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Nov 29, 2016 7:18 PM
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If you go far enough to the north where you feel the cold to your bones you may find a village mostly made of ice and snow, with smoke coming out of the chimneys and voices heard faintly in the houses. The stream running through the village has always been frozen, lurking below the ice at the bottom of the stream, small fish could be found living off the bottom of the stream. You may wonder what this village is called, until you see the small sign covered in snow saying Kotta Kioku. What it does not say is that the village is home to ice elements who tend to be cold as ice, even there personality can be a bit icy. They follow a leader with little sense of humor, always has his brain working on the villages next move forward, whether it be to war or a prevision trip. It was said in his first years as leader he was an unstoppable force to meet, and many would avoid contact with him, or forfeit in battle against him.

Now in his later days his mind has slowed, but still turning as he looks for someone to take over leadership for when he passes. But this had been turning into a difficult task as many of the villagers thought they would be well suited for the position, the leader was flooded by applications upon applications from his villagers. Most had been unacceptable as they held little or no knowledge of leading, the way some of the answers had been worded seemed a bit over the top, and all seemed to be trying to hard for attention. In the end their leader had a decision to make, he had narrowed down his search to four applications sitting on his desk, but could only chose one person to lead the village.

Who will the leader pick to take over for him? What path will they choose for their people?
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