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'Atom: The Beginning' Reveals Staff and Premiere Date

Nov 19, 2016 11:13 PM

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It has been announced that the upcoming anime adaptation of Masami Yuuki and Tetsuroh Kasahara's Atom: The Beginning manga will premiere in Spring 2017 on NHK. Staff members were also announced in addition to the premiere date. The official site has been launched along with a PV.

Planning, Supervision: Makoto Tezuka
Concept Works: Masami Yuuki
Cooperation: Tezuka Productions
Chief Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro
Director: Tatsuo Sato
Series Composition: Junichi Fujisaku
Studio: OLM, Production I.G, Signal. MD
Character Design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Mechanical Design: Shinobu Tsuneki, Yoshihiro Ishimoto, Shinichi Miyazaki
Prop Design: Mebara, Asuna Imahashi, Taiyou Yoshida
Chief Animation Director: Hideki Ito
Color Design: Miho Tanaka
Art Director: Hiroshi Kato
3DCG Director: Takaaki Sugano
Monitor Graphics: Takashi Aoki
Special Effects: Masahiro Murakami
Director of Photography: Teppei Satou
Editing: Yuuki Honda
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music: Noriyuki Asakura


Official site:

The series has been serialized in Heros magazine since December 2014 and is a prequel to Osamu Tezuka's Tetsuwan Atom manga. It currently has three volumes released, with the most recent one being released in June of this year.

Source: Gunosy
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I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Nov 20, 2016 12:44 AM

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I hope the cat will play a major role in this
Nov 20, 2016 3:07 AM

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Looks pretty fucking awesome.

Anime is good, fucking deal with it.
Nov 20, 2016 3:13 AM

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Still waiting for an anime adaptation of Pluto :<
Nov 20, 2016 3:28 AM
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I just wish someone subbed the rest of Tezuka anime.
Nov 20, 2016 3:33 AM

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Studio: OLM, Production I.G, Signal. M
I'm totally sold! This would be awesome for sure!
Wait, The creators of Astro Boy? So that's why looks familiar.
I'm gonna watch this one next year!
Haters always gonna hate.
Nov 20, 2016 4:08 AM

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The PV looks good, okay, it has my attention.
Robiiii said:
I hope the cat will play a major role in this

I'm hoping the same xD
"At some point, I stopped hoping."
Nov 20, 2016 4:11 AM

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I've read a few chapters, it's not that good from what I've read.

Regardless, it's ongoing so i'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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Nov 20, 2016 5:18 AM

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I checked the first tome of the manga and it seemed very common. Has anyone been able to read further enough to have an interesting opinion about it?

On the other side, it's nice to see Masami Yûki (writer here) back on the screen (with this and the Patlabor short). If only it helps to get more of his works in western bookshops, that's great!
Nov 20, 2016 6:06 AM

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pls not be another young black jack.. however, it looks awesome, at least visually.. havent try the manga it self...

as for pluto, i think consecutive movie could work... but it's already popular even without adaptation.. i really don't thhink it necessary because of it... not everything need to be animated..
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Nov 20, 2016 6:44 AM
News Team
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VanishingKira said:
If this can get an anime maybe Pluto will,I know MAPPA wanted to but lacked funding maybe after all the fujobucks they get from Yuri on Ice they'll make it happen.
This or with the new new studio of Maruyama that he has created recently (M2)
Nov 20, 2016 9:05 AM

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Kuma said:
pls not be another young black jack.. however, it looks awesome, at least visually.

^pretty much this

I would love a Pluto adaptation at this point, but I can wait. This one arguably looks a lot more workable than YBJ did. Hopefully, we have a good adaptation on our hands with this.
Nov 20, 2016 9:51 AM

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Production I.G. is rolling with the old school hard in 2017, it seems.
Nov 20, 2016 1:24 PM

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Tenma looks like a delinquent and a skinny Ochanomizu just doesn't look right, but otherwise this looks interesting. I've enjoyed most of the other Astro Boy stories, so I'll probably check this one out too.
Nov 20, 2016 2:06 PM

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Never was a big fan of the Astro Boy franchise but the staff and preview got me excited for this. Going to give it a try for sure.
Nov 20, 2016 8:28 PM

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Hmm. Looks very promising, but...where is my Pluto adaption?!?
Bum Bum Dum Dum

Nov 21, 2016 12:55 AM

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Looking forward to this, it's always nice to see a different take on parts of the Astro Boy universe.
Stone Ocean adaption when?
Mar 5, 2017 10:53 PM

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Studio OLM holy shit!!!!