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Sep 11, 2016 8:55 AM

Joined: Nov 2011
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Oh man, the way information is passed on in this series is clever.

I'm impressed by how Unit 8 were able to piece together clues for the case. Nothing to out of the world either. Rin also looks very pretty in a wedding dress imo. Definitely not your ordinary "wedding" though as we find out the real culprit.
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Sep 11, 2016 10:42 AM

Joined: Jan 2015
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So it turns out to be some "Your enemy become your friend and your boss is your enemy all along" cliche. Oh well, I guess it's pretty "normal" since it have political trait involved.
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Sep 11, 2016 10:55 AM

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Inagi is so evil! I can't believe what he did!
Sep 11, 2016 11:48 AM

Joined: Sep 2015
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Tohka_Yatogami said:
Inagi is so evil! I can't believe what he did!

I don't think we can call him evil completely. All he has been doing is for Japan, using every method possible. So of course in our eyes his action seem evil.

I can't believe Bird is dead, there must be even high level of plot. lol
I actually wanted to bet everything on the mysterious girl who do every job when asked, she might be the final bosss. It will be a big troll.

My heart has been beating in this episode, little bit of excitement.
Sep 11, 2016 12:09 PM

Joined: Dec 2013
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I still don't believe that Bird is actually dead. The guy is way too smart not to know that his demands of Inagi would get a target painted on himself. I believe that if he was smart enough to take steps against Mythos, he would have taken steps against Inagi.

Wouldn't be surprised if we get a 3rd season and he's still in it.
Sep 11, 2016 2:56 PM

Joined: Dec 2014
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Very interesting information presented, but I'd be lying if I said this didn't confuse me a little at points. The pacing felt very very fast.
Sep 12, 2016 12:12 AM

Joined: May 2012
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Wow. This turn of events. And Inagi.
Sep 12, 2016 2:52 AM

Joined: Jan 2009
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Pffffffft, Bird can't be dead so easily.

This turn of events was good, ought to be interesting for the final two episodes.
Sep 12, 2016 4:29 AM

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what the heck ...why didn't the record Inagi's declaration.... and did bird die just like that what a bummer
Sep 12, 2016 6:46 PM

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and what else here? Inagi does not deserve a place in his motherland bcoz he's a traitor in his own country and traitors must die by gunshots! :P
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Sep 13, 2016 2:06 PM

Joined: Jun 2015
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Hmm the boss's sister is just as tenacious in trying to find the truth. Must run in the family.

Im impressed that unit 8 was able to find all the clues and from there determine that the main villain was actually Inagi. Things must be hard for the boss and Kuroki both of which were connected with him.

The wedding though was a nice scene and the boss looked really pretty in that dress
and plus unit 8 was able to use it to make inagi reveal his crimes.
Too bad that they were unable to catch him but that would have been too easy

To think that he was on a even footing with Kuroki in hand to hand combat though

Overall a great episode that focused on plot and the revelation that one of their closest allies was in fact the criminal was well done
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Sep 13, 2016 3:49 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
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Very good episode! Interested to see how the final two episodes play out.
Sep 13, 2016 7:25 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
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Does anyone actually believe Bird is dead for a second?
Sep 14, 2016 10:41 AM

Joined: Jul 2008
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ibraheem234 said:
what the heck ...why didn't the record Inagi's declaration.... and did bird die just like that what a bummer

Even if they did, Inagi was careful enough to speak ambiguously and in a way that would cause him no legal trouble.

ReaperCreeper said:
Does anyone actually believe Bird is dead for a second?

Even the show doesn't expect you to believe that (he was not even shown to be threatened yet alone killed). The viewer is supposed to know that Bird is fine. This plot element exists solely to help the cast pin onto Inagi.
Sep 16, 2016 9:14 PM

Joined: Oct 2011
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Omg holy Inagi. ..Kuroki supported him and got betrayed
Sep 18, 2016 5:19 AM

Joined: Apr 2011
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they pulled it off like how they did the first season (pull it all together near the end) but this time was way better since they had more ground to work with. Inagi is truly dangerous to the point of using any method to achieve his goals/ideals. He shouldn't become the Prime Minister
Sep 21, 2016 10:54 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
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Even-though it's full of talk, this was an excellent episode on making Inagi-san speak about his intentions and the harsh truth about him!

Sep 26, 2016 8:22 AM
Joined: Mar 2012
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Quite confusing lots of stuff, barely recall Terao, Paranuma etc, chinese mafia were going in but someone got killed beforehand? Who's the dead guy on the wall? Who broke into the embassy? Is Bird really dead?
But it did connect the exploding train guy, the invisible immigrant, talk at the beach & Bird to Inagi, quite a feat.
Creative how wedding turned inquisition exposed Inagi, but he's smarter than the law.
Bird used an insurance thru the A girl lol.
Nov 13, 2016 4:25 AM

Joined: Mar 2015
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Wow so Inagi-san was the big bad all this while huh
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Jul 26, 2019 4:49 PM
Joined: Aug 2013
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wow a very interesting episode!
lol Sena was trying to decide if he should send that message to Miho or not xD

hmm I'm wondering who leaked the info for Madoka! is that also Hachijou's doing?

aww Rin looked so cute in short hair. she also looked very beautiful in wedding dress. feel so sad that her wedding ended up to be a way of interrogation :l
and Kyoukai san looked so handsome in suit too ^^
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