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Poll: Koe no Katachi Episode 1 Discussion

Mar 24, 2018 6:35 PM

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I knew the premise, but wasn't quite sure what to expect beyond that. A Silent Voice certainly hit much closer to home than I imagined. Ishida's feelings of isolation, guilt and redemption deeply resonate with my own life. Though I've never been suicidal, I know what it is to lose the will to live. Reigniting that will and maintaining it has been an upward battle, but this definitely gave me a boost of courage to hold onto what I have and keep going.

This was a very touching story of how each person reaches out to mend the scars of their past and move forward. I like how the characters had aspects of them that could be frustrating (although Kawai's victim complex & Ueno's "holier than thou" attitude certainly made my blood boil), yet never boxed any of them into being one dimensional in their flaws. Though with that said, Nishimiya has a heart of gold.

Apr 1, 2018 2:13 PM

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Well,that was certainly an emotional coaster ride!
I'd been meaning to watch this for a while now,and finally,I'm glad I did.
I can't say I've really enjoyed an anime movie as much for a long,LONG time.
And thought my comments are usually tongue in cheek,I can't do that with this one,since I think I need to go buy some more tissues.
The only thing I can really say I wanted out of it,was to see if Shouya and Shouko actually did get together after the end,though I think it ended well anyway.
Right,what next to watch?
Apr 12, 2018 11:32 PM

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It left a lot of things out. Like at the start we learn that Shouya and his friends are Daredevils and jump into lakes and all that kind of stuff. Also I liked the fact that in this movie Yuzu was the one to discover her mother crying but people who only watched the movie wouldn't understand why and that it's connected to Yuzu running away and sleeping in the park when Shouya found her. It's in my opinion better that Yuzu found her crying at her grandma's funeral then Shouya. Tho the movie had a lot and I mean a lot of plot holes considering the source material it wasn't that bad but in my opinion the movie teaches us to let go and not only that but also tells us that usually these bad emotions and views that we think that people have about us is just our own imagination at play. It made it a lot more clearer than the manga did.
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Apr 15, 2018 2:59 AM

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As both a reader of the manga and this movie i got a question.

I recently bought myself the complete manga set of a silent voice and i was looking for the page where Shouya is finally able to look people in the eyes again (without the crosses around there faces) and starts to tear up and let go of it all. I found that part so powerful but i can't find the manga page where that particular scene happens.

I was almost sure that part was in the manga too, but might I've been mistaken about that? is the English version different maybe?
Would be nice is someone happens to know about this :)
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May 2, 2018 5:59 PM
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Completed the manga on Nov 20, 2014. A day after it finished publishing. Big fan. Great manga. One of the best romance manga.

Unfortunately I'm watching it 1+ year late because I got off anime and forgot.

I don't remember him wanting to commit suicide but anyway.
It's a pretty good adaption. The cinematography, animation and art is fucking gorgeous. But I think I'm a little disappointed just like I was with the manga for the fact of not having them date as a couple or kiss in the end.
They pretty much focused on the bigger important parts of the story while limiting the more detailed character development from Nagatasuka's film. They also hid Ueno's more direct scenes where she confessed to Ishida. Where her love and jealousy was a little more obvious.

Loved the voice acting. Great beautiful voices. Nagatsuka is hilarious.
It's awkward hearing Nishiyima speak but that's what I love about it. The scenes were great but the music was cheerful of hope and not depressing of sadness even though the scenes were dramatic, or else I might of cried if the scenes had the right mood with the music.

Yuzura and their mother was a little more involved, as well as Ishida's mother and cousin a tiny bit if I remember right.
In the manga the pace is slower with a little more detail and more story to Ishida's friendships and struggle. As well as Ueno and their film. That's a decently big chunk they cut out.
May 3, 2018 10:41 AM

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Even though MC was an asshole I'm sad his personality got completely shit on as an adult. I was kinda wishing he would regain his confidence back by the end of the movie.
May 14, 2018 6:33 PM
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This is one of my most hated anime in my life this shit just pisses me off fucking gay ass anime.
May 18, 2018 3:51 PM

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This movie made me cry so hard.

May 27, 2018 11:05 PM

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There's so much aesthetic that you forget to think about what the fuck is actually going on. But it was very enjoyable.
Aug 18, 2018 3:31 PM

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The movie is overrated but I like it, mostly for the animation. My main complain is that Ishida woke up for the power of love. That was pretty stupid. Also, most of the girls are annoying, especially Ueno. Fuck you Ueno. At least there some good scenes and the ending was decent. My score is 6/10 (I could give this 5/10 easily).
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Sep 26, 2018 6:35 PM
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I must say that this anime was such a touching, realistic and authentic movie. It left me in tears at times and in some cases, grinning like an idiot. Ishida is a character that you can emphasize with. His character is raw and really potrays the hardships and learnings of life. You see how he grows to become regretful and so hateful toward himself that he almost commits suicide. As he makes a friends and reconnets with others throughout the movie you see that he becomes stronger. At the end of the film we finally lets himself live. When all the crosses on everyones face falls, this is an important to Ishida as it shows that he isn't afraid anymore. The anime demonstrated on so many themes and subjects, and I absolutely loved it! :)
Sep 27, 2018 1:20 PM

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Pretty good tbh, need to rewatch someday!
Oct 14, 2018 7:27 PM
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Nice film but Ueno is an insufferable bitch.

I wished nishimiya shoko and ishida ended up together.
Oct 22, 2018 3:34 PM

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They graciously avoided turning it into a romance even with Shouko's feelings coming out in the film, and with the infrequency of the fact Shouya is trying to redeem himself it's a level of awkwardness avoided. By the end though it's more than just making it up to a young woman but the capacity to face others head-on. Wikipedia's entry callin' this teen drama don't do it right; it's a story about redemption, change, and self-discovery

There was a scene in the hospital and I think one in Shouko's bedroom (she's older in both scenes) where I thought there was some other medical condition she had or something was getting worse, but it seems like it was for the grandmother and maybe they could've communicated that better. Oh and the final scene where all of Shouya's friends involved in this were flashing through his mind, I would've taken out the uh, slanted eye guy and the other guy since they weren't part of the "healing" process

KyoAni managed to make Shouko's deafness feel like a medical condition instead of a moé point, a herculean feat of direction that absolutely needed to be treated seriously for the story to have the deft hand it did. Nope, the endearing part of her character comes from her communication with everyone else

Best thing about the film though is how meticulously it goes through Shouya's thought process. Not a lot to say because he walks us through it. Final note, I can point to the balcony scene as the film's climax looking back, but when watching it's like the movie has no 3rd act. There's the flashback to when Shouya and Shouko were in elementary school, and then...that's it. The film never has an indication for where you can start expecting it to end except for the final scenes themselves. It implores the viewer to never mentally disengage, pushing audiences to always watch the signs and listen to the silence
Oct 29, 2018 4:29 AM

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For me it was a beautiful and complex story showing many problems of our society and life starting from bullying, depression, anxiety and ending on friendship, understanding another person, proper communication with others, seeking for forgiveness and a way to achieve that and many more

I felt In love with, scenes compositions, flashbacks and many other aspects of animation as with music at itself (actually I wasn't focused entirely on music. I appreciated it and understood how big impact it had on entire story when I watch some videos on YT).

It was a story that I'm sure I could relate to and that I could felt a connection - the same goes for characters as well.

The only thing that bothers my is that I'm not quiet sure if I understood it properly. I feel like I'm missing something. This is the first time in my entire life EVER I tried to analyze the "creation" at so deep level and still I'm not quite sure If I understand everything.

There is many thing that I could try to say (starting from every single thing that I loved and what I hated) but I think that the main thing that touched me was how big impact it had on me. How I tried to understand something, tried to analyze. How it pushed me to ask myself do I ever understood someone? Was there someone that trully understood me and did I appreciated that? Am I understand myself?

This movie is definitely the one that I will rewatch in future and I will, for sure, read source materials.
Nov 8, 2018 12:39 PM

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I finally decided to watch this movie and I must say I am not disappointed. I already expected that it will not be 100% faithful to the manga but the movie still captured the essence that made the manga such a success. It's been years since I last read the manga. I remember finishing it in one sitting before going to work not caring if I came late. I dont remember Ueno to be that despicable in the manga though and it was made more obvious in the manga that she has feelings for Ishida.

The only thing I didnt liked about the movie, actually even in the manga, is that the ending was so unsatisfying and like there's an itch that didnt get scratched. I needed more romantic conclusion 😭😭😭 at least in Your Name I was kinda satisfied even if it was an open ending as well.

Anyway great movie. It's been a while since I last got the feels from watching something 9/10.

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Nov 14, 2018 9:00 AM
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SaturnSkye said:
GohanwaOkazu said:
One thing that I didn't fully understand by first view was one of the triggers that motivated Shoko to confess her feelings with her own voice.

Yeah I thought they were going to expand on that more, about the hospital scene. They skimmed over a few things like that.

Aruciel said:
What I disliked about it though, was the audience. During some scenes where Shouko was getting bullied, there were many people in the audience that burst out laughing. Made me question if it was just me or if people are just assholes. Waiting for it to come out and watching it alone may make for a more enjoyable experience.

Just jerks... I watched it at the cinema too and that didn't happen. Cruddy that they hindered your experience.

Ok so I'm a bit bitter sweet about this and I think the reason why is that the subtitled translation wasn't as good as it could be. In the first half, especially when Shouko was being bullied, I held back tears on numerous occasions. Then in the second half I found that things weren't as well explained as I'd like, conversations were just a bit off. It's hard to put my finger on it.

The other thing is that for some reason I wasn't expecting this to be so much about friendship. I was expecting more of a romance. Sure it was obvious that they like each other, with Shouko even confessing at one point. I felt the ending was a bit abrupt, as I was still expecting romance. It was developing nicely and then all of a sudden he drops his walls and all is well. The end. That's nice but I was wanting more. That seemed to be the general consensus in the cinema. Maybe they shouldn't of placed that confession half way through. That's just building hopes that end up accounting to nothing, is it not? The miscommunication wasn't actually addressed. He could of at least asked her out. That would have made for a better ending imo.

I don't know. I was really feeling it in the first half but it lost me a bit in the second. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed it. There's lots of good points. I felt it was unique, I liked the themes, the maturity and it was emotional and heartfelt. I wanted to give it a 10 at first but by the end I'd say an 8. Still great, I just wasn't completely satisfied. Anyone else feel similar?

I had those same feelings
Nov 26, 2018 8:04 PM
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I was crying throughout the whole movie. It was a really great movie. One of the best anime films I have ever seen.
Jan 15, 3:57 AM

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I saw this film at the cinema and already from the trailer I realized that it was a film with a plot that was going to deal with sensitive topics such as bullying. In fact, this anime struck me, because the author has given himself everything to make us understand the concept of friendship and loyalty to others. The film is well dubbed and well animated, in fact there are details such as panoramas or places made very well. The only flaw in my opinion is the final act, because you expect it to end in a certain way; to see the other end, it is good to get the manga. This is a film that should be seen and reviewed, because it leaves a mark.
Jan 17, 9:00 PM

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This movie was perfection. I have dealt with issues such as bullying and its not pleasant to go through. The way this movie presented this aspect of bullying and how friendship in general changes over time resonated deeply with me. This movie is just amazing and I hope I can find another movie that inspires me and makes me just as happy as I am now. I am soooo glad I finally decided to pick this up .

11/10 (first ever)
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Jan 31, 8:48 PM

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Phenomenal film. Breathtakingly well presented by KyoAni, hearing My Generation by the Who at the beginning was a pleasant surprise. It actually felt like a unique choice that stands out from other films.

The story of course, is pretty great. I blazed through the manga, but the ending to the manga was disappointing as it didn't feel complete. I was interested to see what KyoAni would do with it, and honestly I can say I liked the manga's ending better. It just felt more complete than what the movie gave us. It felt kind of abrupt how it ended. They cut out quite a bit, but I felt they hit the most important beats and it flowed well.

The cast of characters I think is overall good, but Shouko and Shouya were the real standouts. I think they portrayed Tomohiro in a much more positive way than what he's like in the manga, he was sort of a little douche at times. Nao is still the worst. And Shouya's mom is the biggest sweetheart.

The dub was exceptional, especially using a deaf actress for Shouko. A really good decision. It really helped sell Shouko as a character. Robbie Draymond did terrific as Shouya.

The story of bullying and treating those who are different than us with kindness and respect are very powerful in this film. The beginning does a great job of hammering that into us the first 30 minutes. Shouya's redemption and Shouko's acceptance of herself were both really well written. I really adore Shouko.

Overall, a really terrific film that shouldn't be overlooked. It teaches us so many important lessons through very well written characters. 9/10
Feb 2, 6:13 PM
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I have to agree with every word of the above review. I was very moved by this movie, and yes, the dub is outstanding. Lexi Cowden in particular gives a heartbreakingly authentic turn as Shoko, and the end result is all the more tangible because of it.
Mar 18, 2:32 AM

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okay I have not finished but I had to pause I the beginning the mom has blood on her. did the mother of the heroine fight with her wtf
Mar 18, 4:31 AM

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finished. 8 out of 10. no kiss. at least she confessed. man someone refer me a true romance anime movie or anime. after watching pancreas and this I need a warm fuzzy romance
Apr 2, 6:08 AM
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I had tears rolling down my face at the end.
Apr 6, 5:04 AM

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It had a happy ending, yay!
Ueno is the only one I couldn't forgive.
Apr 10, 11:55 PM

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i expected to have a waterfall come down more....but i ended up getting more infuriated at cookie cutter KyoAni black hair bitch. if there was one person that deserves more comeuppance, its her
EDIT: the more i think about it...the other goody goody two shoe girl is silently infuriating too and shoulda got comeuppance as well, considering outta nowhere post-time skip, she LOUDLY threw MC under the bus for no reason when he just wanted to talk. plus i hate fake people
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Apr 30, 2:13 PM
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Overrated af!! Not worth to watch!! Same regular storyline, everything was predictable, boring+slow pace!!! 3.7/10
May 1, 8:00 AM
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this was a great anime movie I thought the charters were realalistic and had different motives and ways of looking at things as people do in real life I am sure deaf people get bulled in real life as well a soild story music was ok animation was very good I am not sure why the girl wound up liking her tormentor later on also the theme of both thinking about suscide was really bold and I think maybe it will help others to relies others peoples feelings I highly recommend this movie
May 5, 9:38 PM

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None of this would have happened if Shoko didn't transfer to school for normal kids. She's deaf ffs, what's next enroll a blind kid there? Anyway the movie is not bad but it is overrated. Everything seems to be going well with Shoko then she just tries to kill herself. I didn't see any hints that would explain why she did that during that time, maybe back when she was being bullied.
Jun 3, 2:25 PM

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The movie is good, that's for sure. But it felt confusing to me at times. And the ending was kind of not fulfilling. I need to rewatch it one day and now I think I'll read manga and compare.
Jun 4, 11:09 AM

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This a masterpiece. No matter how many times i rewatch always feel all the emotions.Just love this movie.
Jun 6, 3:01 PM

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Just finished it. I thought it was fantastic. When Shouko left the fireworks I knew what she was going to do but watching Shouya scramble to save her only to fall himself really got to me.

This film really brought out the feels in me.
Jun 11, 4:42 AM

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PrimeX said:
None of this would have happened if Shoko didn't transfer to school for normal kids. She's deaf ffs, what's next enroll a blind kid there? Anyway the movie is not bad but it is overrated. Everything seems to be going well with Shoko then she just tries to kill herself. I didn't see any hints that would explain why she did that during that time, maybe back when she was being bullied.
It stated literally right after during the bridge scene near the end of the movie. Ishida ruined his friendship with his new friends again because of Shouko, technically. The incident from the past was brought up previously and Ishida tried to cast everyone away. Shouko blames herself for this, which is why she even says that she thought it'd be better off if she "disappeared."
Jun 16, 12:43 PM

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I know what I was getting into, but fuck that dude. For real. His mother didnt deserve such a brat. Top anime mom btw.

The breakfast scene was probably the strongest scene in anime I have ever seen that didnt rely on unspoken metaphores.

Why didnt we ever see his big sister? We see her kid, her husband and she is in the frame, why no face?

Shoko is the cutest girl ever.
Yuzu is great.
Not sure how I feel about the other girls, Miki seems to be dumb honest, Miyoko did nothing wrong I guess. Both arent enough to form an opinion for me. Naoko is kinda a generic bitchy teenage girl, I dont really dislike that though.
She was in the hospital the entire time as well, so she genually cares for MC dude. I really like her, she is the most normal character we see as well IMO.

Not gonna lie, the first time I saw this I thought MC would went deaf or blind from the fall as well, somehow I still thought thats how it would end this time after it was implied thats what happened to Shoko, so I expected cringe, but it wasnt luckily.

Its a bit much like generic loner anime material because it starts with "look how lonely I am" and 30 minutes later everyone suddenly likes him and wants to be friends with him.
Well I guess thats kinda the point of the movie, that everything will work out somehow in the end.

All in all it was still as amazing as I remembered. You dont always need some supernatural event like saving a town from a metheor. A simple down to earth story works just as well.
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Jun 24, 9:16 PM

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Yeah, so that's the best anime KyoAni has made.
Jun 25, 8:36 PM

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It was a bit confusing at time (it’s a 2 hour movie with a ton of source material to cover so I’m not surprised) but I rather did enjoy the movie.

Oscar and Andre deserved better
Jul 3, 9:11 PM

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Loved it! I think they did a great job adapting this. Obviously there were some parts cut out, but still a good job none the less. Manga was better. 9/10
Jul 4, 1:14 AM
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PrimeX said:
None of this would have happened if Shoko didn't transfer to school for normal kids. She's deaf ffs, what's next enroll a blind kid there? Anyway the movie is not bad but it is overrated. Everything seems to be going well with Shoko then she just tries to kill herself. I didn't see any hints that would explain why she did that during that time, maybe back when she was being bullied.

That's bad to say. What kind of savages bullies someone for being deaf? When I went to school, disabled people were off limits. If someone tried to bully them. There would be plenty of people ready to give that bully a beatdown.
Jul 8, 6:43 AM

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One of the greatest movies I've ever seen! Words can't describe hiw great this movie is! More than a masterpiece 100/10
Suggest me some good manga!

Jul 17, 11:36 PM

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"Why do you like anime?" some people asked me...
"Because is art" I said.
"Why do you think that?" they asked...
"Because films like this" I answered them.

This is a MUST WATCH for everyone who likes art. Not only anime fans.
Jul 19, 2:05 PM

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Wonderful movie. There were quite a few moments where I had to choke back tears.

Please support KyoAni!
Jul 21, 2:56 PM
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Parkrover said:
"Why do you like anime?" some people asked me...
"Because is art" I said.
"Why do you think that?" they asked...
"Because films like this" I answered them.

This is a MUST WATCH for everyone who likes art. Not only anime fans.

Yes, it became my favorite anime movie. One of the 10 best movies I have ever seen. I will buy all the mangas.
Jul 25, 2:43 AM
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Best anime movie ever ^^
Aug 6, 7:57 PM

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Not a bad romance. I thought it interesting that deaf speech in Japanese sounds a lot like deaf speech in English. All in all enjoyable. 8/10
Aug 9, 12:17 PM

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Amazing work, impressive animation, and truly beliveible characters, with real problems. Lately, ive been interested in anime, that explores the human mind/being, and so far, this is one of the best animes i have ever seen in this topic. In memory to all those people who have died at KyoAni, i will watch all their works, i know that dosent help with the situation, but i want to respect the works of those people who lost their lives. Lets hope for a brighter future for KyoAni, and the survivors!
Aug 11, 4:51 AM

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This was an outstanding movie overall. A very powerful one indeed. 9/10.

Aug 11, 5:45 PM

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My heart is still in recovery mode.

I was so mad at Ueno and Kawai. They were so infuriating. Especially Kawai playing the victim and really throwing Ishida under the bus twice. Those are the worst people in history. Willing to let someone else take all the heat. I think I hate her the most. It reminds me of the movie Atonement when the main character is sent off to war and dies because one person's lies. Then there was Ueno who showed 0 growth and was abusive to Shoko even after all the years that past. How dare she blame Shoko and even keep her visiting Ishida in the hospital. I had so much rage for them. I almost forgot about Shimada like the nerve to make it your mission to turn people against Ishada even after starting new schools.

Ishida shouldn't have been a sympathetic character but he really did change his ways and he suffered so many years in silence. They're lucky he didn't turn to more violence and shoot up the school. Ishida was so earnest and really put himself out there to find Shoko - that was such an unexpected turn. His ability to learn for his past mistakes is honorable. I am amazed at his character development. Bullying, depression, love lost, love found, death, are such heavy topics and for the most part it was handled well for just 2 hours.

I definitely think Shoko had some sort of mental illness; she was not good at picking up on social cues at all. She also never defended herself, expect for that one time she fought back with Ishida. So her falling in love with Ishida doesn't come as a surprise as it doesn't seem like she really made friends and this guy is genuinely atoning for his past sins. It was heart wrenching to see the physical and mental torture she had to endure through adulthood. She's such a amazing character. Even her attempted suicide was meant to a be selfless act. I glad that she had her own redemption and is on the path to self love.

I'm so angry but somehow I still liked this movie alot haha. Yuzuru was a shining beacon. Dealing with the family dynamics of divorce, a strict mother, a sister that has special needs, and her own gender identity - she was very well adjusted youngster. Tomohiro is the best friend every person deserves. Even through Ishida's past - Tomohiro saw him for the amazing person he had become and was willing to go the extra mile for the friendship. Also seeing the two single mothers end up as friends at the end - that was beautiful.

I honestly don't mind if Shoko and Ishida do not end up together romantically. They have both been so sheltered and then there's the whole Stockholm syndrome thing. If they're best friends that will be just as awesome. I really hope they get to be people who are loved and have friends throughout their lives. I also hope that that Ishida bonds with his sister - we never got to see her face.

I can type forever so let me stop now and give this a 9/10! The OST is also worth listening too 10/10.
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Sep 14, 5:06 PM

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I watched this without reading the manga first and felt that it was difficult to follow. I liked the premise and the message though.

I read the manga right after which helped shed some light on the plot holes and lack of structure in the movie adaptation. Interesting to learn more about the side characters.
Sep 18, 10:46 PM
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Great psychological anime movie. As others have said it's a powerful story. Even though it's stereotypical it would've been cute if Ishida and Shoko became a couple officially finding love despite difficulty. Or maybe "teach me how to live" counts. Ueno was annoying though and took me out of the story, it didn't make sense to insist the cast of characters would forgive her and let her hang out with them... unless this is to say don't hang out with people like Ueno. The megane girl didn't do much to defend Shoko, sheesh she wasn't that innocent lol and she might be more of a coward than the tall girl who had a difficult home life due to poverty. Nature tone scenes near the end with the koi and ripples in the water were lovely.
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