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If a character is deemed evil by his own village leader, his name will be in this list. The person who kills him will get extra bonuses to improve their character depending on how strong the wanted character is. Only leaders have the right to post a characters name here and the character must be of the same type. I will decide the rewards if their are any on that specific characters death.
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Name: Mythyus and Naomi Bearington
Age: 21
Gender: Male, but also female
Type: Mythyus is an Electric elemental and Naomi is Fire
Level: 2
Fears: Of being trapped in a single form as they feel connected as one soul, but worse then being trapped, they fear that they meet someone stronger then them. So far they have been fortunate not to meet anyone stronger, but they know eventually that their luck would run out. Naomi dreams of being surrounded by water, drowning due to her inability to swim.
Goals and Dreams: To assemble a group of capable and skilled individuals to learn about the Doors of Darkness for them, then no one will ever be stronger. Secondly to learn about the village schedules, plans and activeness. This way their group will benefit the rewards of unsuspected travelers, who may just have something valuable on them. Progress in village success by seeing good craft man ship in living quarters, members pulling their own weight, and having enough food and supplies for every member.
Beliefs: That they will be safe if their stronger then everyone else....
Personality: Mythyus can be quite cold hearted with pretty much everyone he meets, including his followers, making sure they pull there own weight. He dislikes free loaders. He can be found constantly planning the groups next move, he keeps himself busy. When meeting others for the first time he scopes out if there worth his time, or if they have anything valuable on them. Naomi can be cold at times, but likes to play tricks on people, normally ending with someone getting hurt. She is not as cold hearted as her counter part or into strategy, but will carry out the groups work with pleasure. As long as she has someone to tell her what to do, she has a mission.
Bio: The two grew up in a small village of mixed elemental's as there father was fire and there mother an electric elemental, but as Mythyus he uses electric and Naomi is a fire elemental. They had a rough childhood as their dad was abusive to them saying it would only make them stronger, he enjoyed causing them pain almost every day he could. Their mother was not much better then their father as she was drunk at home everyday, and would make them do everything around the house. If it was not done good enough she would make them re-due the job after she made it worse, or she would yell and curse at them. Tell them how much she disliked them. Once the age of 14 found them, they left at night, setting their home on fire and not glancing back. They have been on the run ever sense that incident in their village, and have never returned or plan to.

They can be found in a small encampment made of six to eight people, all trained in one skill or another, and ready for their leaders orders. It is whispered that they dwell deep within The Forest of Peace somewhere, looking for new and skilled recruits. Do you have to murder to join you may ask? No. But pull your own weight, no free loaders.



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Name: Cythnix Dauntler
Age: 19
Type: H2O
Level: 1
Fears: Not specified
Goal: Imprison all elements.
Beliefs: There is always victory, and victory can only be taken by the most powerful person.
Personality: Obsessed with puzzles and riddles. Loves to bake and travel anywhere around 4:00-6:17 pm. Gets pissed whenever there is sound.
Bio: Cynthix Dauntler is a 19 year old lady who lives in the deep part of the forest. Alone, she strives to eliminate all elements that caused her family and friends to die.When Cynthix was 15 years old, as she was wandering around the nearby waterfalls, she found a MadHat, which she then took and wore. A letter suddenly appeared in front saying that with this MadHat, her abilities must be used with a purpose (eliminating the elements), as expected, she accepted the contract.

P.S: The "Not specified" sign, I decided it would make this story more, interesting. Do hope that you approve.

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