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Poll: New Game! Episode 12 Discussion

Oct 20, 2018 3:29 PM

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Very enjoyable episode, kinda light on comedy but that little bit after the ED was more than enough
Oct 22, 2018 8:08 AM

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So they had a nice celebration party in the end and Aoba finally got her autograph from Ko. That ending sequence though when Sakura appeared with her weapon xD

Overall a good SoL show, being an office worker myself there were a lot of things I could relate to. Though an all-women company couldn't possibly exist in real life lol

Jan 5, 3:40 PM
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That must be the highest rated score I ever gave to a SoL that is not romcom, to an anime that the purpose is solely cute girls doing cute stuff.
Really, I stumbled on this series, years after knowing its existence and avoiding it still... I started to watch this due to an awesome Hifumi doujin.

That got me going for Hifumi, yet I could never wonder I would love Aoba even more! Was expecting for the show to be me mostly wishing Hifumi would appear more, to really stop caring about that, and just love all the cast appearing overal.
Overjoyed really, I didnt expect to like it this much!

Relatable characters too, CUTE behind words many times, enjoyable plot, and some surprising drama too (loved Kou this episode)!
Plus there is yuri!!!!!!! xD

One of those series I took my time to watch instead of marathoning and I m glad I did, works really well at short dosages IMO.

Kazzers said:
LOL The security camera tape.

Good ending for this cute anime ^^

That got me laughing really loud, and a really sweet way to end the season for sure.

Will give it some time before going for S2, just cuz I want to appreciate it also, slowly~~
Jun 26, 7:36 PM

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Woahhh Kou being art director.
Jul 1, 6:23 AM

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As much as I like Nenechi but she almost caused a harmful situation among them. Good thing nothing bad seems to happen. This anime ended really well and hope to see more. The seiyuu seems to be really friendly and Hifumin is so cute asking for autograph. Aoba will be Ko chain's strength and damn I laughed so hard at the last scene lmao

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