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Oct 15, 2016 9:25 PM
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Hey can anyone help me find a manga. I can't remember the title but in the beginning of the manga the girl destroys her birthday cake. He dad then walks in to give her a present. A white dress and when she asks what for he says that he set up a arranged marriage. She refuses until she see the picture and realizes its the guy she has a crush on. They marry still in high school. Thinking they are going to live in the mansion they get sent to a shabby apartment that her parents supportable started their marriage in. The guy hates her at first but they soon start to get along. The friend of the girl has a crush on her and later finds out about the marriage. He then offers the guy that if he divorces the girl then he'll make the marriage contract disappear. The guy then takes the girl out of a date and gets her a ring only to break up with her. She then finds out that he lied to her and the shower wasn't broken.

If you know what manga this is please tell me. ^W^