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Poll: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai Episode 39 Discussion

Jun 17, 2017 4:49 AM

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I thought the fight with Kira is going to be a cheap angry come back, but here in this final episode they handled it great.
Great ending.
As usual the art is fantastic and the OST is great, characters are very cool especially Kira (without him it won't be as cool as it was). Still JoJo suffers from weak story telling full of asspulls even if its for humor and unique style it still lowers the quality anyway.

I enjoyed this ride.
Jun 17, 2017 5:59 AM

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What a fucking joke the last confrontation was.
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Jun 23, 2017 5:28 PM

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So, I have marathoned this in 3 days. I gave it the highest score among other parts. It would be perfect if:

- MC wasn't shit. This generation's JoJo is a disappointment. Side characters were better, I guess everyone agrees. Cuz he didn't even have that much screen time.
- Main Antagonist wasn't shit. Compare him to Dio, charismatic in every way, world threatening, omni-potential, iconic.
- Stand powers were not so try hard. The fuck was "Bites the Dust". It doesn't even have a consistent logic.

Despite them holes, this was the most enjoyable JoJo so far. Story was bad but characters and execution was good overall.
Jul 17, 2017 6:23 AM

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It was a surprise that Mona Lisa Lisa was Yoshikage's first boner and murder motivation xD
I was furious that Kira somehow succeeded in reversing time then I suddenly remembered the street he was on lmao

Turns out that Koichi prevented the killswitch and Jotaro used Za Warudo and sent him off on one last Ora Stardust Barrage~ Kira's neck being snapped and his face getting ripped apart by the vehicle that was supposed to take him to safety was more painful and different than what I initially thought. To add to that, the souls which he angered by killing them finally managed to tear his soul apart with the Stand responsible for blowing most of them up. At least he'll have Cheap Trick as company lol

With Reimi resting in peace and the Stand gang carrying onto their new normal lives, the Summer of 1999 ended well~ I hope the families of Kira's victims feel better soon. Having the Jo☆Stars sing the Great Days ending made me recall all the other parts so far and it was greato daze ♡

I'm excited for Part 5~ I hope they announce it soon!

Aug 1, 2017 4:12 PM

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Great end to a fun series, even with the ploholes it was always pretty fun.

Not someone who reads the manga but I hope we see a return to some of these characters, especially Koichi, Jotaro and Josuke. I just can't get closure on them.

Still think Stardust Crusaders delivered a more concrete ending but diamond is unbreakable opened the way for some interesting spinoffs and such.

I've been here way too long...
Sep 1, 2017 7:03 AM

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Dick move, Josuke, dick move.

Anyway, this was a blast, the best JoJo show (so far). Animation is not that important when you have BD. DiU is (and probably will be) my personal favorite.
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Sep 2, 2017 5:14 PM
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Jojo fights are always entertaining but I wished the story was more detailed they always left the more important thing unanswered what's the story behind the mask is and what is the story behind the arc and bow.They could also in this part put a flashback on how the ghost ghost was killed by Kira.
Oct 8, 2017 10:55 PM

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oh shiiiit!
wait, is it me or does this street look familiar? let me rephrase my first line - OHHHH YEAH!

And that moment when Jotaro takes a breath to prepare for his ORA... like Kira said - excuse me while i get an erection. XD
HA! he fucking died like the cockroach he was!

Josuke's still sore about that money, huh? :)
and man invisi-baby mystery was never solved!

this ending feels much more bittersweet since the family of those killed by Kira will never get the closure they deserve, but it still has hope in its future as Joseph said. i also loved the epilogue shot of everyone of the cast, who survived, going about their daily lives in the town.
I'll be waiting for you Golden Wind! Till then, Sayonara! - 9/10
Oct 17, 2017 8:07 AM

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i thought the last one episode was going to be calmer, but were full of surprises and tension!!!
The head trampled for the ambulance, was COOL!!!
Happy end to this story ;)

Hello, my litte boy!

Oct 25, 2017 8:04 AM

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Part 4 was good, but sometimes things felt jumbled.

The Morioh murder mystery arcs were interesting. Angelo at the beginning. Kira near the end. I thought these two stories would come together and intertwine somehow. But, in the end, no connection was established between the two.

Rohan was great. Wanted to see more of him and Reimi. They played a huge role in that murder story. An arc centered around them would've been more meaningful than some of the one-and-done enemy stand users.

Which brings me to the bow and arrow. It just fades into obscurity. The group even stops pursuing the arrow stolen by Kira's father. Thought this needed more explanation. Oh well, maybe in Part 5.
Nov 10, 2017 1:59 AM

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Awesome final,Kira was a brilliant villain and I appeeciated him for that,but he got what he deserved.

Overall this was a fantastic watch,I liked the cast from Josuke as a MC over to Kira as a fleshed out villain, the creative stands and encounters,the comedy and thrilling story, as well as the satisfying conclusion,gotta say that I will miss watching this.

9/10 one of my all time favorites.
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Nov 13, 2017 8:43 PM

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Sigh... another Jojo ends... sigh. I don't think I liked part 4 the most but very likely I will be missing it the most. Compared to other Jojo's that were full of travels around the world, here we spend the entire time in a single city but by doing so the city itself became so memorable. All the locations, all those characters that were fleshed out in great detail... that's what I will miss the most.

No doubt however that it was Kira who brought part 4 to greatness. I already feel like rewatching all the episodes that were focused on him without interruption of other stuff. For a villian to be showcased like Kira was... the only other show that I ever seen showing a murder in such light was Dexter but Dexter was MC of that show and here Kira is the villian to be defeated but I so much wished he didn't get defeated. The part at the end where they talked about families waiting for them and stuff... nah, didn't get me at all... I now need to think about how high should I place Kira in my top char of all times.

Now as for the weakest part, it would be without Jouske as new Jojo. There were times when I liked him here and there but in the end I think he did rather poor job especially if one considers him as MC. Part 4 gave really a lot of spotlight to other characters, giving them their entire episodes... part 3 did the same but there Jotaro was still MC first and foremost... here however, it feels like more than half of episodes didn't even have him... which is good I guess but maybe this is why I don't like him enough to even put him in top 5 of this part.

In any case I really wonder what awaits at part 5. The first question that comes to my mind is how far will the timeline go. Like will Joseph be already dead? Probably I think... also I don't know if it will be part 5 or further but that invisible baby has to come to play one day. :)... hopefully Rohan will reappear as well, as he was my second favourite and he managed to stay alive till the end...

Sigh... the urge to read manga is great but I will hold it back as I can't pass on enjoying Jojo anime in the fullest.
Nov 18, 2017 3:02 AM

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But seriously, read the manga. Every part is fully colorized with part 8 being the exception since it isn't done yet.
Dec 26, 2017 10:50 PM

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Amazing end to the series!!!

The final battle was awesome. The fact that Kira never gave up and still fought even in the after life just shows how much wants that peaceful life. Damn his head was face was disfigured just like that.

Unfortunately for him, he'll be going to a place that will never be peaceful at all.

Jotaro had to deliver the final punch eh?? Either way Kira was a formidable opponent and definitely on par or if not greater than Dio. Killer Queen's Bites the Dust is really OP. It's just a shame it seems Kira can't moved in time stop, but if he were to live longer and experimented with his powers.

I'm freaking sure he would have surpass Dio by now.

Looks like the town Morioh is finally safe after 15 years of terror. Remi Sugimoto gets her peace and everyone goes back to the way the town is.

Watching it on BD with all uncensored and all the blood. I'm glad I've watched this on BD!!!!

Now we wait on Part V. I guess we'll be waiting on 2019 for the Anime and Blu ray for 2020. I'm more hype for Part VI, but it's going to be a long ass time till we get there.

I always wondered why Josuke never appears on the later parts of the series. While Jotaro and Kouichi will continue to appear in Part V and Part VI.

I also see a lot of people saying Persona 4 ripped of Part IV story. With the whole unknown killer in a rural town. I haven't played the game yet since I keep delaying it and all despite having the PS2 and Vita Golden version. Maybe someday or maybe when they remake it with Persona 5 engine.

Good stuff!! I can also read Part V since I have it in full color :D

Farewell Morioh-cho!.

So I guess I'll jump right to Part V colored manga!!

I give it a 10/10 just for the kira battle alone. I knew he was OP especially in ASB game!
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Jan 10, 2018 3:45 PM

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Nitralon said:
Even if he was the antagonist, i cant not to feel bad for kira. He was awesome, one of main good aspect about part 4.

Seriously? I hated this psycho so much even if he's the jpn David Bowie. Happy this creep is dead.

That was brilliant, beautiful! I'm glad my friend showed me JoJo. One of the best animes I've ever watched. 9/10

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Mar 13, 2018 12:57 PM

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So Part 4 is over and happily I can say this was very good. not sure if I like it more than Part 3 but nevertheless. AMAZING art style, coloring design of the characters as usual for Jojo. I was in awe for most of the time, even if the animation itself could have been better in some parts. Fights were entertaining, I love how in Jojo's fights are won by wit, not solely by physical strength. Someone compared them to chess game and I agree with it 100% I loved Kira as main antagonist, serial killers are usually such interest person in general to use in art and entertainment, and Jojo's version of it didn't disappoint. Joseph character was kinda useless, and he could've been cut right off and nothing valuable would have been lost. Jotaro had some cool scenes and ep's so I cant complain about him. Overall really great season of Jojo an can't wait for Part 5, hopefully in 2018!
Apr 19, 2018 8:58 PM
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When Kira thought he won... "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru"

One of the best shows I have seen in ages.

A question still stands in the air: Is Mikitaka really an Alien or a student with a stand and chuunibyou syndrome?
May 14, 2018 7:53 AM
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I am so hyped about reading part 5
Aug 22, 2018 10:04 AM

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Oct 9, 2018 12:12 AM

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Another part is gone. Now the 2 OVAs and follow the simulcast of Golden Wind.
This whole part 4 felt like a slice of life JoJo series. The battles weren't as intense like in the past, and is understandable since it's set in a "peaceful" Japanese city. Josuke is such a good kid, even in the last episodes had to rely on his teammates to accomplish the victory. In my opinion, he doesn't look like a pure breed Joestar (if I can say it like that).
9/10 still better than the first season of Stardust Crusaders.
Oct 26, 2018 12:04 PM

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I found Yoshikage to be way more likable than the heroes. The episodes that centered around him where also way more interesting than most of the others, especially the ones where he has to recover the hand and the one where he realizes he feels something for his "wife". Sad to see him go out like this.

The ending was also pretty bad. We're supposed to care for some random ghost girl we have barely even seen?

Then there's the overall narrative which sucked balls, the plot holes, some mediocre fights, etc.

By far the worst part of JoJo, but still an 8/10 (which I feel is really gracious).

Oct 27, 2018 11:50 AM

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Okay, the final 5,6 episodes did it for me. It's my favorite part up to that point.
Leaving the existence of the extra ability "Bites the Dust" aside ,which is a typical asspull like you encounter them in EVERY JoJo, I have literally no gripes with the finale. Even the Bites the Dust-Arc was damn interesting, albeit really out of place. It had as many negative effects on the user as it had positive ones. The hell.

Yoshikage Kira as the villain was by far the most intersting aspect in this overall enjoyable slice of life JoJo-experience. And the best main villain of the franchise.

Part 1: 5/10
Part 2: 7/10
Part 3 S1: 6/10
Part 3 S2: 8/10
Part 4: 8/10
Nov 17, 2018 10:40 PM

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Oh shit BITE ZA DUSTO nevermind he's dead lol.

There isn't a much more pathetic way to go than death by ambulence.

R.I.P. Kira. As much of a slimy bastard he was, I couldn't help, but love him. Definitely the best antagonist in JoJo if not one of the most interesting antagonists I've ever seen.

Seeing Reimi and Arnold's souls being released was wholesome albeit somewhat melancholic.

I wish Hayato had a happier ending. Seeing him crying knowing his dad was never coming back was soul-crushing.

I lol'd when Josuke stole Joseph's wallet.

Awesome finale. 9/10

Loveable cast of characters, awesome antagonist, and colorful visuals. I'd put it on par with the Egypt arc from Part 3 soley for the Bites the Dust arc; god that arc was fucking amazing.

The only gripes I had were:
- Rohan should've played more of a part in the story considering he was arguably the best character
- Was lacking the "adventure" the previous parts had. It's called JoJo's Bizarre ADVENTURE for god's sake!

Still was a wild ride from start to finish. Can't wait to binge watch part 5. 9/10

Dec 1, 2018 11:45 AM
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Madness17 said:
This ending was the ultimate irony: the luckiest villain dies in the unluckiest way.

Ehm unluckiest way? Don't you remember how Kars in BT was deafeated? :D
Dec 9, 2018 6:57 AM

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What an amazing journey. I'll definitely miss Morioh city. I loved the characters, the stands, and the story's progression all the way to the end. Josuke was a great Jojo, although Joseph and Jotaro remain my favorites. I enjoyed every episode and minor arc. 9/10
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Dec 16, 2018 12:00 AM
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I thought I wouldn't like part 4, but instead I loved it. 10/10. I still think Stardust crusaders is a tiny bit better though, considering they travelled to a lot of places and stuff. Also ZA WARUDO. Still, Diamond is unbreakable is excellent. Looking forward to watching part 5.
Dec 20, 2018 1:36 AM

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well that was a good intense fight hmm... and yeah I am glad they ended it all...that pose in the end though
Jan 6, 2019 6:17 AM
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What a great ending to an awesome anime!
Jotaro using his "The World" to finish off kira was so satysfying.
Also, a man which believes so firmly in his fortune killed in a car accident, what irony.
Koichi is finally with Yukako, i thought this would never work out.
If kira would use his power more wisely he could easliy kill them all, I think his power is so OP, not even Crazy Diamond could defeat him.
Overall great series 9/10. Although in my opinion Stardust Crusaders was better.
Apr 23, 2019 6:28 PM

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let's all be honest here, the most important aspect of this was Jotaro getting his doctorate from starfish research

i loved the ending, it was very satisfying. there was only a couple of characters that i didn't like, but the rest of the cast was very vibrant and fun to watch. although, the first half of the anime is still a bit weak imo. i understand that shounen always have side battles with random enemies but i still would have loved more focus on Kira. i can definitely see why he's so many people's favorite JoJo antagonist

in general, this part is such a huge change in positive direction from the previous parts. there were pros and cons but overall i enjoyed it purely for the last few episodes. plus i found out that i actually love Jotaro. i didn't like him in part 3 but he really shined through in this part for me

(Josuke just had to end it with the gayest pose possible, didn't he?)
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May 11, 2019 4:18 AM

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Well, than ending for Kira was unexpected and I'm not talking about his confession on erection that changed his way of thinking on the world and began his crime tendencies, lol.

Fight with Kira was cool, but ending his story like that was good. Why? First of all, as I mentioned before, it was unexpected. Instead of final massive clash he was suddenly killed by an ambulance. Secondly, he sorta was not defeated by those who learned about his personality. He got cornered, but was not directly defeated by them and I guess it's something he can be proud of as aghost be I.g tormented by his victims' spirits (xD).

I really enjoyed this Part and I'm happy that it's story ended with a happy ending. I liked all main and side characters, laughed with them and was sad when something went wrong (Shigechi-kun ;_; ), therefore I'm satisfied it ended positively.

New Stands were fantastic in their variousness and bizarreness, as well as their users.

As for art and music, they were fantastic as always, especially funky music from openings and ending.

Part 4 presents high quality and was so entertaining to watch. Therefore, at least for me, it truly deserves 10/10 score which I actually have to it. :)
May 12, 2019 10:01 PM

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Oh well, I guess it's good that it ended on a positive note, still, one or two casualties would've been better, everythig would be more impactful that way... Overall there weremany plot-holes, still was really goddamn repetitive, but oh well it was entertaining.
Jun 3, 2019 12:39 PM
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Funny how Kira's 1st victim made her dog bite off his hand. I was kind of expecting Reimi to make him continue "exploding" from having bloody fractures on his face. I was also thinking that it would have been funny if Kira was defeated by Okuyasu's The Hand, because you know, it kind of fits in an ironic kind of sense if you know what I mean. There's also the irony that Yoshikage ultimately didn't get his wish of living a peaceful life (Assuming what Reimi said was correct). This ending was great as well!

I'm so glad that Okuyasu and Rohan didn't die. Also, wish there was more of alien dude, though. Oh, and also Trussardi.

Also, BOI HE DID IT. JOSUKE DID IT! JOSUKE DID HIS SIGNATURE POSE (on the Great Days Units Version towards the end of the episode)!
Jun 8, 2019 10:31 PM

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Yoshikage Kira, final antagonist: run over by an ambulance. lmao life really can be bizarre

That last Jojo pose in the final scene got me good too lol

All in all this was a nice ending. Reimi's revenge on Kira was sweet
Jun 8, 2019 10:42 PM

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Whelp, having just finished this series for the first time via watching the dub on Toonami I can honestly say it was....alright. Pretty good even. I think I enjoyed the first 24 or 25 episodes or however many it was through the first, still blonde-haired Kira arc. After that the series really went down hill for me. The introduction of Kira's ghost picture dad going around giving more people stands with a second arrow that just happened to exist was, at best, a lousy way to unnecessarily prolong the series and, at worst, just really fucking stupid. The series either should have just ended after they defeated blonde-haired Kira or, if the last third was really needed, should have introduced a new threat. It wouldn't have felt any more random and asspull than ghost picture dad with a second arrow did. I also didn't care for the whole undercover Kira pretending to be someone else plot. It did give us Hayato I guess, who I really liked as a character, but I could have gone without him if it meant the series ended earlier. On the plus side I thought the dub was very good and there were some nice characters. Excluding Hayato I felt the romance episodes with Kouichi and Yukako were easily the most enjoyable episodes. But in general I enjoyed those random one or two-off episodes more than the main Kira plot as I think my earlier comments probably imply. Not all of them hit mind you, highway go go was a boring snoozefest as was the electric tower guy. Though I did enjoy hunting the rats and the alien dude, though the latter felt underutilized and like more of an afterthought in the end. So too honestly did Joseph being in this season, even though the baby was cute I guess. And Jotaro as well to an extent, especially later on. The tearful farewell with Reimi also suffered from this. I kinda forgot about her considering how little she appeared after her introduction so it didn't really feel earned, the emotional ending they went for when she vanquished ghost Kira and left the mortal world. Meh, I guess it was alright. And since I'm rambling I guess that's the overall impression I'm left with ultimately. This was an alright pretty good 7/10 level show. Definitely overrated to an extent, but considering I now feel that way more or less about every JoJo I've watched maybe this series just isn't for me, I dunno. I guess I do intend to watch Part V someday, but only if it ever comes to Toonami. Until then I guess.
Jun 9, 2019 1:06 AM

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Just finished watching this via the broadcast on Toonami...and I can safely say that this arc was the worst JoJo arc I've seen. First 2 arcs were great, Stardust Crusaders part 1 was decent, Battle in Egypt was repetitive but the final showdown with Dio was amazing. This was just a convoluted mess of what the fuckery for me. The only good thing I could say about this arc was the dialogue was just hilarious as hell. Kira was an intriguing villain, a little dragged from time to time but intriguing since a serial killer villain that's actually smart about his shit is rare to see. But DiU was a joke in the Jojo series for me. I can only hope Part V is better. 6/10
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Jun 30, 2019 3:19 AM

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Kira falls to his knees.
A lady approaches Kira.
lol So now they show Za Warudo's range.
An erection to Mona Lisa.
Dat lick.
Run Jotaro!
Dat click.
Kira got away. Hold on... that alleyway. It couldn't be...
The birds went through Kira.
Reimi is behind him.
Kira died?
Yare Yare!
*holds in breath* Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!
Toki wa ugaki dasu.
Truck-kun killed Kira.
Kira's face returned.
Arnold with dat bite. Kira's hand. Irony.
Kira is finally gone.
Rohan being honest.
Everyone showed up.
Farewell Reimi.
Hayato crying. Okaasan needs to come up with a way to pay that rent.
Jotaro and Joseph are leaving. The baby too.
Josuke and co. have golden spirits like the Kakyoin and co.
Josuke took Joseph's money.
Dat insert song. Is that Tommy?
Joseph adopted the baby.
Jotaro got a doctorate.
Dat hand holding.
lol Okutasu's dad didn't turn back to normal.
Rohan stole something at Kame Yu?
Dat pose.

And that was the end of the summer of 1999. To think that was 20 years ago. It was ok. Part 3 was better. OP songs were great. Disappointed at the lack of Jotaro. Why bring him back with less screentime, especially in the final battle. I can understand that with Joseph. At least I was right with Jotaro finishing Kira off. That made me happy. Can't believe Joseph cheated on Suzi Q. Kisama. Kira was good, but he ain't no DIO. I'll miss you Reimi. You were best girl.

Also, what happened to the arrow and what happened with Josuke going back in time to push Tomoko's car?
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Aug 4, 2019 7:19 AM

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Kira's luck finally ran out, what a dangerous villain he was. Killer Queen was a great stand too.

My only gripe with this Part was that Okuyasu never really got a proper fight after going up against Josuke in the beginning. I guess erasing a person in half with The Hand would've been too graphic lol.
Sep 7, 2019 6:45 PM

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Pretty good ending. Everyone seeing Reimi off was sweet. Ahh I will especially miss seeing Rohan and Mikitaka, adorable alien boy (and Joseph). Wasn't a huge fan of Koichi, but liked him a bit more by the end.
Sep 24, 2019 7:20 PM

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7/10, worst season so far of jojo, so many asspulls(i mean even the villain knows it as he keeps thanking his luck wich is to us author plot armor) and boring fights, story kind of too weak and villain so lame im pretty stumped at how this got that high of a rating, meh lets watch next season xd, hope its better
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Oct 15, 2019 8:54 PM

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1999 Bizarre Summer~

The method of Kira's end (not to mention, his identity as a serial killer) was spoiled for me back in 2016 (?) when this was flooding youtube with meme videos and such that I clicked on out of curiosity. Otherwise, I didn't know what would happen and it was quite a trip. Thee is one comic failure of disbelief suspension when Rohan, Koichi and Jotaro and around the corner and fail to hear sounds of a fight like guards in a stealth game.
I had been wanting to watch this since 2016 since Persona 4 is one of my favorite video games, and hearing that Persona 4 was an extended homage to Diamond is Unbreakable piqued my interest. So, ofc I started at the beginning with Phantom Blood all the way through Stardust Crusaders, neither of which always held my interest.

Overall, this is the most vibrant feeling Jojo's, one that feels like it is about something more than just fighting. The first twenty episodes are really just a Jojo's slice of life anime. This introduces a problem however, since I watched these episodes of low-stakes stand fights as a kind of foreshadowing, assuming that Araki had something in mind for these characters and their stand abilities when the hunt for Kira began. I'm pretty disappointed this isn't the case. I was hoping to see more of Yukako, but she never comes to Koichi's rescue or anything. In fact, at the end as Reimi leaves, we see Tonio, Yukako, Hazamada, and that guy..who all contributed nothing. Instead, after the core team of Rohan, Koichi, Okuyasu, and Josuke are formed, the support roles are mainly played by characters who are newly introduced after being minted as stand users by Kira's father (Yuya Fungami, Alien guy) and some of whom don't matter (Janke kid). So after Kira goes into hiding, the anime feels even more so like Stardust Crusaders. Overall, it feels uneven, like the first half does not quite connect to the second half.

There are also continuity problems; stand telepathy is suddenly gone for no reason, and stands can apparently survive their owner...if that happened in part 3, I missed it. Jotaro Kujo can stop time for 2 seconds, the effort to master this modest feat we witnessed in part 3, yet Kira can now break time itself for an hour after the arrow pokes him again. I don't mind the power creep in part 4 for the most part, since we need to keep things fresh and interesting, but this is major power creep.

The artwork and use of color is amazing and it's the best looking Jojo's so far. Sound is also excellent. The ED really reinforces the sense of town, with the characters hanging around various locations. I think my problem is that Kira is too intense to really be just another arc in a slice of life anime, and that part 4 really should have tried to make better use of the characters it introduces first or else diminished their appearance in the OP so we get the hint they don't matter anymore. I do like that this had a low body count for team members, since I don't like seeing characters I like die.
Feb 17, 7:07 AM

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The final battle against Kira was so great, awesome JoJo's part again, I prefer Stardust Crusader but this one was amazing too.
- Incredible fights
- Really entertaining
- Great OST
- Good characters but part 3 characters were better
- Animation was great but quality drop sometimes
- A Lot of emotions

9/10 for this one
Mar 2, 4:15 AM
Brandy Man

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First 24 episodes were awesome and had me hooked; Keicho’s episode was very emotional, we got the greatest backstory about a character’s hair ever, and the premise of Kira’s character was novel and intriguing -> 9/10

Next 12 episodes were meh; they dragged unnecessarily, and certain subplots that seemed to be building ended up not going anywhere (like that whole dynamic between Kira and his new ‘wife’) making me retroactively like this section even less -> 4/10

Last 3 episodes were utterly abysmal as far as I’m concerned; part of it was the show not meeting certain expectations I had and part of it was just straight up objectively trash writing (especially that whole nonsense revolving around Okuyasu’s ‘death’) -> -10/10 (seriously I don’t think a fictional piece of media has ever ticked me off more).

Overall I’d give this a 6/10 and it’s easily my least favorite part of JoJo’s.

- Part 1 -> 7/10
- Part 2 -> 9.5/10
- Part 3 -> 7.5/10 (6/10 for s1 and 9/10 for s2)

Hopefully Part 5 can remedy the bad taste in my mouth left over from Part 4 when I eventually get to watching it.
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Mar 11, 4:10 PM

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There was so much left to be desired, but all in all it was a awesome story of a small town yet with many stand and ghosts.

I was really thinking things would have ended up worse but I suppose they can't just kill off all the great characters.

I'm more proud of my boi koichi for getting hitched with that crazy bitch. His life will only be even more wild from here on out.

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Mar 14, 10:49 PM

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With Kira's backstory revealed and both his body and his soul mangled under 2 horrific circumstances, it's finally over... Reimi had finally gotten her revenge, Kira will never ever roam the streets of the beautiful city of Morioh ever again. It's a pity that Kosaku Kawajiri's wife will forever wait for her dead husband's return, and with Hayato bearing the truth, it may affect how he acts in his whole life.

Through all the good and bad events that has happened in the span of 39 eps, this has been a bizarre summer of 1999 for all those who are involved, and it's a memorable one indeed. Many characters have developed over these periods and finally, Jotaro and Joseph get to go home, after 1 last farewell from their fellow Joestar; Josuke.

THE END of Part 4!
I especially love this part because unlike the previous parts, this part focuses less on an actual adventure and more on the adventure within the characters' daily life a single city of Morioh. The art style too has changed drastically, opting for a more funky colour scheme. Welp, time to move on to part , it's been a great joy watching this!

Jotaro got a PhD! So that's what he spends doing when he isn't investigating a missing person or fighting stands in Morioh!
Mar 18, 12:52 PM
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worst part ever
bad end for kira
the creator did't give the bad guys rights
Mar 30, 12:55 PM

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What a dramatic way for Kira to die.. he got what deserved at the end Good doggo Arnold.

Poor Hayato has to live with the fact that his father died like that... I feel bad for her mother.

sweet little ending for our main cast was warming for me. 9/10 my all time fav JoJo series.
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Apr 6, 6:15 PM

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Men the way that Kira died it was brutal, furthermore the way he was so convinced that he got away with it only to be presented with the truth like was quite fitting. Also the way Josuke defeated him and how he was completly cornered in the end was well done.
Really liked this part, it had such a compeling villain that made the whole series a lot more engaging. Didnt have a great cast (apart from rohan) and there were a few boring moments (Rock Paper Scissor kid and Kira father), but the story, the villain and the emontional momments overshadowed the bad parts. Best part so far.
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Apr 10, 12:30 AM

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No nigerundayo now, Kira. The weird boner thing when he first saw the Mona Lisa... Bruh XD. Finally a good yare yare daze and ora ora ora. Im really sorry for Hayato... He lost his father even though he didn't like him at all. I didn't expect to cry at the end... I thought part 3 is the best... but part 4 is a LITTLE BIT better. Morio was really a crazy noisy bizarre town. (Frick, I like all the part 4 openings)
May 16, 5:49 AM

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This season was so good! Plus the Queen references esp in the manga made it better. Ngl the fight went hard. damn im slow as hell for not expecting any of those turns in the last episodes. Anyway THIS DUDE KIRA IS NASTY LMAO wtf was that, him n hands.. jesus. But yeah The ending was soo good!! i loved it
Jun 20, 6:27 AM

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Despite a lot of plot holes, this was pretty fun. This part definitely had the best side characters/villain.
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