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Poll: Fukigen na Mononokean Episode 13 Discussion

Oct 10, 2016 4:33 PM

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Pretty decent ending, he did get his vision back as expected and it ended pretty well. However the ending feels a bit empty for a reason but with a slice of life like theme, I can't expect much other than this rather open ending.

All in all a pretty fun and quite interesting atmospheric anime I must say!
Oct 11, 2016 6:04 AM

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I really enjoyed this, was surprised by it. Fuzzy is one of the cutest things I've encountered in anime LOL. I really hope there's a second season but even if it was planned there aren't that many chapters (I think) so it'll be a while before it comes out, I don't know how many chapters the anime adapted. I'm curious about what happened with previous youkai master and Abeno though I have an idea, about Ashiya's father and the power Ashiya has.
Oct 11, 2016 8:46 AM

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Fuzzy is like the cutest thing ever, aww. Frankly if it wasn't for the design of the yokai, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this series. I am not a fan of the writing at all, and Ashiya is freaking annoying. Some of the "heartwarming" scenes were rather cringey. The show also didn't do all that well at character exposition, that even after 13 episodes, I still don't quite know the characters all that well, other than the basics. Fuzzy was really the only one I got attached to. I also didn't like that the story forces itself to pry into Abeno's past when he's unwilling to talk about it.

It was still a decent watch, but it could've been better. Also, Kaji Yuki as Ashiya, no wonder he's annoying.
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Oct 22, 2016 7:20 AM
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There was pretty much no main story, so not much to say about that. The various episodes were not that bad. I really liked the character designs, especially the youkai.
Nov 14, 2016 9:02 PM

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I loved that bit at the end where Ashiya was playing ball with Moja. Too cute!!

I enjoyed this series. 8/10!
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Nov 29, 2016 9:05 AM
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good ending and just realised how much i like NobunagaShinobi
Dec 4, 2016 11:01 AM

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Everyone scares ashiya back into getting his sight, he needed to want to get it back.
Dec 6, 2016 6:08 AM
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Am I the only one who wonders about why the main character had a blue ring appearing around his wrist when he was in the yokai world??????? I swear if they don't have another season to explain this!!!! I WANT SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 17, 2016 7:04 AM
Soli The Lewdy

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Ending fitted pretty well. I sure enjoyed this one.

Dec 18, 2016 10:44 AM

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That was a pretty decent ending.
It would realy suck if he wouldn't be able to see youkai again.

Overall, it was an alright show with a few very good moments (such as episode 1 and 10), but most of the it was "only" ok.
It gets a 6/10 from me.
Dec 28, 2016 6:16 AM
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i liked this episode but it wasn't really the "punch you in the feels so you cry in the corner in foetal position" that i usually like, so hopefully theres a 2nd season and it will be a bit more emotional :) my opinion tho
Jan 11, 2017 7:04 AM

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Hoping for a season 2! There were a few things left unanswered, like Hanaes mysterious power he used at the beginning, and what happened to Aoi
Jan 30, 2017 2:27 AM

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Great ending! XD A lot different from the manga, but it's better imo, very heartwarming especially the part where all the previous arcs' yokai came together to help Ashiya get his vision back. I might have teared up a bit (ok, a lot) at the scene of Fuzzy hanging onto Ashiya's back unnoticed, with Zenko watching sadly from a distance.

Hoping for S2, even though it's unlikely to happen. Manga deals with the more serious stuff after this.
Feb 12, 2017 2:43 PM

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It was nice and enjoyable show. It kinda reminded me of Natsume Yuujinchou without the whole SOL crap. The character were also likeable.
Dec 18, 2017 1:58 PM

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I believe this anime had unanswered questions like what was that power in the underworld Hanae portrayed when he got angry about hairball. And also who is this Aoi the previous master and what happened between him and Itsuki. Anyway nice finale that brought together all those yokai's Ashiya and Itsuki helped. They did a great job in showing that 'you reap what you saw' saying, by those yokai's ending up helping him regain his yokai seeing powers (mostly thanks to hairball). Apart from those plot holes I enjoyed this one.

So 7/10 from me and I would watch s2 because it kinda reminds of xxxholic.
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Mar 6, 2018 4:39 AM
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i agree on anyone who says the anime is bland AT FIRST because I did read the manga first for one chapter and consider it as you-know-usual-youkai-anime style. i am so glad that someone from the internet recommend this to me because this is one of anime that is GOLDEN. The negative things about this anime is that you got a common and quite usual way of introduction and first meeting. also, Ashiya's attitute is quite obvious to be expected after you watch Natsume Yuujinchou who has a main character with same personality. however, as the story continues, you can feel the plot thickens and it's getting amusing to see the stoic guy Abeno turns a bit into a tsundere. Plus, if you don't mind to read the manga, I sincerely recommend it, you will see a badass Ashiya. I kinda think this anime might not get a second season, but I hope it will. The continuation in the manga is great and a big shame if it's not published in anime

Feb 21, 8:27 PM

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the anime has good moments, even if the writing is not the most original thing ever it works just fine.
The problem for me is that the show is just so bland that most of the time i just can't take it seriously, still i have a soft spot for natsume-esque animes so second season here i go.
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