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Poll: Zettai naru Isolator Volume 2 Discussion

Nov 15, 2016 4:40 AM

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Great that I can probably expect the entire Isolator series to continue with a swap between Protagonist-Antagonist perspective, but the moment I bought my own copy... there doesn't seem to be a lot of pages OH NO!

It was sentimental this time around with Utsugi meeting Minowa again. Utsugi and Yumiko confiding with each other about their values and beliefs resulting in the climax with both of them working together to stop the Igniter. Utsugi still leaning towards his desire to erase himself from everyone though.

Riri's -the loli aka Speculator- ability is ridiculous, as if you collected all the minds of every great detective out there! (reminds me of ib: Instant Bullet, there's the ability of rationality? probability? I forget, but it relates to thinking.)

The Igniter's ability had quite the twist, and during the climax I actually just visualized him shooting a beam from his hands (LOL). I can't even imagine breathing oxygen deprived air, is it like breathing in space?

There's more light shed on Utsugi's Third Eye Ability, and now I take it as "Reject all substances I deem foreign". A selfish power, Utsugi gets to decide what he enter his zone and absolutely rejects anything else (like hugging Yumiko and protecting her). I'm not too sure Olivier =Oli-V the Divider= is able to cut it now...

I have an issue with this Volume. It felt rushed to the point where the emotions just poured out and the final fight ends in seconds. what? Was it because the length was shorter? or was it simply because the Biter had surrendered to the Third Eye while the Igniter never had the chance to?

Almost like watching an anime with fast pacing. I can't necessarily call it "bad", as developing the relationship between Yumiko and Utsugi is very important as they more or less follow opposite ideals and values. Who really wants to see Utsugi's ideal of be deleted from everyone happening as the fitting ending anyways? That's like a massive punch in the face.

Will the story eventually become Utsugi the Rejector? The one man army who puts his allies in a shield and walks ACCELLLLEERRATESSS towards the Ruby Eyes burst-crashing into them like my good friend Truck-senpai??!

Considering there's the League of Ruby Eyes, I'll be expecting Ruby Eyes to work in pairs eventually... like how the Jet Eyes do.

Super bonus points for UtsugixYumiko moments (especially with Utsugi's desire of wanting to hug her even tighter, haha! DAMN! THE DESIRES!)
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Dec 7, 2017 1:27 AM

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Damn it, that was a cool volume, all these introductory of the SDF team gives a little more depth about the mysteries hanging around. All this intricate details how Utsugi's power is derive and how it should work related to physics is my favorite part..... Igniter is a very good antagonist as well, portraying how exactly a genius in life can be so dangerous tweaked by a ruby eyes..

And about Utsugi's character development, hhmmn, he only shown around none to little change but that's the series main theme anyway so it's best to write it slowly and clear like in this volume. Possibly, Yumiko and the rest will take him out of his shell, but that will let me lead to theorize that maybe Jet eyes wielder might lose their ability once their source of their power is solve(?).. Hopefully not.