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Sep 20, 2016 12:08 PM
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"It was ten years ago, I was in a rough crowd back then" the memorization of an older time, his voice cracked a little giving the hint of disgrace and dishonor, a time that he deeply regretted "I was in a group that dealt with crime daily" a frown became more apparent "I truly had no bad intentions but they were all I had, My friends were all I had- they accepted me before anyone else did- that meant a lot to me" he hunched over and leaned on the desk with his left arm supporting his head "One day there was a terrible fight against a Family that was trying to overstep their boundaries and unlucky for me I was in the wrong place at the wrong time" he paused and his eyes shifted to the distance to avoid eye contact "We were waiting in a car for one of my fellows to come out of a store and before you know it another car Tee’d us from the intersection, I was dazed and fortunately I was sitting in the passenger’s seat but the driver and another mate in the back seat on the same side weren't so lucky, there was hesitation in his voice but he didn't stop and it seemed that he told this story before "Dazed I opened the door and stumbled out, the friend in the store came running out to aid us only to be met by two rivals waiting with Tommy's- he pulled his pistol but Lucky Hershel wasn't so lucky, I watched as they sprayed him down- as he collapsed right I'm front of me" ... "It quickly dawned on me that they planned this hit for a while so I was probably next- just to send a message. I picked up Hershel's pistol that lay in front of me and I rolled on to my back. It was what seemed like forever and they didn't noticed I was still alive, I met the eyes of the rival driver then raised the pistol- caught off guard he went to get back into the car but the bullet was much faster. Shots rang off most of them weren't my doing- it might of been the passenger shooting back or the driver shooting as he collapsed either way I shot back and ran for my life" his eyes now was directed at the ceiling "I was brought in and interrogated by the police- I told them everything, I was visited by the Family- the Herson Crime Family's legal affair head and they told me they'll do all they can... to hang in there. I hung with the wrong crowd but I truly had no bad intentions, we did get in trouble and in fights every now and then but don't all kids. I’m tired of regretting what I did... I guess that’s another punishment, I’m done with playing around and now I'm almost done with High school- they still keep a close eye on me". He returned his eyes to the boy sitting in front of him then shifted to the girl that sat next to that boy, his eyes showed true sorrow, true regret. It amazed them, his story was one that you could only come across once and it came straight from the horse’s mouth, they were a little afraid of him but his face of sorrow claimed most of their feelings. "Don't pity me, it’s wrong what I've done and I accept that- I'll accept that you avoid me or are afraid of me but not pity... I don't deserve that" he said now leaning back placing his hands on the desk. His long sleeve shirt stretched along his arms but ruffled just before the wrist as it met a thick black plastic band, and on the forearm side of the band was a large square with a red dot that flashed every other second in the middle. The boy gazed out of window to the rest of the campus of the school, in the center of the campus was the large outdoor lunch area that was decorated with a water fountain in the middle "Do you eat lunch inside or outside?" He asked as he continued to gaze out the window both listeners were stunned but snapped back "Ya, I eat outside" the girl responded pushing her hair that hung on the sides behind her ear "I do too" the boy said giving an awkward look to the girl "Oh cool".
"I'm Jack" said the boy that listened intently to the story reached out his hand for a handshake, and the story teller returned the action with a smile "Nice to meet you", "I'm Sarah" the girl smile politely adding to their greetings "It’s nice to meet you too" the boy politely smiled back to her.
"That’s when I met Cline"
"That’s when I met the boy Cline"
"That’s when I met Jack and Sarah"...
Being a high school student I was obliviously curious about the new student that transferred in and the sketchy look to him just added fuel to the fire. I'm Jack Berman the third best damn basketball player in our city so it was my duty to lead the investigation of the new kid for all my followers. He transferred in last week on a Monday and ever since then rumors were dished out like hot cakes on a Sunday morning, most of the stories were that he was some hard ass criminal that was kicked out of his last school for kicking some teachers ass but I didn't believe any of these stories since no one actually knows what school he came from. I gave it a week and then I confronted him but someone had the same idea, Sarah was the "star student" of the juniors, we both arrived at his desk at the same time. Cline sat at the very back near the classroom window and always seemed to gaze out of it when there was free time or when he got the chance, He wore a black long sleeve shirt with a white shirt over that, a snow white scarf that looked like an oversized bandana that hung from his neck and his dark blue jeans stretched across his legs. He wasn't that tall around the average height for someone our age but the way he sat was just making him look like vicious, but I think now that was because of the stories for the most part. As Sarah and I approached his desk he certainly acknowledged us but didn't show a reaction, "How's it going?" I first asked and it was replied with a "Fine, how bout' you?" He talked calmly and just the sound of his steady and calm voice soothed my nerves. No doubt the others students were watching from a distance waiting for me to get my ass kicked in but that never happened, we exchanged sentences and Sarah added to the conversation every now and then but mostly just listened. I've talked to Sarah a couple of times before and she was rather a sweet girl, she is average height, wears glasses, long light brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice slim body plus she's a nut when it comes to education. She's a well-rounded girl being polite and social when need earning her the nickname Star Sarah, Sarah and I took the step forward but weren't prepared for what Cline told us- his story was beyond the rumors told... Beyond me.
(Thoughts? Advice? This is not even a rough draft more like a idea wriiten down before I went mentally insane lol zP That said I know the start is cliché, I don't know how to start off things well so if got any suggestion please do tell z))