, 2017 12:55 AM

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Were much more drama based than first season, reason why I did give better score. Only thing I liked more on first season were opening :D

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Feb 18, 2018 2:37 AM

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Nice ending which gave a sound meaning to the series' name sake. Still think season 1 was better in terms of drama : music.

They've hinted at a second shot at nationals + Gold however I'm not sure how I'll feel about a potential season 3 considering how big of a role the 3rd years played in the series. It's hard to imagine a plot line without them + a movie wouldn't do another shot justice.
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May 23, 2018 4:40 PM

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Wasn't expecting that saying goodbye to this show would hit me so hard.

Well,overall I think that I liked S1 a bit more,but some scenes at the end of this were pretty great and striking.
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May 26, 2018 8:21 AM

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kumiko you slut what about reina huh

I love this series so much, I can't wait for the sequel movie...

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Sep 18, 2018 7:27 PM

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A well done and believeable wrap-up of the show, as they didn't win the competition and other little things. And a slight to medium improvement over season 1 due to more character development and, most importantly, putting the biggest focus on Asuka, as she seems to be the most interesting person out of the bunch.
Leaving all the introduction of season 1 helped as well, that left the show to shine in the drama section.

I'm glad I picked this up again. After being not impressed by S1 years ago, I've never watched the second season. Comparing it too much with K-On! at that time was a big mistake by my side. Don't do that.

So yeah,
S1 5/10 > 7/10
S2 8/10

Excited for the movie.
Mar 4, 2019 2:33 AM

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And here’s our beautiful conclusion.

Sadly the third years time is up, In the band and at school. They will definitely be missed, especially Asuka ❤️ I really like how close she and Kumiko got over this season alone. Kumiko really was heartbroken to see her leave.

It was a great series. KyoAni never fails. Now to move on to the movies.
Apr 12, 2019 7:15 AM

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What a way to end the show, it was so good.

This season focused more on drama, I've really enjoyed it. Asuka is a great character and Kumiko really is something special, her interactions with the cast were great.

Can't wait for the Upcoming movie!
Jun 22, 2019 8:44 PM

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The day Asuka graduation has arrived. Good anime 10/10.
Jul 28, 2019 10:48 PM

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Definitely a grand finish ^^
I really liked the show
Guess I will watch the movies now

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Aug 6, 2019 4:37 AM

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Excellent and Quite the Fitting Epilogue episode to sign things off for Season 2!

First up, we got the new President and Vice-President and they're just gold, good work Asuke-senpai (lol she's totally playing them indeed)! Natsuki-senpai is just too frickin' awesome really and that tease with the royal-like apology xD, glorious stuff! I think it hit me at this point that things were really moving forward, and that little following bit with the homeroom teacher and Taki-sensei put a smile on my face. But there's obviously going to be a few against the tide of change, and sure enough it happens to be Kumiko.

But you got to give it to Midori to shift the focus to Shuichi out of nowhere there, lol. Sweet little 'thank you' and off he goes, I'm truly saddened by his treatment lol. Aoi-senpai hints that Shuichi's been at it for a while too, whoo-hoo, but sad that there was no more of him in the episode except for the cross-dressing bit which was pretty ridiculous. Damn, seeing the graduates and then the youngs-uns' play in appreciation to each other was really touching. Some of the shots featuring their pasts, tears and smiles were really heartwarming, to say the least. Kumiko thinking back on her first encounter with Asuka-senpai was a really nice touch too, and similarly with the other recap bits.

Anyway, moving on, it seems as though her playing is slowly resembling that of Asuka-senpai now, that's an interesting gesture. And then those final moments with another one of Kumiko's outbursts, it really hit home this time I've to say. "See you", not "Goodbye", very glad to see that personally but I suppose it's only about time before "Goodbye" is set into into motion and thinking about that is a little saddening. Anyway, last episode her sister and now Asuka-senpai, she's been going through a lot isn't she? And we got an interesting title drop out of the blue too, that was really cool to have! Amazing how they made it in parallel with that of the beginning of the Season too, always a pleasure these kinds of things!

All in all, a really touching and fitting finale but admittedly a part of me was a little let down by the little focus given to Reina and Taki-sensei this episode. I don't know, I just feel as though their arcs aren't exactly completed just yet and especially for the case of Reina considering how much focus was given to the relationship the two at the start of the season. But hey, these are all pretty much underwhelming concerns when put side-by-side with the positives of this episode and the season and even the franchise.

More than anything, this story was really the journey of Kumiko and in that aspect, this show completely hit the top-tier mark! Even for the Mizore-Nozomi drama-heavy segment, what was the bigger picture of that in my opinion was the change in Kumiko that this resulted in. Same with the case of Mamiko's and Asuka's respective arcs. A big props to the VA for her excellent work too, and for making her seem just so much more genuine and realistic! Amazing how she'd swtich between the three modes constantly though: unimpressed for Shoichi mode, bad-personality for Reina mode and the usual, lol.

Season 1 showed us a lot more of the music elements and the trio in particular but this Season dived into the more drama-heavy bits and the duo of Kumiko and Reina, so picking one over the other is a really tough call in my opinion. At the very least, there is no doubt that the Art/Animation and the Sound Departments were godly top-notch! To sum it up, both were excellent in their own ways and I'm totally psyched for more!

Movie 3 is, like the usual, never available here so it'll be a long wait *sigh* but I'll make sure to check out Liz to Aoi Tori soon!

=> Final Score: 9.25/10! Roughly about the same as Season 1.

- Storyline/Plot Development: 8/10
- Characterization/Character Development: 9/10
- Sound Department: 9/10
- Art/Animation Quality: 10/10
- Personal Enjoyment: 9.5/10

Last but not least, #PrayForKyoAni and #HealKyoAni

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Oct 12, 2019 3:45 PM

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the fuck I was crying like a baby
I will miss this anime, really
of course, I prefer the season 1, but this season was really good with the relationship between Kumiko and Asuka, really loved it

(PS : Kumiko x Reina)


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Dec 27, 2019 3:56 AM

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Kind of a flashback episode that resolves a few feelings as well. I'm glad nothing happened with Shuuichi, would've felt kinda out of place.

Just as good as the first season, very enjoyable. 7/10
Jan 1, 6:24 PM

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I might’ve bawled my eyes out, who knows. 10/10 anime.
Apr 9, 8:48 AM
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I am going to miss this series so so much.

Yuuko is the new president? I didn't expect that (expected Natsuki), but I have no complaints. She really showed her determination to her friends and in extension the club over the past year. Her energetic spirit and dedication will be good for the club. Lol at having Natsuki as the vice president though. Despite their banter, I think they really are good friends and will be an excellent president-vice president pair. With Natsuki being the more level-headed one but Yuuko bringing the spirit. And their unique close relationship will always liven things up and keep the wind ensemble moving forward. They have my full support!

Nice move, Midori and Hazuki, encouraging Kumiko to go after Shuuichi. Though it was short, I liked seeing them together. Aoi it seems had seen Shuuichi's crush on Kumiko for a long time, but Kumiko still doesn't admit it. Really wanted to see those two get together, but oh well. I heard there are ships that make it in the novel, but I wonder if it'll be in the movie which I'll watch later. If not, guess I'll have to read the novel someday, hopefully in Japanese by then.

And then the farewell party. I really loved that one. It seems so fun and ridiculous. Loved seeing Asuka-senpai doing magic lol.

I really loved the third-years' performance. That lively, energetic jazz melody. I'm definitely gonna be hearing that one again. They really gave it their all. I wonder when they had time to practice for that.

Yuuko stuttering on the last part of her speech though lol. Wow, Nozomi was conducting? I guess she'll be playing a much bigger role in the wind ensemble in the coming year.

That performance of "Crescent Moon Dance" was beautiful. I loved all the scenes with Kaori during Reina's solo. We saw the flashbacks of what happened back in season 1 with Kaori and Reina in that contest for the solo. It felt bittersweet to me. Even though Reina is the better one without a doubt, I still feel kind of sad for Kaori-senpai and all she had to go through. She was so dedicated and in the end, she couldn't do the solo. But her smile showed that she held no anger or regret over what happened. It seems it's a memory that'll live on forever within her, to the end of her life. And we got the flashbacks of Sunfes too. Even though it partly feels like a recap, I have no complaints whatsoever as it was masterfully and beautifully executed. We saw again how they began their journey, their first performance at Sunfes after Taki-sensei came on board. It was really where they started.

And then graduation really came. A lot of people cried and kouhais and senpais got together for their goodbyes. I really loved seeing Kaori and Yuuko.

"You're the president, aren't you? Hang in there."

She was hugging Kaori so tightly and crying into her chest. Yuuko is probably the character that my feelings changed towards the most this season. Used to see her as annoying, but now I really love her. And she really does admire and care deeply for Kaori. Yuuko has a lot of love in her, for Kaori, for Mizore.

And then Kumiko found Asuka. I honestly did not know that Kumiko disliked and even hated Asuka at first. But it all changed, slowly and gradually, until now Kumiko can't bear to say goodbye to Asuka. The senpai who inspired her. Their meeting and friendship really changed Kumiko's life. And Asuka gave Kumiko something that was really dear to her: the notebook from her father. She passed it on to Kumiko. Although Kumiko still wants to hear Asuka play, her time's up. It's time for Kumiko to take the reins and in turn play and teach her kouhai. But still, Kumiko couldn't bear to say goodbye.

And so Asuka says just don't, if she doesn't want to. It's not truly the end for their friendship. They can still see each other outside of school, no doubt. And Asuka being Asuka, she will probably visit the wind ensemble as often as possible. So instead of saying goodbye, Asuka said "see you".

Amidst the falling snow, Kumiko opened the notebook and finally learnt the name of the piece Asuka played that day, on the field in the morning sunlight, the sad, gentle melody. And it was: 響け!ユーフォニアム.

I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting that. But it all fit so well and like Kumiko, somehow my heart was filled with warmth.

And that was the end of one of the best anime I have ever seen. I won't ever forget this, and one day I might even rewatch it.

I wanted to give this a 9 at first. Because it didn't feel like a "masterpiece", although I really was amazing. But somehow I don't feel right giving it a mere 9. I usually reserve 10 for true "masterpieces" or those that really change and affect my life. But this was so good that I can't give it anything less than 10. So here's to you, Hibike! Euphonium. 10/10

God bless Kyoto Animation. It still pains me to remember what happened. But truly, they have created works that touch our hearts and change our lives. And Hibike! Euphonium is not just not an exception, but it is a prime example.

And thus the final piece ends.

I feel so sad and empty that it's ended. I haven't felt this in a long time.

Thank you, Hibike! Euphonium! Thank you, Kyoto Animation! And thank you, Ayano Takeda!
Jul 20, 9:20 AM

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Really emotional season.
Well, managing to make me cry is already a huge achievement itself, but doing it several times...
It's good to watch anime like this after hard times to remove inner pain from your soul.

If you liked this anime,I recommend you to also watch Given and White Album 2.
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Aug 8, 2:14 PM
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how many love confession we had in one show ? where all of them are non canon and are just friendly banter ? haha ..
Kumiko is a bit unbearable to watch,but that's why I enjoyed and craved for her.
But I thinkl the plot went easy on her.She can't handle multiple problems at one time,so all of her problems came one after another .I think they needed to focus here,specially when Reina and Asuka's problem both were running at the same time.

This show has many high points and I enjoyed them very much ! However,it's not the same level as Haruhi,so a bit disappointed .8/10
Sep 7, 4:36 AM

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I can already sense the pain of many people seeing no ship has been confirmed to the end. Well season 2 was good, a lot more drama compared to the lighthearted comedic season 1. Quite the touching end seeing all the moments and also Kumiko confessing she initially hated Asuka but slowly started to like her to the point where she's gonna miss her.
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