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Poll: 3-gatsu no Lion Episode 2 Discussion

Apr 19, 2018 9:01 AM

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Loved the last 5 mins, still trying to get into the rest of the show, don't know the rules of shogi but it doesn't look like its gonna be the focus of the show at all, so thank God.

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Apr 25, 2018 3:04 PM

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Some amazing boobs this episode, now I must look for the Akari doujins.
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Dec 30, 2018 1:29 AM

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feel like this is the type of show i'd get bored at, but something is definitely pulling me and making it interesting. not sure what it is, because i have no idea how to play shogi, and the characters are outstanding right now.
Jan 1, 2:36 PM

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Akari is so damn cute <3
Feb 1, 7:21 PM
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I had much more fun with this episode than the previous one: I watched the first one six months ago I think but it kinda bored me.

Rei's faces were funny, but his sad expression... man, I wonder what kind of life he has had so far. Seeing how Rei came to meet the sisters was interesting. Akari seems to be much more than a nice, caring person.
ReinhardVonMusel said:
Some amazing boobs this episode, now I must look for the Akari doujins.
Haha, that pair sure was unexpected. Props to her.
Mar 14, 6:57 AM

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Nice episode and interactions between the characters. I have zero knowledge about the game he is playing though lol.

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Mar 19, 3:29 PM

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Akari is sweet, too sweet!
May 4, 12:53 PM

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I'm only halfway through the episode and I had to pause to say there is something really creepy about Akari's face. She barely looks human with no lips and those dead eyes. The dress was nice and everything and she has a wonderful, sweet personality, but, GOD...that face gives me the shivers.

Finished watching the entire episode and she was just plain creepy...sorry bout that....but creepy.

Ok, I just read through all the other comments and realize that I am totally the only person creeped out by Akari's weird face. Go ahead and let me have it. I don't mind!

(but she's still creepy looking)

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May 19, 8:27 PM

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I am seriously enjoying this show. Probably one of my favorites of the shows I am watching right now. It's such a complex yet relaxing show, and I love it. Momo is fucking adorable. Definitely quality imouto material. I once again love the dynamic between Rei and Akari. Good stuff, good stuff.

I still have no idea how anything related to shogi works. It's kinda funny how lost I am during the shogi games.
Jul 14, 12:25 PM

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I'm sorry, but it seems like there will be too much events with these japanese chess. And nobody even intend to explain some basics of the game.
Btw, story feels too empty, pacifistic and obviously teen-oriented. I'm sure, high-school boys who associating themselves with the bored protagonist will be excited, and I don't blame them.
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Sep 17, 6:09 AM
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The art for the faces will need a little getting used to. I hope the monologues from Rei decrease, or at least have some changes in tone every now and then, otherwise it will get repetitive. Nevertheless, its been good so far. Not something I can binge though, its just too depressing to do that.
Oct 2, 12:35 PM

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Akari and her family basically gave some color to Rei's colorless life, still looks like he is struggling with something
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