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May 10, 2018 7:57 AM

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I do piano, learning a new language, hang out with my friends, and sports in my free time. And since I'm majoring in Nursing, I do have to plan and divide my days for clinical and studying also. I rarely get to watch these days, that's why I have a lot of on-hold animes haha.
May 10, 2018 8:19 AM

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I read books a lot.
I play video games, been playing them long before watching anime.
I play table tennis and basketball.
I also paint from time to time.
I barely watch TV (haven't touched the TV in 2 years). American TV shows are becoming boring to watch.

But anime, gaming and reading are my main trinity.
May 10, 2018 10:51 AM

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I watch it whenever I have time (I have school and exams are coming up + a lot of responsibilities at home) and it's pretty much my only hobby lol. I like horror movies and literature but I don't spend even close to the time on them as I have on anime. Lately I've been playing more video games though.
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May 10, 2018 10:55 AM

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Absolutely every single thing related to fiction is my hobby.

And no, I don't have any friends.
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May 10, 2018 11:00 AM

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i play some videogames too once in awhile, but it's mostly just anime nowadays.
i've become a hardcore otaku over the years, finishing up around 60 or so new seasonal anime every year, dropping another 60 or so 1-6 episodes in.
i do binge watch older anime series i may or may not have seen before while i'm waiting for new episodes as well.
it's kind of sad tbh, and i don't plan on keeping it as a hobby forever. it's just a temporary solution to boredom while i recover from drug addiction. it's also what i did on drugs(just opiates or prescription heroin).
May 10, 2018 11:02 AM
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Watching anime, playing the piano and playing basketball, those three things basically define my life.
May 10, 2018 11:03 AM

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I also fap, eat and sleep when I feel like it
May 10, 2018 11:08 AM

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Anime is a distraction, i don't even consider a hobby.
May 10, 2018 11:13 AM
upon a december

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No, I have a lot, including, but not limited to:
Coding/making profiles and forum sets
Language learning
Comics (relatively new one)

dancing bears painted wings things i almost remember
someone holds me safe and warm
horses prance through a silver storm
figures dancing gracefully across my memory
far away long ago glowing dim as an ember
and a song someone sings once upon a december

interview 🌟 quiz
May 10, 2018 11:19 AM

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It's my main hobby but I play games every now and then. Also read.
May 10, 2018 11:25 AM

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Yea, kind of. I consider watching anime and gaming to be my most time-consuming hobbies at the moment. Although I also read novels, draw and do sports (jogging and cycling), watching anime and gaming take most of my free time :)

And occasionally I do see my friends too! :)
May 10, 2018 3:25 PM

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No outside of video games, biking, watching hockey I also am a huge history buff.
May 10, 2018 3:28 PM

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Everyday I'm always looking for music I haven't gotten into. I've been into rap for 2 years and haven't bothered to check out 2Pac, Nas, and Biggie Smalls until a few days ago. Music and anime are the only things I do in my free time.
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May 10, 2018 3:32 PM

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It's my least important hobby.

My hobbies are playing japanese games, reading VN/ranobe/manga. I also like to practice anime and game music on piano.

I might watch an episode maybe once a week, but anime clearly has nothing on me.
May 10, 2018 4:12 PM
Devil Trigger

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Unfortunately some of my hobbies are related to anime, but actually watching it was never one of them.
Mar 28, 6:51 PM
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Of course not, I have many other hobbies in addition to it.
Mar 28, 7:36 PM
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I have a lot of hobbies.
1. Music (I am a Musician)
3.Video Games
4.American TV/Movies
just to name a few.... I only have about 40 days watched and have watched most everything I planned to (except One Piece so daunting). Now I only watch new episodes and new anime because it has gotten hard to find anything amazing or another hidden gem. I only watch what I actually want to watch. I notice a lot of anime watchers are always trying to find something new continually searching which keeps them focusing so much time on anime to find that new anime high. Which makes it a dangerous hobby because you end up wasting your life on one hobby when life has so much more to experience. Anime is great I adore my favorites and they changed me for the better which makes believe some of us are fans of certain shows not the anime medium as a whole. but I think some fans are too far gone just like that one user in the Original post he sounds lost in anime resulting in him being lost in life he needs help.
Mar 28, 10:38 PM

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well, I used to play games on the pc, but I still have the same pc. and only skyrim like crap insterest me now, also tv has nothing left but garbage.

so My main is now anime. or YT, like bcz scine n pbs.... so yeh main s anime
Mar 28, 10:43 PM

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FGO actually helped me get away from the hell that is anime.
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Mar 29, 3:13 AM

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This is what I do 70% of the day.

Anime is my main hobby. I also read manga and play Honkai impact 3rd on my phone.

I regularly visit YouTube and at times watch a movie or a few eps of a tv series.

I meet with friends once a week (as a guest in their house or to the cinema) and go shopping with my gran every other day.

The other 30% are... well let's not... yet.
Mar 29, 3:15 AM

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Not really, around 20% of my free time. Depending on the day the rest is either sports or csgo . I don't like a variety of hobbies :)
Mar 29, 12:24 PM

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It is definitely something I spend a lot of my free time on. But it is not the only hobby I have as I found out just that there is a limit on how much good anime you can watch before you get a bit tired of it. So I always try to binge watch some anime every 3-4 months (Mostly past season anime).

So what do I do between those 3-4 months? Mostly just going to the gym (even though I dislike going there. Hmm can I even call it a hobby then?) and try out different food at various restaurants. I also like to spend my time reading and browsing on forums. (Not necessarily anime forum).
Mar 29, 12:29 PM

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I used to do bodybuilding and run.

Then God hit me with a fever, I still cannot breathe properly.

Thanks God.
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Mar 29, 12:35 PM
Grim Anime Fan

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Primary hobby is Anime.

Aside that I do watch movies/series/jdrama a.k.a other media as well fair amount. And I listen to music ALOT

I do watch plenty of youtube videos.

Secondary hobbies which are more effective when i'm in better mood are

playing games, attempting to learn piano....extremely slowly, attempting to learn japanese... extremely slowly, recording games and editing them for youtube...again on pause for a while.. but those are rather random...non-consistent hobbies as for the most of the time I'm not in mood to actually do anything thus go back to my first hobby.

Plus with worklife.. even slower progress as mood plummets even more and so does time...and the

Would like some other things as well.. but with this fucking life and lack of time... most things I'm simply not in mood for or/and have no time or can't manage to priorities more/allocate more time to progress in them further..

so yeah.. for most times, get home. Eat, wash> relax on chair and watch stuff (anime,movies,series,youtube) whatever.. and sometimes attempt to put time to my secondary hobbies.
Will attempt to start learning piano, japanese and do video editing again... once done with school(whenever finish or not) and find stable work where I'll stick around.. then I'll attempt to allocate/graph time/order for secondary hobbies. Maybe do 1 thing first, then 2nd.. no idea.... prolly will by that time then pop pills as well for will, motivation, energy..


Anime is primary hobby.
There is never enough time. Even when not working/studying. human life is short and having to spend most of it working.. does not motivate. So yeah.. many issues. But Anime n stuff... at least maintain my sanity to some extent.
Mar 29, 12:39 PM

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@Oshinomo FGO and Azur Lane too.

I love you'r taste in girls, nice taste mate!

Mar 29, 12:44 PM

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I think a lot of hobbies, but not time XD

Mar 29, 1:33 PM

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i watch less than an hour of anime a day, tho in my youth i would binge like 6-8 episodes max. I also played video games, and sports with my homies. - I make free-to-play browser games for PC and I sell pixel art animation here
Mar 29, 1:43 PM

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No... I also play games and watch some movies/Tv series
Apr 1, 6:35 AM

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More like my principal concern and devotation, I feel like I use my time to its max worth when I watch anime.

That being said it seems my eps/day has declined a lot and I can feel it, even 4 episodes a day of a single anime is a performance...

Aside from anime I watch other TV shows and consume other forms of fiction.
Apr 1, 6:41 AM

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gaming is my other ultimate hobby, nothing else I can think of
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Apr 1, 6:46 AM

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I'm very introverted and shy so anime seemed like a good fit for me.

I've been gaming and watching YouTube for most of my life and recently I've started to read more manga.

I enjoyed LEGO from a very young age, so now I like building and collecting the sets that interest me as well as building my own creations.

I used to watch a lot of American TV shows but I dropped most of them as they have a lot of filler.

I try to exercise regularly but that tends to come and go depending on my mental state.
Apr 1, 6:58 AM
Joined: Jul 2018
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It used to be a pretty big hobby for me, but now I rarely actually watch anime. I'm mostly stick up with seasonals.
Apr 1, 7:01 AM

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in terms of frequency and volume
mainly anime
then acoustic guitar, weight lifting and running
then video games and piano
then learning languages
then drawing writing and coding
Apr 1, 8:32 AM

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'course not, minecraft is great too!
Apr 1, 8:40 AM

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Nah, I barely consider it an hobby,by now I am only stuck in the JoJo franchise.By the way I also play the violin,draw,watch movies and I'm interested in philosophy and maths;but to be honest I'm not so good at anything I have metioned above
Apr 1, 8:55 AM

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Now besides anime, I like playing video games, learning japanese and talking to friends... I have waaaay more interests than those mentioned but I don't have enough time for all... like I wish I could improve my cooking skills or web design or writing but I also work, even though is freelance it takes the same amount of hours than the average work does. I usually wonder how does people have enough time to do so many things or watch an insane amount of anime while studying/working like I do...
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Apr 1, 9:03 AM

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Oshinomo said:
As long as I've joined MAL, I've always wondered "How can people watch that much Anime? How do they have so much time?" and recently I've seen a rather extreme guy (unfortunately I don't remember the username), that watched about 30-50 eps per day and thought "Does he do anything else on his days?".

And then I thought, that maybe the reason why so many people have time to even binge whole Anime on a single day is, that they don't have any other hobbies. This may sound rather rude and offensive, but it's really not, I'm just curious here. Since I myself do other things like meeting up with friends, play/watch football (soccer) or watch regular movies/ tv shows too, this limits the amount of time I got on my hands to watch Anime. And ofc there is also school for me, but I guess everyone has that sort of thing in their life.

So I'm really curious here, is Anime your only hobby or are there other things too ? And if there are, how do you have that much time to watch Anime (IF you watch a lot)?
Of course is not the only one. Drawing , singing, reading books, playing video games, playing footbal or soccer as americans call it, watching movies, gardening. About a lot depends what you mean by a lot. Generally I watch 1-2 episodes per evening at most and in the weekend it depends sometimes I can take on a 24 ep in two days. But this is the exception. I have seen people marathon more but hey to each its own.About your estimate 30 ep in a day would be around 10 hours. If you have nothing else to do that day is not a lot. But I would see it as the exception.
Also sometimes I can watch at work or during comute.
That being said sometimes I remember a show I watched a while and just add it so I do not waste more time with it.
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Apr 1, 9:09 AM

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Cappuchino said:
According to my calculations a person watching 50 anime episodes would have to be watching anime everyday for 19.167 hours, I think they are just trolls.
I play video games and don't really watch anime daily.
16.7 h actually. avg anime has 20m. Possibly trolls but is in the realm of possibility. Your math skill is lacking grasshoper!
Apr 1, 10:07 AM
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i can watch 5-6 episodes per day if it really interesting. but not much more.
Apr 1, 10:21 AM

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No, I have other hobbies. I like to collect glass figurines, maintaining my plants, and video games. I also used to go fishing, but one of the rings on my fishing rod broke. As for anime, I don't watch a bunch of episode in a day. Most of the anime I watched were when I was in high school (in the library during lunch) and after school when I completed all my school work. I still watch anime, but not as much as I used to, now, I watch some episodes of an anime every now and then.
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Apr 1, 10:42 AM

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What kind of stupid question is that? wtf?
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